Rosena: where are they?!? they are not in their rooms! they are not in the library! they are not in the classroom!!! WHERE ARE THEY?!?
Ember: ok Rosey calm down!!! we will find them (looks around and thinks: WHERE ARE THEY?!?)
Rani: (inside Nova`s room) salut girls! I found something...
Rosena: (gets inside the room running with ember) what?!?
Rani: look at this(points at some blue dust in the floor) what do toi think is that?
Ember: (looks at it) I dont know... (takes a little bit in her fingers) it looks like a normal dust...
Rosena: but what is it doing here?
Rani: I have no idea... we better montrer it to Ms. Faragonda!


Austeja: (wakes up) ooowww my head... (looks around) where am I? (looks at Nova and Kasumi) OMG girls!!!
Nova: (gets up) Austeja? Kasumi? what are we doing here?
Kasumi: (looks around) ok... I am sure I never had been in this part of Alfea before...
Nova: maybe because this is not Alfea!
Austeja: but then... where are we?
Amanda: toi are in our home!
Dayra: our accueil is your home!
Kasumi: your home? (looks around) it is just... wow!
Alexandra: yeah I know... but thats what we get when we let Amanda decide how to decorate this place!
Amanda: hey! it looks awesome!
Alxandra: mhm! what toi say...
Austeja: why toi bring us here?!? what do toi want from us?!?
Dayra: we dont want anything from you!
Alexandra: we just want the key of the years door!
Nova: toi already tried to get it and your plan didnt worked!
Amanda: but now we are plus than sure that it will work!
Austeja: oh yeah? and why toi are so sure?
Alexandra: Dayra! montrer them what toi can do...
Dayra: sure! (gets infront of Austeja and holds her hands)
Austeja: hey! let me go!!
Dayra: (her eyes started to shine purple) look into my eyes... what do toi see?
Austeja: (looks into her eyes and then her eyes turn purple too) I... I see they key of the years door...
Dayra: good it worked! (their eyes came back to normal)
Kasumi: (looks at Austeja) what did toi did to our friend?!?
Amanda: (laughs) dont worry! soon toi will know how it feels!
Nova: there is no way we are- (looks at Dayra`s eyes and her eyes turn purple too) the key is not at Alfea anymore (her eyes get back to normal)
Kasumi: oh no! Nova!! Austeja!! dont leave me alone!
Alexandra: (laughs) so... wanna rejoindre your friends?
Kasumi: NO! stay away from me! (turns around and close her eyes)
Dayra: come on! toi will never know how it feels if toi never try!
Kasumi: I dont want to know how it feel!!!
Izzy: (behind Amanda) Kasumi! its me Izzy!
Kasumi: Izzy? (turns around and opens her eyes but Dayra was infront of her and Kasumi`s eyes turn purple)
Dayra: now tell me! where is the key?!?
Kasumi: it- it is at Pixie village...(her eyes turn back to normal)
Alexandra: good! now we have all the information we need! (laughs) lets get that key!


Faragonda: we have to find them before the witches find the key...
Rosena: what if they are with the witches?
Faragonda: lets hope they are not...
Ember: we have to get back the key and put it somewhere else!
Rani: yeah! they cant find that key!
Faragonda: ok... tommorow morning toi will go to Pixie village and get the key back...