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Previous Chapter: Flora along with the winx and the specialists went to rescue Rose and Klaus at Linphea. When flying directly to the cave where the loup was hiding them, Flora saw her house and went alone to see if her mother was still there and not captured par the wolf. The guys found them and got to know who the loup was par a stain of blood that a piece of cloth had on. Flora discovered Karel was the wolf, trying to save her mother went unconscious par the loup attacking her. The winx came but in a bad time. What is going to happened now?

"Please, leave her alone. Don't do anything to her" Rose begged to the loup who was looking with a mean look to them. He then put Flora on the ground, everyone looked relieved that he understood but, "hahaha, do toi think I'm going to do that?"

Karel and Flora

"What do toi want from her?" Stella a dit with a brittle voice.

"Yeah, leave her alone" Musa back up her words.

The loup devilishly chuckled "It took me too much to finally have her par my side. Do toi really think I'm going to let her go? And mostly for him?" The loup looked at the direction of Helia. He had a surprised look. Klaus glared at him for a seconde surprised too.

"She is not going to be with toi anymore. She and I realized we were meant for each other" the loup a dit while smelling Flora who was still on the floor. Sudden movements were seen par the guys, but the loup didn't notice. He kept talking non-sense to the girls about how he and Flora would stay together.

turning into a loup

Then, Flora regained consciousness. The loup was in front of her giving her the back.

“uuuh?” Flora touched the back of her head and saw what was going on. She tried to stand up. Karel sense something moving behind him and notice it too par the looks of the guys. He turned around and saw Flora trying to stand up and not lose her balance.

“Well… look who woke up” Karel walked plus closely to her but Flora, reeling, took some steps backwards.

“Karel, why are toi doing this to us?” she asked very hurt.

“Because we are meant to be together and they’re ruining it. They don’t want us together, and for that, I’ll have to kill them” he a dit looking furious for a moment to the guys.

Then, the loup came plus closely to Flora and she was getting plus scared. But a long string shot came out of nowhere and entangled Karel in it.

“Run Flora!!” someone advised her. It was Helia.

Flora tried to run to another direction. The winx flew to help her but the loup didn’t let them, even if he was entangled. Rose run and achieve passing par the wolf, she hugged Flora and help her to keep stand. They ran to another direction but Flora fell to the floor.

“Flora come on!” her sister tried to pull her up so she could stand up again, but she couldn’t. Karel broke the string and hit in the face with its claws to Helia.

“Helia, are toi alright?” Sky asked him concerned. Helia nodded.


The loup looked at her with that evil look.

Bloom looked at him afraid “uuum… Stella, toi shouldn’t have a dit that”

Then, the loup attacked Stella with his claws but Stella dodge it with difficulty. Musa used the sound wave attack and Karel went crazy with the loud musique pounding into his ears. Stella used enchantix sunbeam but it didn’t affect too much Karel. He jumped to attack Stella but Brandon hurt him with his green sword. Sky began to fight with him but the loup was very strong, Riven came in and help Sky. Bloom flew searching for Flora and Rose who disappeared a minute ago.

“FLORA? ROSE? Where are you?” Bloom asked raising her voice so they could hear her. Someone down lifted an arm like giving her a signal . It was Rose. Bloom came down and asked Rose where Flora was, Rose pointed to a direction.


The guys and girls were still fighting with Karel, Klaus was too. But the loup knew Flora escaped so he did all he can to hurt as much girls and guys so he could go get her. After hurting Musa, Tecna, Stella and all the guys except Klaus and Helia, he went in chercher for her.

Karel ran as fastest as he could before Flora could get away. He stopped and heard some sound that was getting plus and plus far, like running away. He then ran again in the direction of where the noise was coming from. –It’s Flora- he thought.

The winx and specialists soon chase him and Rosella joined them too. Flora’s whole family was worried about her, even Riven. The guys saw the loup but Karel didn’t attention to them, he was plus interested in finding Flora.

“Come out wherever toi are” the loup a dit chant between words. He looked all around him for any trace until he saw a little buisson, bush shaking a lot, he slowly came plus closely. His breath was deeper than before. He knew he got her, he wasn’t going to let her escape anymore. He loved her and wouldn’t want to be away from her now on. He then jumped over the buisson, bush and gave a groan. It was a simple bunny. Karel was getting furious and didn’t know what to do but, a small idea came into his mind, a devilish one. The specialists, the winx and rosella found Karel but without Flora. Where is Flora? Everyone was asking. The loup glared at them for a seconde and then ran away again. “IF SHE CAN’T BE MINE, SHE WON’T BE YOURS” referring to Helia he a dit while running away.
“What is he going to do?” Tecna asked scared.

