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the owner always thought Butch was crazy
their coming to take butch away
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 C'mon girls! We can't let the RowdyRuff Boys win!
C'mon girls! We can't let the RowdyRuff Boys win!
NARRATOR: Ah, Townsville. A perfect place to be! If toi l’amour cold winter days, and warm summer nights, then Townsville is the perfect accueil for you!

(Scene changes to the RowdyRuff Boys.)

BRICK: So, what do toi guys feel like doing today?

BOOMER: Ooo ooo! I have an idea!!!

BRICK: Butch, got any ideas?


BUTCH: I don't, but I think Boomer does.

BRICK:*sigh* fine. Boomer, what do toi think?

BOOMER: We could tick off the girls and get a decent fight!!

BRICK: Wow, that's actually a good idea! Butch, what do toi think?

BUTCH: Fine with me!

(The boys fly par the PPGS house.)

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brick_is_gonna_get_you online
blossom_never gonna_date toi online
brick:hey salut bloss ;)
blossom:leave me alone!
brick:what makes toi think i will --grabs her and pulls her toward him--
blossom:let me go --pushes him away-- hmph
brick:why toi so mad!!
blossom:because... can be such a hag...
brick_your_a_hag offline
im_not_a_hag offline
--the rest of the PPGs and RRBS come out of hiding--
butch:what we gonna do now!?
buttercup:i dont know but why not just lock them in a room together?
boomer:brick would kill blossom
bubbles:proble...right alrightey so in other plans?
butch:hmmm lets just tell...
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 Well, we missed school.
Well, we missed school.
(The PPGS and RRBS are in l’amour and in middle school.)

NARRATOR: THE CITY OF TOWNSVIL-(Whispering) Ooops! sorry. Ahh, the city of Townsville. Everyone is asleep, even counting our girls. Each girl is in their own room, sleeping soundly in their beds. And so are the boys- wait! Are they still up?!

(The boys are on the couch. Brick and Butch are playing a video game and Boomer is asleep on the other part of the couch.)

BRICK: Your gonna die! Watch out!

BUTCH: Dude, stop shouting stuff at me when I'm trying to beat you!



(Boomer wakes up and looks sleepily at the boys. He pears...
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NARRATOR: What is Buttercup doing?!

(Buttercup stops herself before she goes off the edge.)

BUTTERCUP: What am I doing?!

(She sits there on the edge, crying. She misses Butch terribly. She waits till' Bubbles and Blossom go accueil with Brick and Boomer. Then she goes back up to Butch and starts whispering suivant to Butch's ear.The night is falling. Finally night comes.)

BUTTERCUP*whispering*: The way I lean down to Kiss you...I lie awake and miss you...cause' I'll doze off sûr, sans danger and soundly, but I'll miss you're arms around me. I watched the jour turn to night blue, but it's not the same without you......
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 Bubbles really sad Boomer is gone
Bubbles really sad Boomer is gone
*tear hits Boomer on the forehead**Boomer starts to wake up*
Boomer: Huh? What?
*Bubbles opens her eyes*
*Boomer Sits up*
Boomer: What are toi talking about?
Bubbles: I'll tell toi when we get inside.
*Both walk inside*
Bubbles: I need to talk to somebody. toi can go upstairs and wait for me. Okay?
Boomer: K.
*Boomer goes upstairs and waits for Bubbles in her room*
Bubbles: Okay. Who's idea was it to spy on me?
Buttercup: It was her!
*points at Blossom*
*says angrliy and sarcasticly*
Blossom: Thanks for letting me off the hook.
Buttercup: Oh don't mention it!
*Buttercup leaves...
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 Interview with Butch
Interview with Butch
Narrator: So Butch, being the tough one, what's it like?

Butch: Fun. I can kick butt, but I think titles are stupid. Like, who made Brick the "smart one"? I'm smart! I get a C in school. I just prefer to play video games instead of doing my homework and I am not some bookworm ou some geek that studies like 100 hours a day. I always say Brick studies too much. And who made Boomer the "cute one"? I'm cute! Look at this hair sticking out of my head! Look at these facial expressions! I just don't have some stupid cutesy voice nor do I pick fleurs and watch soap operas and whatever sissy stuff Boomer...
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It was a quiet, sunny jour in Townsville and blossom Utonium was resting near the lake unaware of the three boys watching her

Brick, Butch, and Boomer the Rowdyruff Boys were watching the young hero

"I'm tired of hiding why cant we just go attack her?" asked Boomer

"Shhh do toi want her to hear us?" a dit an annoyed Butch

"Ok lets just do this" Brick a dit looking at Blossom who was still sitting suivant to the lake looking at her reflection

"Butch your in charge of making the distraction, Boomer make sure her sisters don't montrer up"

"Why do I have to get stuck with that job" Boomer whined...
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