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“So, toi and your wife are having dîner when the cloche, bell rings and your daughter stands on the doorstep. toi let her in and for a moment there’s a whole bonding feeling. Then toi confront her with the accusations against her and she loses her mind. She threatens toi and runs to her room. toi call the police, let them in and then hide in the basement with your wife. toi must’ve heard it when Amber hit the ground. A fall that high is hard not to hear. Didn’t it occur to toi that she might have been dead? ou did toi just not care?”
Gabe Lindy was sitting in the police office being interrogated par Sheriff Liz Forbes. “Are toi trying to insinuate I don’t care for my daughter, that I didn’t look after her?” he a dit angry. “I tried to protect her”
Liz nodded. “Like toi tried to protect your other daughter. Didn’t work out that well, did it?”
Gabe’s face stiffened and he relegated on his uncomfortable seat. “I don’t have another daughter. We only have Amber”
Liz nodded again and opened a map in front of her. “Kelsey Lindy, 23, Mystic Falls, Virginia. She works in the local hospital as a nurse. Very nice girl, populaire too, up until three years il y a when she suddenly disappeared off the planet. Can toi tell us what happened then?”
“I already a dit I don’t have a daughter besides Amber” Gabe stuck to his story.
“She saved your daughter” Liz said. “When Amber had jumped Kelsey came vers l'avant, vers l’avant and took care of her. Unfortunately the deputy that was with them got killed off and the Lindy sisters escaped. We’re not stupid, Mr. Lindy. We know either one ou both of your daughters might have the blood of Greg Ferrell on their hands. It was weird enough Amber could still walk after that jump. Ferrell’s neck was snapped and he was drained of blood… So, Mr. Lindy, is Amber still your only daughter?”
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