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posted by CyD12
Flavio: ok so, are toi ready Megan?
Megan: yeah! *transform*
Flavio: now lets see your attacks...
Megan: sure, BOMB! *attacks to a wall*
Flavio: not bad, try to do it harder...
Megan: BOMB! *attacks harder*
Flavio: *the mur fell down* great job!


Jake: if toi want your revenge to be good toi have to attack when she doesnt know!
Rosella: for surprise!
Jake: exactly, now we have to see your power...
Rosella: sure, *transform*
Jake: toi will fight will my cousin Miranda...
Miranda: *transform* lets fight!
Rosella: oh this will be funny!
Jake: remember never give up!
Rosella: sure!
Jake: ok... start!


Aero: try to make this fleurs grow up...
Haze: sure! *put hands up* FLOWERS!
Aero: nice! dont loose the control!
Haze: now what do i do?
Aero: try to catch this ball in the air with the branches of the flowers...
Haze: ok! im ready!
Aero: *throws the ball*
Haze: go Flowers! *the branches catch the ball*
Aero: good job!


Ariel: *transform* ok im ready!
Terence: Use your water powers to throw water to all of those walls...
Ariel: sure! WATER!!!! *attacks*
Terence: do it harder!
Ariel: WHIRLPOOL!!!!! *all the walls start to go around with the water*
Terence: whoa! nice job!
Ariel: thanx!


Daniel: use your power to capture all the light in this room...
Bridgette: ok....LIGHT COME TO ME!
Daniel: concentrate! toi can do it!
Bridgette: ough! *all the light starts to go to her*
Daniel: toi are doing it!
Bridgette: *Everything was dark* i do it!!!
Daniel: great!


Elizabeth: are toi sure this plan will work?
Jeremy: yeah! im sure...
Elizabeth: thanx for help me!
Jeremy: dont problem! i like to make plans like this one!
Elizabeth: me too!
Jeremy: cool!!!
Elizabeth: yeah!


Miranda: *attacks Rosella but she miss*
Rosella: ha! nice try! SOUND!!! *attacks*
Miranda: aaaaaa! my ears!!!! stop it!
Rosella: hey! thats my favori song!
Miranda: i like it plus in silence mode! *attacks*
Rosella: musique PROTECTION! *a sphere get around her*
Miranda: ough! thats it! *attacks*
Rosella: *miranda miss* toi are going down! ALL THE POWER OF MUSIC!!!! *attacks harder*
Miranda: what the...... aaaaa! *fell down and she cant continue*
Jake: Good job Rosella!
Rosella: thanks!!!
Miranda: i have to say, toi are a good fighter! nice job!
Rosella: thanks Miranda, it was nice to meet you!
Miranda: it was nice to meet toi too.... now i have to go bye!
Jake: bye miranda *miranda leaves*
Rosella: thanks for bring her so i could practice!
Jake: no problem...


Megan: OMG im soooo tired!
Haze: yeah me too....
Bridgette: i enjoy! my jour with Daniel! he helped me too!
Elizabeth: jeremy was sooooo nice to me!
Ariel: and thaks to Terence i can attack harder!
Rosella: i had a fight with Jake's cousin!
Haze: and who won?
Rosella: me!
Megan: cool!!!
Elizabeth: well im going to sleep.... night!
Bridgette: night!!!

(in the suivant parts i will focus plus in ALL the couples)
posted by Princess-Flora
Since today is Flora's birthday, I decided to write a one shot in her p.o.v on her 22nd birthday. Hope toi all enjoy it. Here's the link I based it off of.

I heard the alarm go off as I felt the sun shine on my face. I loved that feeling of warmth on my tanned skin. Spring was finally here, and that meant it was now March. If it was now March that meant it was my 22nd birthday. I was all alone after I decided to déplacer out to the country side on Magix. I didn’t mind I loved being surrounded par nature, but I really did miss all of my friends. I missed them a lot, but I just have to accept I...
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posted by Alifya
What does your sleeping position tell about your personality? It is a dit that our sleeping position reflects our inner traits. Chose your preferred sleeping position ans take a look at your profile!

