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posted by TaySFloraVEVO
Autumn ran through the forest, tears streaming down her face. 'How Could he say that?' She thought. 'I thought our relationship was better than this!' Once she found a clearing, she sat down par a lake and let her tears and sobs go. She eventually cried herself to sleep, not realizing that the others were looking everywhere for her.


"Autumn? AUTUMN?!?" Riven called. The others did the same.

"Riven, would toi shut up? I found her, she's sleeping." Helia hissed.

Helia slowly and carefully picked her up and brought her back to the others. They decided...
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 5. Roxy
5. Roxy
5. Roxy
I like Roxy because she is kind and loves animals. I did find her quite annoying at the start of season 4 though, she was crying, screaming and it got on my nerves! Then further on in the season, I started to like her a bit more.

4. Diaspro
I heard some people hate Diaspro, WHY! She was supposed to marry Sky, but Bloom had to interfere and change Sky's mind! Diaspro had a right to put that potion on Sky in season 3, SHE HAS A REASON!
Yeah, so Diaspro is pretty and has a sweet voice in the Nick dub, and I'm happy she is in season 5.

I don't see why people don't like stormy. She is...
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posted by Princess-Flora
Aaron: (hugging his two little sisters) toi two have gotten a lot taller since the last time I saw toi two.
Flora: We missed toi (looking up at her eldest brother and Savannah nods in agreement)
Aaron: I missed toi guys too, but I have soon bad news. (The twins pull away)
Flora: What is it? Asked cautiously (everyone looks at flora to her like a Chihuahua)
Aaron: He escaped (Brandon Gasps, Savannah’s cœur, coeur drops and Flora looks like she wants to breakdown and cry)
Chapter 4
Brandon: (the only one able to speak right now) How did he escape?
Aaron: He was transferred to a different...
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posted by TaySFloraVEVO
"Well girls, wonderful job on defeating Trittanus. toi will all get a vacation soon, and along with some very special Red fontaine boys..." Ms. Faragonda teased.

Stella, being her usual upbeat self, squealed."Really? We NEED new clothes! ASAP!!!"

Suddenly, there was a loud crash, followed par screams.

"What is going on??" Flora asked.

"I don't know, but whatever it is, we better go check it out!! Let's go girls!!" Bloom commanded.

The girls transformed into their Sirenix and flew outside, only to see the infamous Valtor fighting some girl in an unfamiliar form.

"This is what toi get for not agreeing...
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True, we're a little plus than halfway into the season, but I just thought of this review now, so this is as close to the midpoint as we're gonna get. :) Anyways, I'm just going to give my opinion on the pros and cons of season 5. It's not the best season, but there are some good things about it. It's not perfect, though.

Con: Environmental Theme is Very Forced

Yeah, we all know it is. It would have been fine if it was subtle, but it seems like the writers are trying to shove it in our faces, with the band and the trash thing in "The Emperor's Throne." A little is great, but this is just too...
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Stella is now evil!! Bloom turns and she gasped. "Icy, toi are so gonna get it from me!!!!" shouts Bloom who blasts to Icy. Icy was hit to a wall. Stormy was about to fly away when Layla blasts to her and she was hit to Icy.
"Uh oh!" says Darcy when Tecna hits her to a wall.
"What just happened?" asks Bloom as she slowly opens her eyes and stands up. The other Winx except for Flora stands up.
"Flora!" says Layla. Flora slowly...
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posted by Flora_xx
 Flora has been saved!
Flora has been saved!
Sorry, not many pictures cuz It would take me longer to post this. So last time, they got the antidote for Flora and managed to save her before she died but Diana escaped and left a note for them. With her bond with nature, Flora managed to open the doors of the dungeon. Riven all led them to a dead end and they could hear a voice looking for them...
Voice: Let's look here

Layla: Look what toi got us into Riven!

Voice: I found them!

Chatta: Who is it? I can't look!

Stella: Flora! Guys! Chatta? Lizzie?

