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posted by Princess-Flora
Flora’s p.o.v
I cannot believe that freak is back and she thinks just because she has the inextinguishable dragon feu that she’s oh so great. I catch up to my Friends and have two on each side because I’m the IT girl on center stage now. Also I’m the Queen bee now, not that red headed girl who ruled for too long. Knowing her she’ll try to get the group back together; however, I’ll tell her sweetie there is not enough time to undo what we’ve become which is our real selves. My best friend Diaspro who switched to this school when Bloom left asked what is she doing back here. I tell...
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posted by stellamusa101
This is about season 6 rumours, and this is copied and pasted from Wikipedia. I dislike the transformation "Cyberix" – and the "Gemix" sounds good. Season 6 has been rumoured until 2014, and that 2014 is the END of Winx Club (this is Super sad for me because my first TV montrer I watched was Winx, I grew up with Winx Club. Please don't end!

Sixth season

Season six has been confirmed to be co-produced par both arc en ciel S.r.l and Nickelodeon. A third movie and a sixth season, airing both in 2013, as well as possibly plus seasons since arc en ciel mentioned that the fifth and sixth seasons will be beginning of taking Winx Club to "another level." Iginio Straffi has a dit that the series will continue at least through 2014, which means that Winx Club will have aired for 10 years. The rumored transformation is weather Cyberix ou Gemix. In an official arc en ciel press release arc en ciel S.R.I a dit that series 6 will take place in outer space.
posted by fifirose
flora:bloom wait up
bloom:whats up flora?
flora:there is a rumor going on saying helia is dating another girl
flora:ya do toi think it is real ou just a rumor
bloom:i dont know toi should talk to helia about the situation
flora:but what if it is a humor and he dosent trust me
bloom:but if it isnt a rumor he is cheating on you
flora:im scared
bloom:i know but toi should just tell him


helia:hey guys whats up
sky:nothing just toi supposibly cheating on flora
riven:so is it true
helia:ah no?
timmy:why did toi say it like that
helia:uuummm well
sky:did toi cheat on flora
helia:just once
brandon:with who?
helia:a girl from my home
helia:last summer
sky:did toi break up with her?
helia:last month
riven:yep when flora finds out she is going to kill you
helia:floras not like that
riven:she will when she finds out what toi did last summer
 flora bloom stella tecna musa
flora bloom stella tecna musa
 the girls with there pixies
the girls with there pixies
posted by papanoel
Production will arc en ciel SPA seventh season. Title: "The power of time." Winx seek the stone of time can harm everyone to turn back when the world was in danger. This new enemies zameshena Winx - ARES, magicians and Mereyus. This stone once created time in order to rule the world. It was learned during the production start of the 7th season of Winx. In season seven time danny - unique idea. A transmission should begin after four full length movies, toi probably will be after season 6 Winx. Iginio Straffi a dit - we are currently working on season 6 of Winx, but it depends on the season and 7, the last in the United States.
posted by TaySFloraVEVO
Helia POV

I sat par Flora's side in the infirmary. There had to be a cure. If she was gone forever, I would have nothing to live for. She is my life. Everyone else sat around the room except Autumn and Ike. Julien noticed they were gone and got up.

Normal POV

"I'll be right back." He said, patting Helia's shoulder. He jogged out of the room and, about five minutes later, the door opened and Ike walked in.

"Where are Julien and Autumn?" Brandon asked

"Julien's comforting Autumn. She's taking this pretty hard." Ike said, glancing over where Flora was.

"Were all taking this hard." Helia snapped. "Just...
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posted by TaySFloraVEVO
Autumn woke up in some kind of room, she looked around and waited for her eyes to adjust. She found she was chained to a wall, and she had something tied around her mouth. This reminded her too much of what happened last year, with Dean. Once her eyes adjusted, she made out five figures.

"Ahh, you're awake." A voice spoke.

"Mmmmeeerrrrrrrr" Autumn attempted to say

"I have my reasons. Now, I never learned your name. Answer me this time ou your little Friends will get it." He growled, ripping the cloth off of her mouth. She took a deep breath and answered.

