Stella wakes up around noon and notices that her phone has a message on it

Stella: I wonder whos callling me this early
(looks at the message just as the other winx walk in)
Bloom: Stella your up
Stella yeah I am and we have to go to Solaria
Musa: Y
Stella: I got a message from my mom see (hands the phone to Bloom and everyone but Stella gathers around it)
MESSAGE: Stella I need 2 talk 2 u in person lov mom ♥
Flora: What does your mom want to talk to u about
Stella: I dont know thats y we have to go
Bloom: I dont know Stella this doesnt seem right going in the middle of the an without permission
Stella: I bet I can get the specialist to come
Bloom: Im in
Layla: Me two
Musa: Me three
Tecna: Same here
Stella: Yay!!!

A jour later and the specialist arrive

Stella: salut Brandon
Brandon: Hows my golden girl
Stella: Great
Bloom: salut Sky
Sky: salut Bloom
Helia: Hello Flora
Flora: Helia
Timmy: Greetings Tecna
Tecna: Ahh hi Timmy
Musa: salut Riven
Riven: Hey
Stella: Everyone ready to go
Everyone: Yeah

When they get to Solaria Stella is the first one out of the ship

Stella: I'm back home
Bloom: Stella I have never seen this part of Solaria before
Stella: Well my mom wanted to b as far away from my dad as possible
Bloom: O I'm so-
Stella's mom: STELLA I havent seen u in so long o and u brought your Friends how nice
Stella: So what did u want to talk to me about
Stella's mom: Lets talk inside about this


Stella: So what is it
Stella's mom: Well we r going to have another member of the family
Stella: R u getting married
Stella's mom: No what I should have a dit we already have a member of the family that u didn't know about because when ever u came she didn't want to upset u so she pretended to b a made when u where here Cassie can u come out here

Cassie comes out

Stella's mom: Stella this is your sister

To Be Continued...
How Stella looks when she in Solaria