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 Andre Castaigne. Original Leroux Illustration for First American Edition
A head of feu traveled toward them
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This Le Fantôme de l’Opéra fan-art might contain costume d'affaires and costume d’affaires.

Andrew Lloyd Webber is making a sequel to POTO,called l’amour never dies, and almost every artical that toi see on Wickapeadia,ALW's website, etc, has something that phans don't like........... THE FACT THAT HE'S MAKING ONE IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!!! On Phantom message boards there is one about the sequel called"THEY ARE MAKING A SEQUEL TO POTO!" And toi will find out why the story line, how the carracters will change (like one about Meg Giry being gothic), how Andrew Lloyd Webber is making the Giry's be on the bad side and want to kill Christene,( wich makes no sence at all, since the Giry's used to adore Christene), and how all of the above will make the musical crash and burn!!!!!!! While looking through the message boards toi will see commentaires like," ALW should burn the whole score!" and, "I won't be suprised if Phantom goes off Brodway for this..."So if toi want to learn more, toi know where to go ( THEY ARE MAKING A SEQUEL TO PHOTO! Message boards.........)
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Credit: PHANTOMfan08 on YouTube A Collection of kisses between the Phantom & Christine
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kasunjill drawing phantom and Christine beautifully creative
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All right.

So Tumblr has been crazy with this in the last few weeks since Sierra Boggess has left the Broadway production of The Phantom of the Opera on September 6th. A rather short run, so to say: she did start only on May 14th…

I wasn’t going to write anything about this at first. But now, rumor has it Sierra Boggess has stated that her 2014 run in Broadway was going to be the last time she would play Christine.

Cough cough.


Of course.

Bullshit. Bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit. BULLSHIT.

Everyone knows Sierra is Cameron Mackintosh’s and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s darling....
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 I am SO unimpressed with the movie version deformity.
I am SO unimpressed with the movie version deformity.
This is one of those reviews that you'll probably want to haul out the video and read along so toi don't get lost. It will be aléatoire and disjointed. I'm just écriture what I'm thinking as I think it. This is probably also going to offend....oh, well...just about everyone. This is my personal opinion. toi are entitled to yours, I just may not take it too seriously if toi cannot back up your reasoning. There are only so many things toi can use "well I just like it/hate it" as an excuse. I've been a phan for a LONG time and I've studied the story fairly hardcore. I know EXACTLY why I have most...
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