Hi guys flora James here I've been getting lose of messages about how old i am i am in fact 14 and that is real i have a desese called ADHD and it makes me look and act younger then what i am . So now u know
i am also asking u if u would like to ask me questions for my YouTube account and if u do post a questions for me put if u want urn account to be shown important making video suivant Saturday so plz ask away
i l’amour u guys don't change
hugs and Kiss flora James
ps nothing rude because i don't want to be ask anything like that i will tell u some question i don't want to
be give

questions i don't want
were do u live
Why do u have ADHD
are u ok about u family
plz none of that any other like that i will not awnsa
if it dosent have that then i will awnsa enjoy
and ask away