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 Rogue Savina - Smurfs (Prototype)
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One song you've never heard before is "Smurf the World".That's because there's one special fan out there who she and her friend have sung since we learnt about the Michael Jackson song "Heal the World". I took on from it with Harmony Smurf and this is how it goes (The chorus).
Smurf the World, make it a smurfier place. For toi and for me and the entire Smurf race. There are, smurfs dying, if toi care enough for the live ones. Make a smurfier place for smurfs and for me.

Harmony Smurf and I hope toi like the song.

Smurfie-Fan and Harmony Smurf
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The Smurfs are back! This time they're in Paris with a whole new creation par Gargamel...The Naughties!
smurfs 2
Katy Perry
A new trailer for the upcoming Smurfs sequel film. In theaters Summer 2013.
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Neil Patrick Harris
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