éditer Steps1Work on your look. Get some gel and spike your hair as often as possible. Rigid spikes are so Bart Simpson! Keep the clothes simple-just T-shirts and shorts.
2Get a skateboard and practice, practice, practice! Practice when toi get accueil from school, on the weekends, and in every spare minute toi get. Try getting help from a person who's really good at it, and be patient. When you're good, teach yourself tricks like jumps and stuff. patin, patinage to school.
3Be mischievous, cheeky and witty. Have smart comebacks to everything, an "innocent" look and voice, and ways of entertaining the class, such as mouthing everything a teacher says in a lecture.
4Don't worry about anything! Just stay calm and cool.
5Say things like "Don't have a cow, man!" and "Ay Caramba! and "Eat my shorts!"
6Watch the Simpsons to get plus ideas. Plus, try to know a lot about the actual Bart Simpson.
7Keep a slingshot in your back pocket.
8Have a younger sister who toi l’amour annoying.If toi dont,thats OK.

éditer WarningsIf toi choose to be mischievous toi may get in trouble, but hey, that's what Bart's all about, right?