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Bonnie woke up and a bright light hurt her eyes, so she covered them. She looked around and learned she was in the hospital. She climbed of the lit and stared upon her own unconscious body.
“What’s going on?” she asked, not expecting a reply.
However, she did get one.
“You’re in coma”
Bonnie’s breathing went faster when she recognized the voice. “Grams?” she called.
Sheila appeared. Bonnie wanted to go to her, but she raised her hand and stopped her. “I’m not here for a family reunion” she a dit cold. “I’m here in name of the Bennett witches. You’ve seriously screwed up”
Bonnie nodded ashamed.
“You’ve abused the magic in ways I could never imagine. And believe me, in a town full of vampires, loups garous and witches toi can’t have a limited imagination” Sheila said.
Bonnie looked down, not daring to look her grandmother in the eye.
“What’s going to happen now? Am I going to die?”
“No” Sheila said.
“But…the balance” Bonnie a dit frowning. “It will still be shifted”
“We’ll find a way to fix it” Sheila said. “Only this time we won’t count on you”
“Please, don’t let me go back” Bonnie cried. “I can’t go back. I can’t face them after all the awful things I’ve done. I don’t want to live”
“I’m sorry, sweetheart” Sheila a dit cold. “But I can’t let toi get away with it that easy. Abuse of magic is something we don’t easily forget. We have to make an example…However, toi will be cut off from our magic and toi will be stripped from your own powers”
“What?” Bonnie said.
“You will get to live like a normal person. And maybe in time, when toi can look at and treat other species like toi wish to be treated, toi might earn your powers back”
Bonnie nodded.
“Now I have to go” Sheila said. “Goodbye, sweetheart. Make something good of this seconde chance toi get. Make it count”
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