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posted by lovebaltor
 Midna Twili
Midna Twili
AN: Well--here it is, my newest fan fiction that people have signed up for. I'm actually quite happy with the turnout this had. I've never had so many people sign up for one of my fan fictions before... Anyways, I know some people are still waiting to sign up but I'm going to be busy for the suivant couple of days, so I decided to start this story a tad bit early so I can get it out of the way. So--sorry for those who want to sign up but haven't yet, your character will be included in the suivant chapter. I hope toi all enjoy this chapter.

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posted by FloraBoricua
At alfea in the early morning.
Flora: *Yawns*
Musa: *Yawns*
Flora: Good morning musa
Musa: Good morning flora
Flora: Did toi sleep well?
Musa: Kinda...I had a weird dream.
Bloom: *Yawns* salut girls, good morning.
Both: Good morning Bloom
Flora: So what was your dream about musa?
Musa: Well... I dreamed that Riven was with another girl that I am pretty sure I had seem before, but I don't know who she was
Flora: Don't worry musa, I know that Riven likes toi and isn't with other girl, he's tough in the outside as a solid rock but when it's about you, he is just so sweet with you.
Bloom: Yeah.. everytime he...
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posted by Rainflowers
 Reepitoter Manger
Reepitoter Manger
Kembal: Grab the fleur fairy and untie her.

*Gaurds grab Flora and untie her*

Kembal: Now fairy if toi want your Friends to live then toi better figure out where the fleurs is.

*Flora walks over the the biggest oak arbre in sight and touches it gently*

Flora: The flower's this way *she points towards a mountain*

Guard: Lead the way, Fairy! *Pushes Flora foward she stumbles and falls*

Helia: Flora are toi all right?!

Flora: I'm fine Helia.

Bloom: Don't toi reliaze you'll never get away with this Kembal?!

Kembal: Sure I will, all I need is the fleurs Fairy, and look I have her. *Laughs evily*

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posted by Winxlove
 PopPixie;The newest cartoon from Iginio Straffi
PopPixie;The newest cartoon from Iginio Straffi
arc en ciel SpA’s latest production PopPixie (52 x 13) had its worldwide broadcast debut on France 3’s Mon Ludo, with amazing results. With its first broadcast on August 14th, PopPixie achieved an 18 per cent audience share amongst its core target of four to ten an olds. The following week it climbed to 25 per cent in the same demographic and par September 4th it reached 27 per cent.

The launch in France was concurrent with a pan-African launch on K-Net and followed par launches on TVI and Canal Panda (Portugal), Clan TVE (Spain), Kanal D (Turkey), RAI (Italy), Alter (Greece), Junior and MTV3...
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 salut i'm Flora!Remember??What's wrong with you?
Hey i'm Flora!Remember??What's wrong with you?
(Flora woke up in front of the Alfea's gates)
Flora:I thought that i was in the corridors!How i get here?And where are the others?
(she walks and she went in Alfea )
Flora:I'll chercher for the girls....
(She saw Bloom talking whith some girls)
Flora:Bloom??Hey Bloom!!Where are the others?
Bloom:Excuse me?
Flora:I ask where are the others?I don't know how but suddenly i was out of the gates and also toi dissapeared.Where are the others?
Bloom:Are toi talking to me?
Flora:Ofcourse Bloom!
Bloom:Sorry but ...who are you?
Flora:Hey..i'm Flora.Remember?What's wrong with you?
Bloom:Sorry but i don't know you!You...
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posted by lovebaltor
The wind was howling fuiously as though it were an angry pack of loups that were surrounding their prey,calling 4 reinforcements.

But this did not stop her.

She continued walking up the slippery slope,tightning the cloaks lock tighter around her neck.

She slipped,falling on the wet,snow covered ground.

She swore under her breath,picking herself up and wiping off the cold snow from her robes and soon continuing up the reached slope.

It was the middle of winter,and the weather had been colder than usual.

