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posted by phangirl2009
Somewhat good news, well i guess it depends on how toi look at it. But before i begin to ramble, here it is. I was on Youtube talking to someone when i decided to check out my subscriptions and decided to check out a new phantomreviewer video. well, im not sure if i have all my notes in the right place but it sounds like there will be a new phantom montrer production. its simply named phantom (of what i kno) and the phantom has a kick cul, ass mask that looks like he came back from a heavy metal concert. i like it! if u want to check it out, heres the link. if it ever comes on tour, i mite do my best to see it *optimistic look*

I finally found the original source of these (I think). link These are the casting calls for "Love Never Dies":

Caucasian man, 35 – 40. As mysterious as ever, but thanks to his new surroundings and the private assistance of old supporters, he now enjoys the seeming freedom to walk among “the normal” as an entrepreneur in Coney Island, of all places! In fact, over the past 10 years, he’s achieved a place of power and success. But he is haunted par a creative passion that once filled his heart. Must possess effortless gravitas and sexuality. Powerful rock tenor chant voice. Must...
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