Flora: Stella! Thank goodness! I thought you...
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posted by Zmidy313
Close your eyes,
And open your heart,
Believe in in yourself,
That's how it starts!

Dreams will come true,
Just wait and see,
Because the Magic's in you,
And the Magic's in me!

We are the Jinx,
We are the Jinx,
Come rejoindre the club!
We are the Jinx,
We are the Jinx,
We are the Jinx!
Come rejoindre the club!
We are the Jinx!

Elemental Powers,(Akyra)
Electrical Showers, (Ashley)
Songs on Guitars, (Lexi)
With powers of Stars, (Megan)
Burning love, with shapes of lune, (Julie)
With Light and Darkness from the Moon! (Lilly)

We've got the looks,
And we've got the flair!
Adore all toi want,
Just don't touch the hair!

We are the Jinx,
We are the Jinx,
Come rejoindre the club!
We are the Jinx,
We are the Jinx'
We are the Jinx!
Come rejoindre the club!

We are the Jinx!
posted by iwatchthestars
*Tecna and Timmy meet*
Timmy: salut Tecna !
Tecna: HI Timmy
Timmy: Come with me ! I have to montrer toi something!
Tecna: Ohh ok! :)
*They went behind a wall*
Tecna: What is it toi want to montrer me Ti-
Timmy: *eyes glow purple* hahaha
Tecna: Winx Belie-
*Timmy touches Tecna's shoulder and puts a spell, then Tecna faints*
Timmy: *grins* I got her, Darcy >:)
Darcy: Good job, Tims >:)
*They disappear*
Flora: Girls.. Im worried, its already been 12 hours since Tecna left :(
Stella: Dont worry ! Im sure she's fine
Musa: Yeah, what could go wrong??
Bloom: I bet she's having a great time.
*Layla comes...
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At The night in Alfea


Musa:Stop it u jerk im trying to sleep...
Boy:Musa Open it up!
Boy:Musa open it...
The Boy was slapped par the door when musa is opening the door.
Musa:Ok what is the, who are you?
Boy:Iam Chris your new boyfriend!
Chris:plzz stop.
Musa:Oh ok then...WTH!WTH!WTH!WTH!
Chris:Let's go to the park...
Musa:No Way!i got homework!
Chris:Ok then..
Musa throw Chris away..
In the Morning
Stella:So Musa how did it go?
Musa:How did it go what?
Stella:You know...Chris..
Musa:What?! toi set this up?
Stella:Of Course i did Chris is...
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I really like all the transformations, but this is my haut, retour au début five.

1. Sirenix

So I saw many Sirenix haters, but what's the problem with Sirenix? It's really beautiful. I like the hairstyles and I also like how their hair get highlights. I might hate the pants which make them look like athletics, but it looks beautiful like rainbows. I like the accessories on Aisha/Layla's Sirenix, the 3D is really hated par me because they look like Barbie dolls! But what's the problem with Sirenix?! Fellow Sirenix...
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I've been meaning to make an article on this for a while now. As most of toi know I really don't like the Nick dub and am a big fan of the 4kids version. Well I might as well share a few of the reasons why.

So the first and biggest reason; the actual dub itself. I think the scrip is kind of cheesy and boring. Where as the 4kids version is littered with jokes that are actually funny ("The quizz in last month's Teen Witch a dit 'What would toi do if toi got to take over the whole universe?' I wrote 'You'll find out soon enough, loser,' and sent it in"). And the subtle adult references they slip...
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The long débats of everybody wondering who is the strongest Winx club memember. Since the series has had multiple reboots, I want to focus solely on the seasons that were the most coherent and understandable. So I hope toi guys are ok with my reasoning I like to say things to make them understandable and walk toi through my thought process.