Snow covered every green bit of land in the small town,turning everything a ghostly white.The...
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posted by tslol99
Musa is on the phone with her dad when she gets off it starts crying and the other winxs walk in

Bloom: Musa whaats wrong
Musa: I I Im leaving
everyone but Musa: WHAT!!!!
Bloom: Why!
Flora: When!
Tecna: How!
Stella: Why!
Bloom: I already a dit that
Stella: I know but she didnt answer
Musa: Hello mayjor crisis here
Bloom and Stella: Sorry
Layla: So why r u leaving
Musa: My dad a dit that he couldnt afford alfea and that I would go back to Melody to b homeschooled
Flora: U cant leave u just cant
Stella: I know this is horrible timing but arent we supposed to b meeting up with the guys
Musa: Oh no how am I supposed...
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"helia i know it sad but we can save her if the winx say the spell of life and u give the Kiss of life u can save her" a dit professsa s
"thanx grandad" a dit helia
the winx had now return and was saying the spell
what now that has been good and Lost
that is dead not alive
bring back to us plus then just alive
helia had now started to give the Kiss of life to flora saying these few words
come back to us flora

florafluttered her eyes open to reveal her eye colour had change it was not an enmarled green anymore it was a light pink...
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Author's Note: I'm so happy with how well received my first request was. I'm very glad that toi all enjoyed it. So this one-shot will be about Icy/Valtor which was requested par zanhar1. I hope toi like it.

"Happiness lies in your own hand.
It took me much too long to understand,
How it could be,
Until toi shared your secret with me." -Madonna


The snow billowed wildly around the group of four as they made their way through the dense forest. The wind was strong and furious, making the pines hiss and groan as their...
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Taken from a prompt par frostbite883 on tumblr; An Icy/Bloom fic in which Bloom is being haunted par a ghost and doesn't know why until...

Before I start with the actual story, the A/U comes from the fact that both Icy and Bloom will be human. They live on Earth. Bloom is a college student—living off on her own in an apartment and Icy has been out ‘in the real world’ for some time, has a job, etc.

The darkness loves you.

It needs you.

You need it.

It’s cold in here.

The whisper was soft and sweet. It lingered on the fringes of her dream. Still present as Bloom returned from a deep sleep....
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posted by yasmin124
10 Aishas Harmonix

you could say this is probley one Aisha best tranformations its really pretty the crown she has on her haid is very sea like i l’amour it its gorgous shell her outfit is stunning she really is pretty in this tranformation i cœur, coeur it its wonderful though i dont like the hair that much

rating 9/10

9 Flora bunny outfit
very sweet outfit very adorable and cute totally my type of dress i would were to a custey ball ou easter its totally stylin i l’amour it its a very cutesty girly sweet pretty kind of style its soooooo adoable the image mak me want hug Flora soooo tight its very nice outfit...
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At first Icy couldn’t quite figure out why Darcy liked Riven so much. Yeah, he had a bad attitude and was generally pretty kick ass. But she could pick out a bunch of men like that. Valtor, Darkar, Darko…geez, what’s with all the ‘dark’ names? Really it didn’t serve them any real purpose. To say the least Riven wasn’t anything special.
But wasn’t that far from the truth.
The realization came weeks later. That perhaps he was actually worth keeping around.
Between his constant belittling of the Winx—Bloom mostly—and without magic and his willingness to go along with a good...
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At long last it was in her hands.

The ring of Solaria. She curled her fingers around the precious metal. It was hot to the touch, if she hadn't worked so hard to get it, Icy would've tossed it right into the air vent. Heat wasn't Icy's favori thing in the world to say the least. But what was she expecting from the ring of Solaria--a mini fridge?

No matter, the ring would soon pave the way to total world domination. She Darcy and Stormy would be on their way to victory as soon as the two of them got out of class and joined her in the dorm.

