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 Andre Castaigne. Original Leroux Illustration for First American Edition
A head of feu traveled toward them
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This Le Fantôme de l’Opéra fan-art might contain costume d'affaires and costume d’affaires.

 Remind toi of anyone?
Remind you of anyone?
The Haunted Mansion ride at Disney has always been one of my favourite things, and Phantom tops the liste at #1 fave thing. And a while back I started noticing really heavy similarities between the two things and I found many of them interesting. I thought I would share these observations here, so that others might enjoy the coincidences, ou homages if you'd care to take it that way.

We will begin in the Foyer. Above the fireplace hangs a portrait where a young gentleman (presumably Master Gracey) hangs. It is here that the unseen guide for the attraction first makes his presence known.
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 Erik and Christine.
Erik and Christine.
Hi guys, I'm going to compare the original novel and the stage musical that popularise the former.

The Novel

When I first read the book, I was taken aback about how the story was different from the musical. It starts with Joseph Buquet's mysterious death, which was officially ruled as a suicide.
Raoul was a very unlikable character in the novel unlike the musical counterpart, he is always angry with Christine and his relationship with Philippe, his elder brother was really explosive due to disapproval over his relationship with Christine.
Erik still remains the same and in the novel, he's also...
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I think the musical style is similar to "Peter Pan" which premiered on Broadway in 1954.
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