I remember once in season 3, they all fought Bloom to try and find weakness in the dragon fire. Stella's attack was easily beaten par Bloom, and then when Musa channeled all of her Winx into an attack, they thought it was going to work, but Bloom broke out...
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posted by Crazyruby
Alfea holidays were going, sky qnd bloom decided to go to lephea but flora is on earth with her best frind aisha there was princess lorida of fleur kingdom also there in lephea .Bloom and sky went to lephea bloom is thirsty so sky went to jus, jus de boutique and sky meet with lorida they begin to l’amour each other.they begin talking but wky didnt told bloom about lorida.there was a party in Eracklion bloom tought sky is announcving their she dressed in red fishcut which is amazing .she arrived at party she say hi to sky but sky ignored her she tought sky is busy in his party but at the stage...
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 article Logo..!!!
Article Logo..!!!
I am Currently Watching 5th season of Both Gossip Girl and One arbre Hill... I am loving both. Even though One arbre colline has Gotten a special place in my heart still Gossip Girl is no less on My favori List.
So, A Few Days il y a When I was watching One arbre Hill, I found the Character Brooke Davis very much Similar to one of Winx Club Characters. After That, Many Characters Started to seem like Winx Club Characters, Not Entirely but Still a lot. I Analyzed some of Characteristics Similar to Winx Characters and made pairs. If You've watched GG ou OTH, I am sure you're gonna like these Pairs.

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 Let's Get Started!
Let's Get Started!
Imagine the Winx Club in new scenarios that could impact the entire series of events. I have presented examples of the most-common scenarios. What would be your reactions to these events? Remember to commentaire your opinion below! Now, let's get started!

Scenario #1: Tecna/Aisha is the Leader of the Winx Club. I have seen so many memes and confessions about how Tecna and Aisha could be a better leader of the Winx Club than Bloom. From the confessions, memes, research, and Fanpop, Tecna is "intuitive", a tactician of "strategies", faster at "analyzing at enemies", etc. fans and facts have also stated...
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We are the Winx
Come on get up and play
Sparkling and wonderful
We're magic all the way
Let's sing it loud we are the Winx
Turn on your smile, get up and play
We're sparkling, we're wonderful
We're magic all the way

We'll light the sky
Flying together
Shimmering bright
Rising forever
Let's sing together

We are the Winx
Come on get up and play
Sparkling and wonderful
We're magic all the way

Never give up
It's time to get up
It's always better when we are together
Your hand in mine
It's gonna be fine
Stronger, faster we will do it right

Magic and spells
Laughters as well
Life is beautiful when you're around
It's like...
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posted by zanhar1
Icy hadn’t taken her eyes from Bloom since their vows had been spoken. The fairy was talking it up with Brandon, Stella, and Musa in the corner. The witch stood alone, a glass of wine in hand. She had decided to let the fairy go off on her own, the two would be seeing a lot of each other in the coming days.

It was an act of enjoy your last jour of freedom. Not that Bloom objected to Icy taking up most of her time.

And still the witch stood alone. Darcy and Stormy certainly weren’t as supportive of their marriage as Bloom’s Friends were. Darcy was appalled par fairy-witch marriages especially...
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posted by Princess-Flora
I'm so sorry I have forgot to post chapters on the past few Sundays and Thursdays. It's just I'm still trying to balance everything out, so enjoy

Past Chapters


Chapter Fourteen

It was the suivant jour and my hair was up in a low bun with two curls down in the front and my veil was attached with a comb that had crystal fleurs on it. While my dress was off the shoulders and had dentelle sleeves and dentelle all over the fitted mermaid with little crystals. My sister had an une ligne that was strapless and a train that was at least 10 feet long. Her hair...
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1. global, ensemble I was pretty happy and overwhelmed not doing much as in écriture stories in a while and all. I do thank all who voted for me and wish the best of luck to suivant month's nominees.

2. I'm most certainly a florist. Some don't think that because I have talked negatively about Flora, lot's of times but even our favori characters have their flaws. Nobodies perfect.

3. Bloom. Everything is just handed to her on a or platter. And she takes all the credit for herself. And she global, ensemble is just an annoying character in my opinion.

4. Definitely Enchantix. It was earned in a unique way, minus...
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