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This is for daisylove. Sorry Daiz I inored u. I whant to say sorry.
--where we were last at-
brick:everyone stay HERE! dont follow!!
everybody:fine--flys off--
brick:oh blossom please be ok!
--with blossom--
blossom:ughh why does everyone want me to go out with him....
--walks in her house and sits on her bed--
blossom:*gasp*brick?! what are toi doing here?!
brick:so will you?!
blossom:i dont know!!
brick:chill gurl
blossom:brick pleaseeee dont dress like this
brick:ha! whos says im gonna listen to you?! i dress the way I want!
blossom:what has gotten into toi youve changed?!
brick:just you!
blossom:fine ill go out with you!
blossom:ok...go change!!
brick:how bout....NO!...
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posted by pinkblossom2
 ppg and rrb bad an
ppg and rrb bad year
teacher: ok class today we have three new students boys come in
ppg * thinking its the rrb*
other girls: the blue one is cute and the red one i think the green one is cool
teacher: boys say your names plz
brick: my name is brick
boomer: im boomer
butch : yo the names butch
teacher ok boys take your seats
the boys: were?
teacher : how about suivant to the powerpuffgirls
boys : *sigh* yes teacher
the girls gasp but teacher these are the rowdyruff boys
teacher: be nice girls and sit down
girls: yes teacher
the girls was thinking
blossom: this is the gang green gang all over again
bubbles: oh no :(
buttercup : this is going to be a long year
posted by cuteppgzxrrbz
ppgz love 1

(In school)

ms.kean:Class we have 3 new student
(ppgz dont know rrbz)
(rrbz walk in)

brick: Im brick
butch:sup im butch
boomer:yo im bommer
ms kean:brick sit next to momoko butch sit next to kaoru boomer behind miyako

boomer; hi miyako
miyako;hey whats up
boomer;so will u go out with me
miyako;fine wateves

butch;hey pretty girl
kaoru;dont call me that
butch;k wat about babe
kaoru;never call me that in hell
butch; fine but you have to go out with me
kaoru;no just leave me alone pervent
{lunch time ]
[the boys go to the girls table]
boomer;hey miyako
brick;hey red
brick;so will u go out with me
momoko;no have a bf
brick;who is it red
momoko;none of your bussnies
brick;ok red

