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posted by Princess-Flora
We all went our separate ways on our horses. For once I was enjoying the feeling of the frosty air hit my lungs. We passed par the cabine I lived four years of my life in. I asked them if we could stop real quickly just to say goodbye to the place. They nodded as I got off my horse and went inside. I walked inside and was soon hit par a flood of old memories. Flashback: It was my sister’s eighteenth birthday. I missed the palace with everyone, but I left for their own good. Ever since I moved out here the letters stopped coming. I looked at the feu burning and realize how much I missed everyone. I felt a tear roll down my cheek. I wiped away. I heard a horse run by. I went outside quickly after grabbing my coat. The horse turned around and stopped. I looked at her and knew exactly who her owner was. I put the horse in the shed and follow the hooves prints from the direction they came. I saw her lying there. Her head was bleeding. I was already in tears just seeing her in this state. I carried my sister back to my cabine quickly. Once inside, I bolted the door shut and the windows too. I placed a cool rag on her forehead after I used my little bit of healing magic I had to make the cut disappear. Her head would hurt but at least there would be no damage. I felt tears rush out of my eyes. I thought what if I didn’t hear the horse? What if I didn’t find my sister? What if I never opened that door for Helia? I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around to see his open arms. I gave him a hug as I cried. He kissed my forehead and replied it’s okay to cry and be scared. The thought of having your life flash before your own eyes is a scary thought. Sometimes we are scared of death plus than anything else. No matter what I will be right here for toi through it all. I smiled as he brushed away the remainder of my tears. I looked back at the cabine one last time before grabbing his hand and locking that door for the last time. With that we rode on through the forest. We crossed the La Reine des Neiges lake and passed the château before heading deeper into the woods and towards the north side. Soon enough I saw my three sisters, our Friends and family. I stepped towards them and felt my outfit change. I looked down to see a hot rose strapless dress that reached mid-thigh and the dentelle overlay reached the ground, and my hair fell out of the ponytail into loose curls that gently cascaded down my back. My older sister had and icy blue long sleeved dress that was off the shoulders and had an une ligne jupe with little snowflakes embroidered while her hair was in a fishtail. Krystal had a burgundy ball robe that was off the shoulders with ¾ sleeves and her hair was in a lose bun. I saw Miele who had an almost white green mermaid dress that had casquette, cap sleeves while hers was in a milkmaid braid. I smiled at them all as I took their hands and a dit here goes nothing.

I didn't have time today to write a new chapter of Mental Hospital, but luckily I write these chapters in advance. Also with school and dance starting back up soon, I will be dropping down to only two fan fic since I will need the time for school, so Haunted par the Past will be delayed until one of my current ones is over. l’amour ya ducklings.
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posted by florasedge31
The winx ran into the dorm and quickly lied Flora down on the bed.
The girl walked over and felt Flora's head. She quickly pulled her hand back and shook her hand fast.
"What's wrong?" Stella asked.
"She's burning up." The girl said. The girl started digging through her purse. She pulled out a syringe and injected it in Flora's arm.
"What are toi doing?" Musa asked.
"Curing her." She answered. She pulled the syringe out and put it back in her purse.
"It should kick in in a few minutes." The girl said.
"Can toi please explain what's going on!" Stella yelled. The girl walked out of the room.
"Sit down."...
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posted by enchanting424
I got this idea from lovebaltor's article about the Trix, so yes, this article is defending Layla/Aisha...

Ok, so my point is to not make everyone loved crazed fans of Layla, but come ON! Lets get serious, im so sick of seeing commentaires regarding that girls on here dont like her for her skin color ou her feautures that most resemble an african american woman. i really dont give a damn if toi dont like layla, thats your choice,but dont post commentaires saying shes ugly because shes DARK,or ugly because her hair looks nappy ou whatever. Im sorry, but racism, even the littlest bit of it,is so offensive,...
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posted by lovebaltor
 The "Creature" in Roxy's dream controlling her.
The "Creature" in Roxy's dream controlling her.
AN: And here's the anticipated, part 3! :D
Enjoy and don't forget to commentaire and review! :3


Roxy awoke, her vision blurry, to find no one standing above her. She got up, to find that she had a terrible migraine. She moaned, and rubbed her head. She glanced around the room once more. Great... Did they fucking tranqualize toi ou something? She rubbed her temples, as she glanced at the door, as though waiting for someone to come in. She rolled her eyes, and collapsed onto her bed, letting sleep engulf her...


She was running, no, walking, through...
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posted by tslol99
Musa just got knocked out par the rubble of the ship and Riven is well freaking out

Riven: Musa! Musa! Musa can u hear me! Musa!
(Riven thinks that the only way to get Musa help is to get her accueil first so he jsut drives the ship back to Magicx)

When he gets there Riven walks out of the ship with Musa in his arms

Bloom: Riven what happened to Musa
Riven: The ship started to shake from something outside and she fell and hit her head pretty hard
Flora: Lets take Musa to the clinic

at the clinic

Layla: Nurse is she going to be ok
Nurse: I don't know Layla I really don't
(turns to Flora and starts crying)
Stella: Bloom
Bloom: Yeah Stella
Stella: Don't u have the Dragan Fire
Bloom: Yeah I do what about it
Stella: Well u can heal her with it can't u
Bloom: Yeah I can
(Layla turns back around and wipes her eyes)
Layla: Then y don't u already

Bloomtrys to heal Musa but cant

Bloom: I can't my power isnt strong enough ou something

To Be Continued...
 when Riven came out of the ship
when Riven came out of the ship
posted by tslol99
Musa just found out that her dad lied to her

Tune: And lieng is not propper manners
Musa: Okayyy dad y would u do that
Musa's dad: That is not the only thing its u rarely call anymore and the last time I checked your grades they seemed lilke they were slipping
Musa: Thats not the piont u lied to me
Musa runs off with Tune behind her

Riven just got to Melody and is lost

Riven: Where in the world am I
a aléatoire person: U r in Melody of course but to b plus spasific u r in Quarter Note
Riven: Okayyyyy um do u know were Rhythum...
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