The Vampire Diaries TV montrer What's your favori Elena quote from Klaus?

Pick one:
You`re not invited in...
What are his other tricks? What is he gonna do next? You`re the only
There`s a whole family of originals?
toi have my word.
I should`ve told you. I thought that if toi didn`t know
I promised him that I would return. I can`t break that promise.
So Klaus`s father was from a werewolf bloodline? What does that
What, are toi saying that Klaus can`t be killed?
toi found a way to save the life of the doppelgänger?
toi cared about her, didn`t you?
The sacrifice is going to happen Damon. Bonnie will be able to
 mrssalvatore6 posted il y a plus d’un an
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