--last at--
buttercup:i-i-he kissed me!!
butch:you can déplacer on bricks girl but your not moving in on mine!!
spike:hahaha sure--grabs blossom----flies off--
blossom--wakes up and looks at spike--
spike:oh blossom! hey
blossom:what are toi going to do with me?
spike:oh nothing so shut up!!
blossom"i was ju--spike punches her in the stomach--
spike--throws blossom in his room and closes the door--
blossom:i hate my life....nobody loves me maybe people will start to l’amour me if im dead....
--looks over and sees poison hidden in spikes closet--
--blossom grabs poison--
spike:what do toi think...
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--last at--
spike:no ur not :)
butch:im with him! all 3 are goin to hurt you!!
brick:What makes toi think we wont!!
spike:haha toi wouldnt hurt your gf would you?
spike:good belle come here
blossom/belle:ok --grabs spikes hand--
blossom:my name isnt blossom its belle
brick:*growls*spike!!! turn blossom back!!
spike:hmm--looks at belle-- naww ill just keep her like this
spike:i will under one thing
brick:whats that?
spike:you leave her alone foreevvvverrr
spike-srry belle --bites blossom--
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--last at--
jessica:wh-what are toi doing here?!
spike:hanging with my girlfriend >:/
jessica:see thats why i broke up with you
spike:yaaa--wait what?
jessica:i broke up with toi becuz toi played me >:/
jessie:ya she has all reasons to be mad at YOU!!
spike:hey not my fault
brick:wait toi went out with him?!
jessica:--smiles-- ya but i wanna be with toi --hugs brick--
blossom:*gasp* --start to bck up--
spike:whats wrong bloss?
blossom:i-i --cries and runs off--
spike:not again --hits forhead-
brick:what toi mean?
spike:none of your buisness!! --hits him in the face--
jessica:be nice to...
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--where we were last at--
blossom:how could he do this --starts crying--bumps into someone--
blossom:oh im so srry!!
spike:well thats quite all right salut salut why are toi crying!?
blossom:that boy--points at brick--
spike:hmmm well toi are pretty cute in my opinion..
blossom:--looks up-- thinks*WOW! hes cute to maybe just maybe *thinks would toi like to go out?
spike:well...hmm --looks at brick-- sure!
-in bushes--
butch:oh great this isnt gonna turn out good with brick....
---the suivant morning-- with rowdyruffs--
butch:ya spike was tottally all over blossom
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--where we were last--
--bubbles walks into blossom's room--
bubbles:hey bloss- ahh!!! buttercup!!
buttercup:what is- omg!! who did this?
bubble:the only other person who was in here was-
bubbles:ahh! look hand prints!
buttercup:he mustve strangled her! lets go!
bubbles:ya brick must have payback!--both fly off--
buttercup:there he is!
bubbles:lets land!
--butch and boomer pops infront of them--
butch:nope!--grabs buttercup--
buttercup:let me go!
butch:no! --grabs her arm and flys off with her--
boomer:hi bubbles
boomer:well then...
bubbles:brick hurt one of my Friends what do...
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--where we were last at--
butch:ahah so wanna go out?
brick:hey everybody
blossom:why toi dressed like that?
brick-i dont know
butch:are toi that stupid!?its because of toi blossom
blossom:is this true?
brick:eh pretty much..
blossom:oh how can toi change this look for your old one.. can go out with me.....
brick:well will you!?
butch:ya are ya?!
bubbles:blossom! answer!
butercup:come on blossom answer him!
boomer:come on!hurry and answer
blossom:everybody shut up --flies off
this was short....
 brick looks like(emo)
brick looks like(emo)
--where we were last at--
brick:how can i save her though :/
isabelle:you can do it with my help!duh!!
brick:ya lets go!!--flies off--
---with blake,blain,blade--
blade:what time did toi say again?
blake:you idiot!!--slaps him-- midnight!!
blade:freak!! um dont toi know that hurts!
blain:duh! thats why were doin it!
--brick bust in--
brick:give me blossom...NOW!
blake:aww toi gonna save your poor lil' crush well guess what..shes mine now!!
brick:ahh!! no shes not!
--clock hits midnight--
brick:oh no im to late!
blake:sure are!
blossom:huh?buttercup.bubbles..WAKE UP!look..
--buttercup and bubbles wake up--
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--where we were last at---
bubbles:buttercup passed out..atleast i think she did :'(
brick:oh no!
blake:what are toi doing here?!
blake:grr get out now! i got buisness to take care of!!
blake:fine! blossom come here!!
blossom:b-brick :(
brick:what?! WHAT HAS HE DONE TO YOU?!
blossom:brick--runs to him--
blake:nope --ties rope--BUTCH!!
butch:gott cha!
brick:let me go!
blake:no your gonna stay in this room!
brick:no!--throws brick in room and closes door--
butch:you dont need him!
blossom:yes i do!
butch:ughh look in my eyes an say toi do!
blossom:no!--runs in brick's...
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posted by awesome23
--where we were last at--
blake:thats right now get your hands of her ou ill break them >:(
brick:--still holds blossom close--NO
blossom:blake he--brick holds blossoms mouth--
brick:im not letting go
blake:grr fine--throws lighting--
brick:ahh--lets go--
blossom:BLAKE!--hugs blake--
blake:see she LOVES ME!
brick:that voice---flash back--
---in the flashback---
blossom:brick blake is taking control of me!!
brick:oh no!hes not!
blake:--controls blossom--
blossom:blake i l’amour you
blake:see she LOVES ME--repeats in his head--
*end of flashback*
brick:your that guy that took control...
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posted by awesome23
--with brick--
brick:grr butch has been mean lately..
--bumps into blossom--
blossom:oh my gosh im so--gross why am i saying sorry to you!
brick:cool bye
blossom:WAIT!why arent toi fighting?
brick:not in the mood for it
blossom:oh well why?
brick:brother trouble :/
blossom:boomer..i just saw him and he told me stuff...
brick:LIKE WHAT?!
blossom:that toi like me..
brick:umm wwell..i do but this isnt a good time...
blossom:oh ok
brick:well it is blossom..GO OUT WITH ME!!
blossom:brick..umm i gotta go
brick--grabs onto blossom--
blossom:let me go!
brick:go out with me and i will!!
blossom:i gotta go save the world!!...
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--where brick is--
brick:why-why doesnt she like me?!
butch:because she likes me!
brick:where did yall come from?
butch:weve been standing here
brick:oh butch..
brick:do toi like blossom?
butch:duh....OF COURSE :)
brick:oh k i gotta go..
--boomer&butch grabs brick--
boomer:youve got somewhere to be!
butch:where blake is come on!
--flies away--
--blossom runs towards and sees them flying--
blossom:oh no im to late!!--starts flying--
--butch sees blossom and nods to boomer--
butch:blossom go back..NOW!!
blossom:no! hes...
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--where we were last at--
breserk:i told him to let toi handle this!
blake--comes back--
blossom:oh no--runs off--
breserk:what the heck do toi want!?
blake:i forgot something
breserk:which is..
blake:him--points at brick--
brick:--wakes up--
blake:--grabs brick par the wrist--
blakeLow! that hurts ya know!?!
blake:i know!
breserk:nope!!--holds blossom--
breserk:you really thought i was good?!HA!
--breserk flies off--
blossom:im all alone :'(
--with everyone except blossom--
blake:i got him --throws in cage--the cage has brat,breserk,brute,boomer,brick,butch,buttercup,and bubbles--
blake:ha! they...
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--where we were last at--
blake:ughh --shoots laser--
butch:ahh--turns normal--
butch:w-was i s’embrasser her..
butch:oh my god
blossom:--turns normal--
blossom:yeah! im normal :)
blake:just get out and take brick with you!!
blossom:its ok im normal :)
brick:cool--flies off--
blossom:whats up with him?
butch:hes mad cause toi were with me
blossom:what?!--flies after brick hyper speed--
--blossom bumps into brick--
brick:what do toi want?!
blossom:why are toi mad?!
brick:leave me alone
blossom:no!!--grabs brick--
brick:let go of...
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