"Don't hurt my friends!" Autumn a dit loudly....
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AN: MDR I guess toi find out my idea about Winx and OUAT crossover MDR I just l’amour them! But of course I l’amour Winx more.

"But, I don't know. My life is ruined because of you!" Emma said.
"Emma, listen to us! Magic is—"
"Hey Emma, can toi help me this– what the hell is that?!" Ruby asked as she arrive.
"Ruby, this world has magic. Now I'm the 'savior' but I exactly don't know how to save the world. And now those fées need me right now!" Emma replied.
"Oh, right. Now would toi please save them?" Ruby asked.
"I'll try," Emma tried to make a spell. Ruby watched.
 Ruby watching Emma trying to make a spell.
Ruby watching Emma trying...
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posted by Princess-Flora
 the pictures are of the memories that come to him
the pictures are of the memories that come to him
Part 5
Nabu versus Tritannus
-Before the suivant battle the Winx and Specialists are seeing if there is any way to bring one of their best Friends Flora back to life.
Tecna: I’m going to contact Ms. F to see if she has any clue on how to bring her back to life (dials Ms. F’s phone number on her cell phone)
Helia: (sitting suivant to Flora and putting his hand over hers and remembering the good times) good idea (Tecna sort of smiles but feels like this her fault) and Tecna, this isn’t your fault
Tecna: Thanks, that mean a lot coming from toi (Ms. F picks up on the other line) Hello Ms. Faragonda,...
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posted by Flora_xx
So sorry it's late! Been really busy and now school will be back soon! I know it's kinda short but I've got writers block! Noooo! Oh and no pictures cuz this is on my iPod
Previously on Decisions...

"Woah, the only feature on her face toi see is her lips? Creepy..." Stella shivered

"The only question left is..." Tecna started

"Who's out to get Flora?"


As the nights went by, Flora kept on reliving that night and each time she saw the faceless girl, a new feature was there. In her first nightmare it was just her...
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posted by Flora_xx
Hey winx fans! I'm back! This article is about mistakes I've noticed the writers of winx have done in the episodes, I've also got a few opinions too...



Queen Morgana claims that she and the other
 Queen Morgana
Queen Morgana
Earth fées (Except Roxy) have been trapped in Tir Nan Og island because of the wizards for centuries but how is that possible?

They haven't exactly aged...(Though they could have used some sort of non-aging spell...)

Morgana met Klaus and then gave birth to Roxy before she was imprisoned in Tir Nan Og but then how are Klaus and Roxy still alive after 'centuries' of...
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 Coco and Flora
Coco and Flora
he he sorry i took so long to put this up!
last time, the winx and the specialists found out what the unwritten prophecy was and Wueen Morgana went to Diana and told her to be ready for her punishment. Tecna searched up what the punishments could be, it was either banishment ou ...

Tecna: Death

Stella: Okay that is WAAY worse than being banished forever!

Chatta: Ya don't say!

Diana: I knew I was going to have to face some sort of punishment but this...I guess I deserve it

Riven: Yeah, toi kinda do

Musa: Riven! That's harsh!

Riven: She locked...
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posted by FloraBoricua
Previous chapter: Finally the loup came to Flora like her plan was planned. She realize she was the one who the werewolf was looking for. Her father comes to the rescue but the loup mysteriously disappears. The suivant morning Rose was captured par him and after several hours of searching, his father gets capture par him too.

The girls where at the spaceship were toi could see Flora all sad about what was happening. She was scared of not seeing again her sister and father. The feeling frightened her. Layla on the other side was very positive of...
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posted by Rainflowers
*I decieded to change the name to Repitoter Manger
starting with the suivant article sooo yea :) Look for that instead of personality!*

Flora: We should go and look for nourriture and a way off this island . . .

Stella: Okay, let's divisé, split into two groups, one will look for nourriture and the other for a way off.

Bloom: I told toi guys already, Sky and I searched the ENTIRE island there's no way off.

Layla: Then for now, we should focus on staying alive. Which means finding nourriture and water.

Brandon: I hate to say it, but Bloom and Layla are right. There's no use in wasting our time looking for a way off . . .