As she waited she began to ponder upon the whole thing....
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1. What was your reaction about being FOTM?
:O  My face :D Literally I couldn't believe it! Seriously wasn't expecting it, too many good contributors on here and I'm glad people appreciate my activity on this spot. From joining fanpop I wanted to be recognised, I'm slowly working my way upwards and through the support of this amazing fan-base I can do so. Thanks toi all for voting for me <3

2. Favourite Character?
Probably been guessed already, Stella. On télévision I relate to a character (weird, I know) par their hair. I'm a blonde; Stella's a blonde, boom, instant connection. I then...
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posted by Bloom-WinxClub
Voiced by:Letizia Ciampa (Original/Italian)
Helena Evangeliou (Seasons 1 - 3), Angela Galluppo (Season 4), McGovern Kathleen (Movie 1's trailer), Cindy Robinson (Movie 1) (Rai English)
Liza Jacqueline (4Kids)
Molly C. Quinn (Nickelodeon)

Associations:Lockette,pixie of portals.
Kiko, the rabbit
Belle,the lamb
Ron,the cat
Peg,the horse/pegasus/unicorn
Serena,selkie of Domino's ocean gate.

Age(at first appearance):16

Birthday:December 10 (original/Italian January 27 (4kids)

Origin:Domino (Sparks in some versions)

Affiliation(s):Alfea,Winx club,Specialists,Domino

Powers and abilities:Dragon Flame feu and...
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Do We See Her Ever Again?

Chapter 4: In Linphea.

Yah, new chapter! I know, my grammal suck, but this chapter was hell to translate. D: So be happy, and enjoy!

* Flora POV *
I came here to Linphea a an ago. Also, a few months il y a I gave birth to Sophie . Sophie has brown hair like I do, but her hair is darker. Her eyes are dark blue, like Helia´s. (AN. I do not know Helia´s eye color, so I made Sophie's eyes blue.) I miss my Friends and school . My Friends are probably worried about me. I wish they are ok...

* POV ends *

* In Alfea , Faragonda´s office, Faragonda POV

I sat in my office reading...
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posted by stellamusa101
 "Magic Winx, Harmonix!"
"Magic Winx, Harmonix!"
Note : I don't know what will happen in season 5, so in this article the transformation will be Harmonix. I don't know anything else about Sirenix.

2 days later..

"I miss Flora," says Layla/Aisha. "Me too," says Tecna. "I hope she is sûr, sans danger out there," says Bloom. "Maybe we should check her," says Musa. "Yeah, before she turns angry and out of control!" says Stella. "Stop saying negative stuff," says Tecna. "Yeah we should," says Bloom. "Let's go!" says Layla/Aisha.

"Go get the Winx!" says Tritannus. "Yes my Tritannus," says Icy. "She's not herself," whispers Darcy to Stormy. "Sisters,...
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 Poster of the Movie
Poster of the Movie
Alfea celebrates the inauguration of the new school an when the party is interrupted par Icy, Darcy and Stormy, the perfidious Trix. The Winx, without Bloom, are forced to remedy the confusion created par the witches who, having ruined the party, steal a powerful and mysterious object. Meanwhile, Bloom is on Domino, experiencing the best moments of her new life as a princess. She finally found her parents, and Sky asks her to marry him. But not all that glitters is gold; the Three Ancestral Witches, in fact, come back to haunt Stella, Layla, Tecna, Musa, Flora and Bloom. Moreover, Erendor,...
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posted by yasmin124
 Floras fashion sense as toi can see Flora loves fleurs and papillons and rose and green
Floras fashion sense as you can see Flora loves flowers and butterflies and pink and green
Flora is having a interview about her life
Flora . salut im Flora im in l’amour with Helia and stuff i l’amour all my Friends im the fairy of nature i also think plants desve l’amour and respect i want everyone to respect the world and its people

Ella. the person whos interviewing Flora well done Flora awseome inteview

Flora . thank toi Ella but it needs plus details like what kind of clothes i like about my Friends family Limfia Helia my boyfriend

Ella. ok

Flora. wait let me ask the winx if they like to be in my interview

winx . salut Flora

Flora .hey i would like toi guys to be in my interview Stella you...
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Bold means Nabu’s POV
Underline means Aisha’s POV
Underline and bold means both of their POV’s

I'm so tired of being here, suppressed par all my childish fears
And if toi have to leave, I wish that toi would just leave
Your presence still lingers here and it won't leave me alone

As I lay in my lit with the winx being gone at the mall where I didn’t want to go, I roll around thinking of what to do until I roll and see the picture of me and Nabu together. I sit up and pick it up. I look at it. A droplet...
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