“I don’t know but it isn’t a good thing” Layla a dit while getting angrier.

“We need to find Flora” a dit Musa very afraid of what could happen to Flora.

The winx were going to fly in chercher for Flora but they heard a crack. It was Bloom. She was holding Flora to one side and Rose from the other. The guys were happy to see her again, and alive. Rosella came running to them and hugged Flora. Then, she put her on the ground. Everyone walked to see her and made a cercle around her.

“Are toi okay my dear?” Asked her father concerned. Flora only could looked at them with difficulty.

“I’m fine dad” the fairy of nature a dit sounding peaceful like she always does.

“Is she going to be alright?” Bloom asked worried.

Rosella looked at her for an instant and nodded.



The loup ran as quickly as lightning. Deep thoughts were in his minds. What is he doing? Is the right thing to do? Will he be happy about it? Will this be a good idea? He thought all this questions but, the réponses were evil. He was getting closer to the location. His cœur, coeur was pounding very hard that could toi could see it in his chest. Karel knew and thought he had to do this so he could be happy about it. But, does he want to hurt Flora? He asked himself. Another evil answer came to his mind. Then, he was there. Standing in front of those beautiful and charming fleurs of all Linphea. He thought about it for a seconde and then walked around the splendid flowers. He needs this. He began to cut this gorgeous between laughs, evil ones. The fleurs were dying fast, the magic was going; the Magic Garden was getting destroyed par an evil wolf.


“AAAAH!!” Flora screamed

“Help me…” Rose fell down to the floor as if she couldn’t talk.

Rosella and Klaus fell to the floor too. They were agonizing.

“What’s happening?” Bloom a dit surprised and sat on her knees beside Rose and Flora.

“oooh nooo!!!….” Layla exclaimed in a low voice.

Tecna heard her and the rest of the specialists.

“What is it Layla? Tell us” demanded Helia.

“Karel, Karel is cutting the Magic Garden” those were the only words that came out of Layla, but everyone was still confused. What is the Magic Garden? Everyone asked in their minds.

“What that has to do with this?” Riven asked getting angry because she doesn’t clearly specifies.

But before she could talk Tecna did “According to this, the Magic Garden is like the cœur, coeur of all Linphea and if is cut……” Tecna could not say the final words and just looked at them with big and sad eyes. “everyone dies…” Tecna a dit very sad.

“WHAT?? That can’t be true. Because that would mean that Flora…” Stella couldn’t continue and closed her eyes starting to cry and traverser, croix her arms in a hurtful way. Brandon came and hugged her for support. Everyone did as them but Bloom stay on the floor looking at them agonizing.

“uuuh… Bloom…” Flora tried to say. Bloom looked at her very sadly waiting for her to keep continuing for what she has to say.
“Bloom, I’m leaving soon so, I want you…. to know….that…I l’amour toi all guys….i’m gonna miss you…” Flora was dying slowly.

“DON’T FLORA” Bloom closed her eyes and let a tear came rolling down her face. “YOU’RE NOT LEAVING US. toi CAN’T. WE l’amour YOU. toi CAN’T DO THIS TO US” but Sky took her par the arms and she stood up and hugged him.

“Helia….” Flora called him. Helia bent on his knees and took Flora’s arms in his. “ I l’amour you….and… sorry for all I did” She let a tear came out, but didn’t look hurt but in peace.

“I will always l’amour toi no matter what Flora” he a dit but started to cry in pain.

“What’s the matter?” Flora asked him.

“I didn’t protect toi well enough. I failed to you” Helia cried while holding a fist in the air angry.

“You didn’t. And… I… am..proud of… you” Flora smiled to him and slowly closed her eyes. The breathing was not heard anymore. Rose and her parents were gone too.

Everyone cried sadly and in disbelief that they Lost Flora and failed their mission; to save her, and Linphea.

“Hahaha…. Who’s laughing now?” Karel once again appeared out of nowhere. But Karel and the rest of them forgot that it was dawning and the moon was going away. Soon, the loup felt strange and looked to the sky and see what was happening; the moon was gone. Before he could run away as he always does, he started to transform again into a human.

“AAAH!!” Karel was a human again. He fell to the floor on his knees and then raise his head to see the guys. He knew he was in a lot of trouble. He stood up and began to run. But a tall blonde stood in the way.


The boys took charge of him and put him a handcuffs. But still, that wasn’t going to give life again to Flora. They couldn’t do anything about it now, she was gone forever. ou that’s how everyone thought except Bloom. She looked to the sun who was rising and remember who she was, what she could do. An idea popped in her mind but instead of telling the girls and the specialists what she was going to do, she just asked Layla to come with her and flied away.

“BLOOM, WHERE ARE toi GOING?” Sky asked looking at the sky before she could disappear. She didn’t gave him an answer.

