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hi before we start this is the jour in the life of the rrb plz comment(oh and enjoy)

brick: *wakes up* man this is gonna` be the best jour like, ever lets go bother the losers at the school than steal some toys and Candy c`mon boys!

butch: oh lets just sleep in some more

brick:u r right, than we go on with the day

one heure later

brick: lets go

boomer: lets stop at dr. best school first

brick: all your ideas are dumb loser we r goin` to pokey oaks

*flys off to pokey oaks*

all: salut girls hfidgudoitufdmilvgfutelvfglAIOGUf

bubbles: how do they expect us to learn AND COLURE now?

buttercup: mrs keene i need to go and stop somthing!

to be continued...