Bloom - Fairy of The Dragon Flame
So... when I started This Countdown On Nov 3, 2015 I thought It will take too long for this Countdown to conclude... but Finally This is over now. Results are Quite Same as my Ranking. "3 out of 11" Ranks are Same what I voted For. So Here is what toi guys voted for....

Lets Start!

11. Mythix


This is my 10th Favourite Transformation. I think People Dislike it Bacause it is a CGI - Only Transformation. People Including me seem to be not a fan of 3D Winx Club. But I personally Like her Wings in 3D in This Transformation very Much.

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10. Sophix


This is my 9th Favourite Transformation. I actually Like This Transformation's colours but I think people Dislike her outfit just as me. Sophix is almost everyone's Least Favourite Transformation.

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9. Butterflix


This is my 8th Favourite Transformation. Many People Dislike her Ballerina Fairy Dress just As me. But once again her wings are best part of her Transformation. Her Hairstyle is Another Bad point of this Transformation.

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8. Lovix


This is my least Favourite Transformation. I dislike Bloom's this Transformation the most. I dislike Her from haut, retour au début to bottom in this one. May be People Don't Dislike it as much as i do. thats why it was able to come this far. Her Wings also do not shine in this one. Don't Know what is good in this & how it managed to come at 8th place.

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7. Tynix


This is my 7th Favourite Transformation. This Transformation is just Ranked at the best Place. I neither hate it nor like it. it is just ok Transformation. But Some people really like her Hairstyle and Diamonds. while some people really dislike her Outfit.

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6. Believix


This is my 6th Favourite Transformation too. One of The best Transformations Of Bloom. I don't really think That anyone Dislikes this one. It was out only because people like other Transformations plus than this. The best part of this Transformation is her boots & Wings. Her Outfit may be a reason for some people to dislike it.

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5. Sirenix


This is my 4th Favourite Transformation. Everything in this Transformation is just Perfect in my opinion. But a great number of fans just don't like this. I like her Hairstyle the most. fans may be Dislike it because of its Concept & Uniform look. ou May be because of her hair color change.

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4. Harmonix


This is my 5th Favourite Transformation. It is definitely one of the most beautiful Transformations. People Really like her Outfit and Wings in this Transformation. In My opinion the best part of this Transformation is her Snadals
& Hairstyle. It is also the most Consistent Transformation through out the Countdown.

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3. Bloomix


This is my 2nd Favourite Transformation. I simply l’amour this Transformation but may be its popularity is less than Winx & Enchantix. Her Wings are My Favourite. Her Hair Strand is definitely the worst thing in this Transformation. Her Outfit Is really cool & well designed. It Wouldn't had reached here if it was not a good Transformation.

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2. Enchantix


This is my 3rd Favourite Transformation. Like Every other Winx Fan it is one of my Favourite Transformations too. but In Bloom's case It is not my most Favourite. A large number of people l’amour her Enxhantix outfit just as i do. But May be Its Competition was with an Even plus Lovable Transformation thats why it is at 2nd place.

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1. Winx/Charmix

Magic Winx/Charmix

This is my most Favourite Transformation too. Definitely the best Bloom Ever Received. From Outfit to Sandals, Wings to her Yellow Tiara, eveything is just perfect. Really a well deserved winner is here. I know Many People Dislike her Magic winx but this result shows that number of Magic Winx amoureux is Greater than Magic Winx Haters. But Everyone has their own opinions and we must accept them.

Now, I want to say THANK YOU to All Winx Fans who Participated in This Countdown. Please do share your vues on this Countdown. And Once Again Everyone has their own Opinions so we must respect other's Views.

Thanks for Your Participation.

Note : Please Share toi Personal Rankings in commentaires Section. Thank toi Again.