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Night came in and both Elena and Damon were getting ready to go to sleep. Elena, wearing pajamas with a teddy print on it, was standing in the doorway of her room. “You want to come in?” she asked teasing. Damon had this ludicrous…rule they had to sleep in separate rooms. It was so not Damon. “We can sleep together” Elena tried with chiot eyes. Damon walked to her and kissed her. Elena wanted to pull him inside, but he braced. “Oh, come on” she groaned, her lips still touching his.
“I’m not doing it, Elena, not tonight” Damon a dit and he kissed her again. Elena took of her haut, retour au début and took a step back. “You know toi want me” she a dit with a smirk.
Damon took a deep breath. “Damn it” he growled and he got inside. “I knew I could win toi over” Elena triumphed with gleaming eyes and a big smile. Damon threw her in his arms and Elena shrieked. He walked to the lit and lay Elena down on the bed. He gave her one last passionate kiss, covered her and flashed back to the door. “Goodnight, Teddy Girl” he winked. He closed the door.
“Ass!” Elena yelled.
“Love toi too!” Damon yelled back.
A couple of hours later both were fast asleep. The window of Elena’s bedroom went open and two shadows entered. They walked to the bed. One of them lay her hand on her throat and saw Elena’s necklace. They ripped it off and shrieked. “Sssshhh!!!” the other one said. “I’m sorry. There’s vervain in the necklace” the first complained. “Keep your mouth shut. If Damon finds out what we’re doing…” the seconde hissed.
“I took care of that” the first said. “Okay, I’ll keep her arms down and then toi can do the rest. Eh, maybe toi could let go of her throat? We need her to be alive” They pressed Elena’s arms on the mattress and Elena woke up. She wanted to scream, but a pair of eyes stared in hers. “You will not scream. toi will lay still and let us take what we came for. toi will not tell anyone we were here nor what we’ve done”
“I will not tell” Elena a dit monotone.
“You won’t miss your necklace”
“I won’t miss my necklace” Elena repeated.
“Good girl””
Elena gasped when she felt something stinging in her neck. “What are toi doing?”
“Just taking a little blood”
“No” Elena groaned. “You can’t do that”
“Don’t be so selfish, Elena. There are people out there that need your blood”
Elena felt how the needle was being pulled out and she heard a crack. The suivant seconde a bleeding arm was pressed against her mouth and she was forced to drink. Her neck healed and the arm was pulled away.
“It was a pleasure doing business with you, Elena” the seconde a dit and they jumped out of the window.
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He was sleeping. He was lying on the ground and he was sleeping. Until he felt a dull pain in his waist. He slowly opened his eyes.
“Get up”
He felt how someone threw something solid to his head. He lifted up his head and looked at it. Drumsticks. Cold drumsticks. But since they hadn’t been exactly generous with nourriture he didn’t complain. He picked up one of the drumsticks and ripped a piece off with his teeth. The person who had awakened him left the room. He sat up and looked at the walls. Small, white lines ran from halfway the walls to the floor. The window frames were ripped off and...
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