The Vampire Diaries TV montrer Out of my favori moments/quotes in 2x10, your favori is?

Pick one:
Chunky monkey? -Naked Alaric.
It’s not nice to leave a girl naked so early in the morning. -Rose
“Get your cul, cul, ass out the door before I throw toi over..."
“Between here and upstairs there’s still time for..."
"Don’t act like this is one-sided..."
"Why do toi care?/ I was alone, I don't want toi to be alone"
“I don’t question why toi and Stefan and..."
“Keep Elena away from here. Promise me..."
It's a plan. Is it perfect? Pff... what plan is?
"Damon let go of me! LET GO OF ME!"
"Come on in there's plenty of room/I'd rather poke my eyes out/Such pretty eyes "
Damon stops Elena's coup de poing
Elijah's badass double-heart-rip-out murder. -Muahah.
"I was too busy saving toi from your crazy kamikaze mission "
"Of all the idiot plans, Stefan... "
"I understand that. Do toi know his password? "
Stefan gets in the tumb.
"I'll be fine"
Benemy almost kiss.
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