Have toi read zanhar1's(Zannie)opinion on Why I Hate Bloom? If toi didn't, read that and the comments. When you're done read this. IloveSparx was a meanie(she's no longer on Fanpop), she wrote extrememly rude commentaires about lovebaltor, zanhar1, and me.

She loves Bloom a lot. I used to l’amour her too. But one jour I told her, "I changed my opinion; Bloom's a Mary-Sue, I don't like her." And she got mad and said, "WHAT?!? We became Friends through our l’amour for Bloom." I tried to calm her and told, "We can still be friends, though I don't like Bloom."

I Lost a friend that jour because she a dit no. (From here is is how I imagine it) later she went on fanpop and went on zanhar1's profile. She did that because she knew zanhar1 was my first fan and friend. Suddenly, she spied the opinion, 'Why I Hate Bloom'. She opened it and read it, got mad and reported it.

She even called zanhar1 'ugly,' 'disrespectful,' and etc. She called lovebaltor, 'Valtor twat' and 'Techna twat.' She called me rude(and she was my friend!) and on my wall(I deleted it) she a dit I was an ugly, fatass bitch. It hurts terribly.

So if toi like Bloom, please son't say these words, ou hate on them, and respect their opinions. This girl used to be a very good friend of mine. I didn't like Bloom and now she hates me :( .

I know there are many good Bloom fans out there, but please don't act like her. toi will probably get your account removed as IloveSparx did.

devise : Respect other people's opinions.