“I think Bloom hasn’t quit yet” Musa a dit to the others while still hugging Riven.

“What do toi mean par that?” the fairy with the British accent asked her confused.

“She might have a plan to save Flora and the others” Musa tried to sound relief.

“But… she is, dead.” Nabu a dit a bit confused and sad.

“We have to trust Bloom” Musa a dit while giving a hug to Tecna and Stella.


“Layla, where is that Magic Garden?” asked Bloom.

“Over there, but why?” Layla asked sounding a lot confuse of what Bloom was trying to do.

“You’ll see” Bloom gave her a smirk, relief too.

I hope this works, Bloom a dit in her mind.

The girls flew down to earth, to where the Magic Garden was. The poor little fleurs were all cut down par that terrible Karel. Every flower’s color turned into gray, a sad and boring gray. Layla tried not to cry and fought her tears back, same as Bloom. But she bent on her knees and looked at them, took one and examined it.

“I hope this works” she a dit again but to Layla.

Layla just kept silence because she knew if she asked again Bloom, she will not tell her anyways what she was going to do. Layla wait if Bloom wanted some help ou speak to her about it. Bloom stood up again and looked up at the sky.

“HEALING POWER!!” red sparks began to came out of her and into the fleurs direction. Bloom was hoping the fleurs could heal and grow back again. Then, Bloom started to fly trying to increase her power. She thought if she healed the plants, maybe, just maybe, she could save and turn back to life Flora and all Linphea. Bloom was making an effort putting all her powers and strength in there. Layla was getting concerned of how Bloom was using all of her powers to make that possible but still remained silence and watching what she was doing. The sporty fairy looked to the ground to see if the fleurs were growing again, but nothing. It seem useless but Bloom still kept there until she finally couldn’t continue, she didn’t have plus strength left and fell hard to the floor. Layla quickly ran to her and checked her to see if she was fine. She was. Bloom opened her eyes and glared at Layla.

“It worked?” she asked

“I’m afraid not” Layla a dit and finally let the tears came out. She knew now that there was no hope to help Flora come alive again.

“Let’s go” Layla a dit sounding defeated. She hold Bloom’s arm around her neck to help her stand up and fly away with her. Leaving a small little thing growing again behind. It was growing really slow but not as natural.

Tears were still in their faces. Hopes were vanishing away. A friend was Lost this jour but, is that true? A sudden was seen from Rose, and from Rosella too, Klaus too. The girls couldn’t believe it, they were…… back again. But how? The girls asked to themselves. They ran to where Rosella, Rose and Klaus where. But Helia was still beside Flora, looking, hoping to see if she gave a signal that she was still alive but, nothing. It didn’t last too much when the girls finally arrived to where the others and Flora was. Bloom and Layla didn’t notice at all what was happening, Sky and Nabu walked to where they were and glared at them, they looked very sad. Layla looked up to them and saw their faces happy.

“What toi have to be happy about? Flora just died and she won’t come back again” Layla a dit very mad, still holding Bloom to her side.

“You sure?” Sky got out of the way so she could see what was happening behind him.

“But how? We didn’t anything happened” Bloom said.

“It doesn’t matter. They are back!!!” Layla exclaimed and Sky hold Bloom then.

Layla ran to where the others where standing along with Nabu.

“Whatever toi did, I’m proud of you” Sky a dit to her beloved girlfriend. Bloom just smiled and kissed him for a moment.

But, Helia was still sad. Nothing has change. Flora was still dead.

“Has she….? toi know…” Musa asked Helia. But the specialist gave her a sad look.

Helia was still holding Flora’s hand and could feel for a seconde like if she was breathing. He put his head on her chest and checked if she was alive, and positively she was.

“Flora…. Flora…. Can toi hear me?” Helia asked looking at her eyes closed.

Flora opened her eyes and looked at him, like telling him she could hear him. Her boyfriend to cry for her return while she laid there.

“I’m..... back” she announced with a low voice.

“Yes toi are my love” Helia smiled and gave her a small peck.

"FLORA IS BACK!!!" Stella yelled out jumping highly like a child. The others glared at Flora who was very happy to see them all together and her family alive again, and importantly, her planet was saved.

"Your not going to get away with it" Karel a dit from behind as he was tied up to a tree. He couldn't get out ou escape, it was too strong the rope and the knot specially made par Layla. Everyone looked at him with a serious gaze not knowing what to say. Flora stood up and trying to maintain the balance she went to where Karel was. Helia stood behind her watching earnestly. Flora stare at him hurtful at his eyes.

"Why toi had to do all of this?......" she waited a moment to think about what she was going to say.