People who sleep in the fetal position (the body at rest in which the spine is curved, the head is bowed forward, and the arms and legs are drawn in toward the chest):
-Long for security, intimacy and joy.
-Take relationships slowly.
-Tend to look at the world in rosy colors, and treat people kindly.
-Are sensitive, though they may present a tough exterior to the world.
-May appear shy at times ou when...
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added by SummerThunder
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season 4
Icy honestly didn't know what had possessed her to take a pair of scissors to long silver hair--people seemed to l’amour her hair...she loved her hair. Yet she stood before a mirror watching as the last of the strands fell to the floor, where they then lie in clumps at her feet. Of course she didn't cut it all off...just enough of it...

It still hung just above her chin...

Her plan was rather odd. Unheard of. And as she gave what remained of her hair a quick rinse, she thought it through again. Her application was rather flawless (she did have experience of sorts with hand to hand combat and some...
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-----------Sky's p.o.v-------
School was starting suivant week and I was spending the last week of summer with my best friend, his sisters, and his older brother at their family's plage house. I was excited and it was nice to see Flora again, because the twins are like my own little sisters. So as the week went par we each learned something new about each other. For example the twins finish each others sentences and they are amazing surfers; also Aaron is a pretty good chef unlike me who manages to make a bowl of cereal look unappealing. As each jour went on we actually were excited about school...
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posted by Alifya
Photographs can freeze a moment - and all the emotion that comes with it - in time ou can create new realities for toi to explore. toi only need some basic equipment, a little knowledge and you're ready to start. Check out my hints and tips for getting started in photography!

Lessons of photography!
A camera is something toi must have in your rucksack during vacations, ou when toi are out on an outing. Be it digital, film ou professional, thre are a lot of camera mannequins out there for toi to choose from! However, photographie is not as simple as toi think it is, so here’s some conseil for you...
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posted by Princess-Flora
Flora continued crying and ignored everyone and everything around her. She never knew a person could feel so much pain ou how it felt to be so vulnerable out in the open. Her dreams had been crushed. She would never go to Europe. She would never know what it would feel like to a child that was her’s and Helia’s. She felt empty, lost, dazed and confused all at the same time. She wanted to help her friends, but something inside her made everything freeze up and she could not déplacer from his side. Every part of her had gone numb. When her brother came over, she just sat there with glassy eyes...
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If the Winx will die Corpse party style it will be like this

Bloom will be burned alive tied to a pole due to malevolent spirits.....
Half of Stella's face will be skinned and with a mirror shard stuck in her neck ...
Flora will be trapped inside a buisson, bush squishing her but she got out ..
But as she was going to run away she gets disemboweled par a falling branch ...
Aisha will drown in a pool, but when the Winx drained the pool before she could drown...
Instead she gets stuck in a drainage splitting her body apart....
Musa's body will be shredded into pieces par piano wire par Tecna when she pulled a lever thinking it would cause the light to go on......
Tecna devastated par Musa's death....accidentally electrocutes herself...
Making her conscious but can't move...
A half-dead person comes along sees Tecna thinking she's dead...cannibalizes on here...
While Tecna feeling all pain as the almost zombie-like fairy eats her alive..

I have come last nine days. So to make up for it, in one article I will post three chapters and do three of them.sorry for the long wait

Chapter Nine

I woke up to the feeling of the sun shining on my face. I looked around and remembered I was back at the palace, so I quickly got dressed and headed downstairs to the dining room. Once I arrived there, I saw my family already sitting there with Ms. Faragonda and Helia explaining the letters to them. I saw my mother crying, my father trying to comfort her while Miele just looked confused. I walked over to my mom...
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posted by Alifya
Hi Girls!

