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This is for daisylove. Sorry Daiz I inored u. I whant to say sorry.
posted by Brat0PowerPunk
The Power Punk Girls are just like the RRB. Rowdy,
nasty, and just plain mean.

First let's Start with Brat. She is a fashion
freak. She would rather be at the mall then doing
crime with her sisters. Brute, one of her sisters,
makes fun of her when she plays with her "hoops".
Maybe the hoops have a power source that only
Brat knows about. She has trouble when it comes to
keeping up with her sisters. She can heal ANYTHING
Oh yea, Brat has a crush on Boomer. Only Brute knows this. Her special power is Healing wish.

Let's go on to Brute. She is like Butch and Buttercup together. She is a tomboy but she has...
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NARRATOR: The city of townsville is enjoying and nice morning, while the 11 an olds are getting
ready for middle school.

BUTTERCUP: come on Blast, cant sleep all day.

BLAST: "yawn" im up mom. par the way is dad home?

BUTTERCUP: yea, he is home. he is downstairs.

BLAST: "gets dressed"

(scene changes to Bunny's house)

BUBBLES: wake up....hey!

BUNNY: I was awake early so i could get dressed faster.

BUBBLES: Well your not the only one excited.

BUNNY: what do toi mean?

BUBBLES: Blast and Bliss are going to the same school as you.

BUNNY: yay!!!!!!!

(scene changes to bliss's house)

BRICK: come on girl, wake up....
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Narrator: Break is covering his ears while Blast
dose sonic scream.

Misty: hey, look at that everybody!!!!

Bliss: oh no it's misty, the trouble maker from
last year.

Bunny: BLAST STOP!!!!!!!!!!


Blast: what

Bliss: toi have gotten us in trouble on the first jour of middle school. Misty just went off to tell!

Blast: oh

Teacher: toi 3 girls, come now, i want a word with you.

Bliss and Bunny glare at Blast

Teacher: Misty, explain it all and not a word from
one of toi 3 girls.

Misty: Break was just going to say hi to Blast, and the she used a super power on him. just like

Blast: but i...
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Bliss: Wake up! Wake up!

Blast: no

Bliss: Its the first jour of middle school!

Blast: watever, wake up bunny and get dressed.

Bliss: come on bunny, get up.

Bunny: yea yea, first jour of middle school but we
aren't 11 yet.

Bliss: oh, yea

NARRATOR: When the girls got dressed they went down to the table, tableau to eat.

Blast: man, eggs again!?

Bunny: Well, I kinda asked for it.....

Blast: WHAT!!!!??? toi KNOW I HATE EGGS!!!!!

Bliss: not this fight again toi two.

Professor: Girls I did it!!!!

Bliss,Blast and Bunny: Did what?

Professor: I have made the age-o-tron-400!!!

Bunny: ummm, that's nice professor.

Blast: the bus its...
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posted by BouncingBunny
me:this is finally chapter 2
me:hey i had writers block
bloss:i might as well say the disclamer bouncingbunny does not own ppg ou any of there characters
Blossom's P.O.V
As I woke up dreery eyed i sat comfortablly om my lit starting tomorrow id be 15.

As i wandered throught the house i passed a forgoten door full of memories of sorrow, pain, and un-bearable hatred.

I slid past the door silently it was a dark deep red. I then went down to breakfast bubbles and buttercup were making a buffet again.

"ur time bloss" yelled bubbles
"try hard he sleep's...
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Boomer: (drifting off to sleep) Boy, am I tired!
Bubbles: (yawn...) Me too.
Narrator: Oh boy, looks like Bubbles is lovestruck!I hope she's doing the right thing...
Bubbles was curling up to Boomer as she fell asleep.
Boomer: Bubbles? Bubbles! I don't think toi want to sleep out were the bugs can get you!
Bubbles: Huh?
Boomer: Bubbles, do toi want me to take toi home?
Bubbles: Sure...
Boomer was now holding Bubbles and carrying her home.
Boomer: Heh! I'm in love!
Boomer thought to himself.
Bubbles: Boomer, I really, really, REALLY, like you.
Boomer: (sigh...) Me too. Oops! I mean I like you, not myself...
Bubbles: I know that!!!
Boomer: Oh yeah...
Bubbles and Boomer arrived at Bubbles's house.
Boomer: Bubbles! Bubbles! Bubbles wake up! Your home!
Bubbles: Oh, okay. Bye...
Boomer: Yeah, bye!