"You put in danger all Linphea, my family and me. Why?" she a dit looking down to the ground with a woeful look, waiting for an answer to explain everything. Flora knew inside of her that for a moment she felt something for him, that for one seconde her feelings were another ones but now, now she knew the truth, the truth of what she feels. Karel betrayed her and gave her a stab in the back. She thought he was different, that she could find a refuge in him, a refuge in case she had a broken heart. But she was wrong, very wrong. He was not what she thought of. Now she knew who was right for her, who was always there for her, who is the perfect guy for her.

"Because I l’amour toi Flora" he a dit and looked directly in her eyes, deeply at her eyes.

"And why toi had to do all of this to get to me?" she touched her arm as everyone still glared at them, it was an intense moment.

"Because.... because..... because I was so frustrated that I couldn't have toi par side that I just lie and hide lots of things from you. I'm crazy in l’amour with toi since that jour that toi tried to change my life. I thought I meant something to you. That toi felt the same way as I do" He looked down again memorizing those moments when he met her and now of what he did.

"You're a monster" she a dit in a low voice but furiously, trying to hold up her tears.

"I'm not. Flora, I will do anything for toi because........ I l’amour toi Flora, I l’amour you" he gave a poor smirk to her and soon again lower his head.

"If you'll do anything for me......" she turned around and gave him the back "then stay away from me, my friends, my family and my home, and don't ever look for me again" the fairy of nature wait until the others specialists took him to the forest's jail, where no one can ever escape, where the magic is plus powerful than their own strength. Klaus was going to take charge of him and that he would never do anything again. Karel just looked one plus time at Flora before Helia stepped in his way and embraced her.


IN ALFEA......

"Yeah! We have defeated that stupid Karel and Flora is back!" exclaimed with joy Stella.

The girls smiled.

"Now everything is back to normal" a dit Tecna while touching Flora's shoulder and giving her a smirk.

"Yeah!" agreed Musa.

"I appreciate what toi say girls but, I need to talk to Bloom" the girls stay there and looked at her with a smile of not knowing what she was trying to say "....alone" Flora finally said. Tecna, Stella, Musa and Layla leave them alone.

"What toi wanna talk with me Flora?" she asked as she was sitting down on the benches that were beside the pond.

"Thanks for saving me, my family and my accueil planet. It was very heroic" Flora looked at her with a smile.

"Oh it was nothing Flora. Really, it was nothing" Bloom scratched her head in awkwardeness.

"Really, it meant a lot to me and my family. Thanks a lot Bloom" she gave her a hug and soon they were smiling all happy.

A phone rang and soon Bloom picked up her phone to see who it was.

"Sorry, it's Sky" she a dit apologizing for interrupting their embrace.

Bloom answer it "Hello, wha'ts up?" she greeted him.

Flora just looked at Bloom's weird face when Sky was talking to her but then, her face completely change at the final of their conversation.

"...I get it, okay. Okay then, yes, I will. l’amour toi Sky" she hung up the phone and looked at Flora with a strange gaze.

"What happened?" Flora asked

"He wants toi to go to the lake that is near here" Bloom kept still her strange face.

"For what?" Flora asked her not knowing what was going on.

"I really don't know" she a dit and stood up and leaved before before her face could tell her the truth. Yeah, Bloom was lying.

"But.... but" she was alone now standing there. Flora think about to go ou not. It was Sky, what he wants from her? she thought. Maybe it's something important he has to tell her privately, she thought again.

As already reaching the lake she was watching the great blue sky recede into the black l’espace it really is, listening to the lapping of an active lake under the great blue sky. Waiting for her friend to arrive she watched the clouds doing figures in the sky. The splendid sky that covers her and the earth.

"Isn't it beautiful the sky this evening?" someone appeared behind her but she stood there without turning around.

"Yes it is" she closed her eyes for a moment and felt someone's hands around her stomach. Helia was there.

minutes were passing before one of them could say something. They just enjoyed the beautiful view, the scenery that mother nature gave them now.

Flora turn around.

"I l’amour toi Helia, and I'm sorry for what I did and for what a moment thought I feel" she spoke honestly.

"I know, but now, you're here. I haven't Lost you, and that's a great relief for me because no matter what, I'm always going to fight for your love" He gently touched her skin face and looked vividly in her eyes and was so close to hers.

"Oh Helia, I l’amour you" she got plus close to him.

"I l’amour toi too Flora" soon, their lips touched each of them. Making sparkles and fireworks explode in their imagination. l’amour was spread all over the lake. Her hair déplacer to the rhythm of the breeze same as the cape of the specialist. The l’amour that they have, no one can overcome. Their l’amour is different and magical.

And they lived together happily ever after!!! LOL


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Flora and Helia were meant to be together forever