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posted by WinxClub_Stella
 Stella ♥
Stella ♥
This is a fact-file all about Stella

Birthday: August 18

Astrological Sign: Mermaid

Favourite Food: Chips

Favourite Color: Green

Favourite Hobby: Shopping and organizing pajama parties!

Favourite Pet: Puppies

Ideal Boyfriend: Beautiful and full of muscles... and super sweet like Brandon

Best Friend: Bloom

Favourite Movies: Comedies! Nothing is better than a laugh

Loves: Shopping, dressing super fashion, and giving fashion tips

Hates: Not going shopping

Favourite Music: Pop music, anything that makes her dance

Favourite Shoes: All, one for each occasion

Favourite Subject: Metamorphology

Favourite Spell: Moon Ray

Now some trivia about Stella!

• Stella's appearance was apparently inspired par actress Cameron Diaz, according to Iginio Straffi, the creator of the Winx Club.

•The hairband from Stella's Harmonix from is similar to the hat worn par Andrina, one of the sisters of Ariel in the 1989 Disney film "The Little Mermaid", both of them have blond hair, and the ribbons making up her Harmonix sandals as well as her Sirenix thighs are of the same color as Andrina's mermaid tail.

•Harmonix is the first fairy form that does not tie her hair into pigtails.

•"Stella" is a Latin and Italian word meaning "Star", referencing her powers, which are derived from celestial objects such as the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. Her parents' names, Radius and Luna, reference the sun and moon respectively.

•Stella is a an older than the Winx and the rest of her class due to being held back a an for her acts of delinquency. Even if she is older than the other girls, she acts sometimes like a 3-year-old as shown in Season 5.

•Stella had once flirted with twenty-six Specialists within a day.

•Stella's opposite is Darcy.
• Elementally: Stella having light related powers and Darcy having darkness related powers.
• Personality: Stella is extrovert while Darcy is a sort of introvert and fights par cunning.

•She had to suffer several body mutations:
• Turned into a monster par Chimera.
• Her face turned into a doodle when she gave up her looks for the Water Stars.
• She temporarily became a child. Her personality also changed a little.

•Stella is normally seen with Bloom and Flora plus than the other girls.

•It is revealed that she is acrophobic (scared of heights), which is ironic since she can normally fly.

•During planning, aside from the age, Stella relatively remains unchanged.

•Stella's princess outfit and scepter were redesigned for the Nickelodeon specials.

•Stella had three childhood designs: in Season 2, she wore glasses and looked like a nerd; in Season 3 she was plus formal. During Season 5 she looked somewhat ordinary 3-5 an old girl. However in Season 5 she wears her normal civilian outfit of Season 5 in her 3-year-old "childhood-form".

•In the English/American Nickelodeon dub, her titre is "Stella, Fairy of the Shining Sun". However in the German and French Nickelodeon dub her tDesign like new Nick's dress
The resemble dress
RoseXinhAdded par RoseXinh
itle is "Stella, Fee der Sonne und des Mondes" and "Stella, fée de la lune et du soleil", which both mean "Stella, Fairy of the Sun and the Moon", while in Italian dub, her titre is "Stella, fata del sole splendente", means "Stella, Fairy of the Shining Sun".

•In the 4Kids dub, her birthday is August 10.

•Stella's highlights in 3D transformations are in pink, but in the 2D one, they are in purple.

•She and Aisha are both 17 at first appearance.

•In Season 3, she tries a dress that looks similar to her re-designed Princess of Solaria dress.

All the information was taken form this Wikia article, toi can read it link
posted by firebloom100
Many fans believed season six would be the last season. I was gonna write an article on why it’s probably not, but hearing it from Iginio Straffi would be much plus convincing, right?
So here it is, translated from an interview posté Friday on Corriere Adriatico:
We’re in full swing: it’s in preparation for Winx season 7, Prezzy season 2, a third film about witches, and also planning new characters. Everything’s going well at arc en ciel Magicland, the amusement park near Rome. And in these first days of the year, we’re strengthening our offices in Asia, where we’ll soon be focusing our efforts.
There toi go, fellow Winx fans. Now toi can enjoy season six knowing this isn’t the Winx’s last adventure. (And those of toi who hoped it would be, well…sorry.)
Credit to WinxClubRus for sharing this news first!
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