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posted by iwatchthestars
*Tecna's room*
Flora: Maybe talking to Digit will give toi some memories!
Layla: Great idea , Flora!
*They all went to Tecna's room*
Tecna: Hi! Bugit ryt?!
Digit: Its DIGIT! not BUGIT !
Tecna: Ohh.. umm thats a laptop ryt?!
Digit: Yes! A portable one! its very hig-tech!
Tecna: Its very what?!
Digit: High-tech! with new wires not red and blue! but black and green! also it has new screens with a pen so that toi can touch your folders! instead of clicking it!
Stella: What in the whole shopping world is that pixie saying?!? i dont get anything !
Digit: I said.. that it has ne-
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posted by iwatchthestars
 TimmyXTecna <3
TimmyXTecna <3
Musa: How is Tecna?
Nurse: Actually im not sure
Stella: Flora was in the clinic last week, and now Tecna ?!!?
Bloom: Stella.. umm nurse, can we see Tecna?
Nurse: Not now.. after a few hours, we will call you.
Flora: Thank toi so much,
*The winx left*
Nurse: Miss Faragonda, we must tell them !
Faragonda: No.. their hearts will be broken if they found out. Lets tell them later, maybe we can solve this.
Nurse: And If we cant?
Faragonda: Thats when we will tell them,
*To the winx*
Flora: Ohh ! Im so worried about tecna
Stella: Dont worry Flora ! the nurse a dit that it will be alright
Layla: She didnt...
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posted by Flora_xx
[b]On the Computer[b]

Flora: Hello, Miss. Faragonda! What a nice suprise!

Leila: What news do toi have for us?

Ms. F: I have a mission for you

Musa: What type of mission?

Stella: Who cares? Imagine the six of us kickin butt!

Ms. F: Three of you

Stella: Sorry did I say that wrong? The three of us- wait WHAT?!

Tecna: Miss Faragonda, we always do a mission together! The six of us!

Bloom: Are toi going to divisé, split us up like that?

Ms. F: Only for this mission Bloom, Lady Diana is requesting one of toi and two other friends, She doesn't want anyone to know who the certain person is so I chose the other two.

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posted by dragonflame23
After returning to Alfea, Bloom researches the Ring of Solaria, hoping to find out what made the Trix go to such lengths to get it. Meanwhile, the Trix use a spell on the ring, hoping to access an extremely powerful magic known as the Dragon Flame, only to have their spell blow up in their faces as the ring proves negative! An infuriated Icy throws the ring away and plans to begin the chercher all over again. Back at Alfea, Bloom learns plus on the ring of Solaria, but also learns about the Dragon Flame. Bloom then turns to Faragonda for answers, who tells her that the Dragon Flame was the energy...
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Okay sooo SURPRISE!!!! Mel Roro and Sam this was the surprise I was talking about. I was in like an extremely good mood and decided to do this soooo here ya go!

Flora’s POV

I walked with Maya away from the palace and had my suitcase rolling along behind me. I had no where to go. Everyone was being held captive in the palace that would be able to take care of me. And Icy surely knew what she was doing. I went back to Alfea to see that she had covered it with dome of ice. I checked the other schools and it was all the same. So I couldn’t seek help from any...
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Left Alone
Raising her hands she a dit “Just shut the hell up! I have listened enough to your bullshit! Why can’t toi just listen to your parents once?” her voice was so loud that even neighbours could listen it, it wasn’t a new thing for Musa, she was used to it. “I am not a kid anymore mom, why don’t toi get it? I l’amour musique and I can’t leave it and what’s the problem in it? I am doing and always did whatever hell toi asked me, actually toi never asked, toi ordered me to do.” With big shocked eyes her mom was staring her, she was about to say something when Musa cut her...
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(Hope toi all enjoy this story)

*Bloom's p.o.v*

Hi! My name is Bloom, 16 years and leader of Winx Club. I'm from the planet Domino and also princess so is my big sister Daphne. We only recently reunited with our baby sister Kim Possible and boy did we have a fun adventure. It happend about three ou four weeks ago. I was taking a walk with my best friend Stella, she asked "something on your mind Bloom?" I replied "not really" truth to be told I did have something on my mind, about my family. Lately my parents have been jouer la comédie strange and Daphne won't tell me what's going on. I was about to say...
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