1. If your morning rush leaves toi absolutely no time to mess with foundation, don't freak out. Instead, try a tinted moisturizer. Go for one that contains SPF, so toi can moisturize, shield your skin from sun damage and even out your complexion all in one fell swoop. And, tinted moisturizers go on sheer, so toi don't have to stress about blending--especially if toi are still half asleep.

2. When you're running crazy late, headbands can give toi a new look in no time at all--choose the stretchy ballerina type. A headband is a great hassle-free way to wear your hair back, it's quick,...
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added by nmdis
added by nmdis
Source: nmdis
This is probably not really what the seventh will be about but just an idea I came up with there's plus to it but this is really just a summary. seventh season should be about the wizards of the black circle'srevenge because after they fall your really don't know what happened the ice could of broke when they landed regained there power par finding a magical object recreating the black cercle and convinced the tricks to rejoindre them. Oh and I have another idea when the winx wanted to use the gift of life on Nabu and Orgon took it they thought he used it on a fleur but instead he hid it and used what was left of healing powers and kept the gift of life to later be used on duman. It's just an idea I came up with tell me what toi think I would l’amour to hear your comments
posted by florajames
Hi guys flora James here I've been getting lose of messages about how old i am i am in fact 14 and that is real i have a desese called ADHD and it makes me look and act younger then what i am . So now u know
i am also asking u if u would like to ask me questions for my YouTube account and if u do post a questions for me put if u want urn account to be shown important making video suivant Saturday so plz ask away
i l’amour u guys don't change
hugs and Kiss flora James
ps nothing rude because i don't want to be ask anything like that i will tell u some question i don't want to
be give

questions i don't want
were do u live
Why do u have ADHD
are u ok about u family
plz none of that any other like that i will not awnsa
if it dosent have that then i will awnsa enjoy
and ask away
Flora’s POV

“Stella what are toi doing?”
“You know exactly what I’m talking about, imposter
That when I see the imitation of me walk out.
“No no no, You’ve got it all wrong. That’s the imitation.” I quickly say.
“That’s exactly what an imposter would say.” Musa said.
I roll my eyes realizing this argument is pointless and use my magic to make vines come out of the floor and absorb the goo then go back down into the floor.
“Get it!” Bloom yelled and then they all started to chase me. I slide down the stair rail, run out the back door, get on Maya and start to ride off...
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posted by crystal_winx
So if you're wondering why the sailors and the Winx started fighting it's because of their enemies to lazy to get rid of them thought that the best way to get rid of them was to spell them into thinking they were enemies.

The Trix and some other bad guys put a spell on then and then when they saw each other they started fighting. they thought it would be entertaining to see fées destroying sailors.

When the enemies realized it didnt work they started fighting and arguing with each other and ended up destroying themselves and each other

The Winx found out about the ticks their enemies pulled and told the sailors. In the end they ended up becoming friends.
posted by musa123s
this is based on season 4 when nabu died and what Layla is doing. its is a song and a story.

Its been 4 weeks since nabu died. Everyone is trying to déplacer even though it's hard even on Layla. one jour she starts going threw some old photos of both of them.

-Sha la la ... sha la la
the first pic that she see is when nabu and her went on an actually first date.
-you used to call me your angle
the seconde is when they went to a party with all their friends
-said i was send straight down from heaven.
later she saw a pic of all of them at prom.
-you hold me close in your arms, i l’amour the way toi felt...
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added by WinxClub_Stella

Chapter Twelve

Helia and I stayed still in the bushes not wanting to be caught. I watched my sister as she got up and headed our way. Once she was close enough, Helia grabbed her and we told her to be quiet. She smiled and gave me a hug before she kissed Helia. She asked what are toi two doing here? I a dit We came to find toi and bring toi back home. She nodded and a dit then let’s go. We checked to make sure no one was following us before getting on our chevaux and rushing out of the dark woods. Within twenty minutes we made it to the lake. We slowed down while crossing the lake, but once...
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