Pajama descriptions------
Bloom: hair is in a French braid with a blue head band and 3 small ruby red hearts on the left side. haut, retour au début is cyan blue, spaghetti straps with a white bralette (styled like a bra but really isn’t one) and 3 tiers of ruffle and the shorts are white with a cyan waistband. The slippers are also blue and worn with knee high white socks with a cyan blue rim
Flora: hair is in a fishtail braid with bangs pin back with rose crystal flowers. The haut, retour au début is a hot rose long-sleeved turtleneck with a rose satin bow above on the lower right side. Her shorts are also white but have a hot rose waistband and cuff and the edges off the shorts. Her shoes are pull on knit slippers in various shades of rose and two citron vert green pom poms on each slipper
Layla: hair is in a sleek ponytail high up on her head with a thick citron vert green headband and scrunchie to match. Her pajamas are a one piece romper that has a licou, halter neckline and navy bow sitting on her left hip. Her shoes are extremely fluffy white slips with cursive embroidered citron vert green L’s on them worn with thigh high citron vert green tube socks.
Musa: has an off the shoulder red cropped tee over a silver sports bra and her shorts are feu truck red soffees with a white waist band and black musique notes on them. Her shoes are identical to Flora’s but hers are in shades of red with two black pom poms on each slipper. Her hair is in two low poney tails with a 2 inch thick red head band placed behind her bangs which are side swept
Savannah: has her hair in a double braid with twist from each side going down to the braid then is wrapped around the outside of the braid in a criss traverser, croix pattern with a blue headband with a white gargantuan rose on the right side of her head. She has a robin egg blue tank haut, retour au début with ruffles on the bottom with soffees in the same color and the toe socks make the haut, retour au début with the ruffles being right below her knee and shoes are white fluffy flip flops
Stella: has on an orange licou, halter haut, retour au début that tie in a bow on her back and white and orange striped soffees shorts that have a waistband with a satin ribbon bow. Her hair is in a puff with a high ponytail that is braided with an orange ribbon going through it. Her shoes are orange pullover crocheted knit ankle boots
Tecna: has her hair in its usual style with a thin white headband in it. Has a cropped lavender hoodie with a darker purple cami under it and leggings that are also in the same shade lavender worn with dark purple fuzzy slippers
----Later that night after the girls have finished packing their bags, each girl gets into their pajamas and brings a snack and their sleeping bag to Stella’s room, as the usual they talk about boys, fashion and gossip. They girls are in a cercle talking some are sitting straight up, most are lying on their stomachs and two our lying on their backs looking at their Friends at an upside down view
Stella: so Savannah how long have toi been crushing on Garrett?
Savannah: ever since he tried out for the squad sophomore an and he failed miserably and needed a lot of help
Flora: (rolling from her back onto her stomach) wait he was the guy who had issues doing a cartwheel and a toe touch but could easily do a round-off back handspring into a back tuck.
Bloom: could toi speak English
Flora: I am speaking English, but I could montrer toi what each is
Savannah: do toi have enough room?
Flora: I was gonna do each separately not together. (Stands up) So this is a toe touch it’s also called a Russian (pliés and does an above 180 degree toe touch) this is a round-off it’s plus a prep trick than one you’ll do par its self (does a round-off on the left side. GO LEFT SIDED TUMBLERS *this is the side I normally do) then this a back handspring (does the trick) and finally this is a back tuck (jumps and then brings her knees right into her chest)
-------Everyone but Savannah’s jaw drops incomplete awe of how perfect and clean the skills she did are
Savannah: it’s like toi never has seen someone cheer ou do gymnastics before
Stella: we have but we have never seen someone do ones that clean ou high, let alone see my girl Flo do them
----Flora and Savannah literally roll on the floor laughing
Flora: let’s go back to the topic of boys
Musa: (gasps) Stella, you’re wearing off on Flo, she wants to go back to talking about boys and not plants (gets a hit with a pillow) who threw that?
Flora: (being sarcastic) who do toi think?
------after that remark the Winx break out into a huge oreiller fights, that the living room looks like a snowstorm hit because of all the feathers from the pillows that burst during the oreiller fight. Then someone knocks on the door
Flora: I’ll get (walks over to the door and opens it to reveal a worried Ms. Faragonda)
Ms. F: Hello Flora, I have some news I need to tell toi all
Flora: okay, I’ll montrer toi where everyone is but please ignore our mess (closes the door and heads towards the living room)
Ms. F: okay and what mess?
Flora: you’ll see (they reach the living room and everyone turns to see Ms. F)
Bloom: Hello, Ms. Faragonda what brings toi here today?
Ms. F: hello girls, I have to say this is quite a mess and I have some bad news, all of toi might want to sit down
Winx: okay (nervously glances at each other)
Ms. F: toi know how Garrett, Jared and the police squad went to clean up the dead bodies of your past enemies
Flora: yes (a million things are running through her head right now causing her to have trouble breathing but she doesn’t realize it but her Friends become extremely concerned)
Savannah: sis toi need to take a deep breath
Flora: (starts to return to normal breathing and has a vision* Flora will be getting some new powers throughout this story that will help her find out who her parents really are) what was that? (Shocked and slightly freaked)
Ms. F: what do toi mean?
Flora: it was like a vision montrer that Eric got up and walked away from where he was killed after everyone left and opened a portal to someplace and a dit toi will be dead if it’s the last thing I do
Ms. F: that was a vision and it means toi are growing into the rest of your powers and your vision was of what I needed to tell all of toi but I still have some new I need to tell
Flora: wait I’m growing into the rest of my powers and HE’S NOT DEAD!!!!
Ms. F: Flora, yes he is still alive and toi don’t just have power over nature toi have powers over all five elements
Stella: I thought there were only four
Layla: same here, water
Bloom: fire
Musa: wind
Tecna: and earth
Savannah: but what’s the fifth?
Flora: isn’t it spirit which involves seeing the past and future, talking to people through your minds, moving objects with your mind, see what people are thinking, and the spell
Ms. F: yes
Bloom: what’s the spell? (Uses air quotes)
Flora: the spell is…..
I couldn't find pajamas to match the descriptions so I found pajamas that I liked; but if toi would prefer me to sketch designs of their pajamas I will do that just left me know and they would be included in the suivant chapter
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