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This Outsiders photo contains anime, bande dessinée, manga, and dessin animé. There might also be journal, papier, magazine, tabloïd, chiffon, livre, signe, affiche, texte, tableau noir, tableau, and affiches.

posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
“Matt, take Alaska and go watch TV ou something.” I wave my youngest son out of the room.

Y/N and I were going to have a talk with our two oldest, Johnny and Katie.

They were good kids, I wasn’t going to lie. They had their share of mistakes, but nothing had gotten out of hand.


Which is why we were going to talk to them.

“So Johnny, your dad told me what toi were doing. We just want toi to know that we aren’t mad, just disappointed that toi chose to smoke. Your dad admits that he is bad influence, and we’d just prefer if toi were going to smoke, you’d wait till your 18… Dally,...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
“Please stop!” toi sob as another kick is delivered to your stomach causing toi to gag.

“Shut up toi little bitch.” A soc mutters as he slaps toi across the face.

“I didn’t do anything!” toi choke on your tears.

The only response is a another slap.

Pain rockets through your body.

His hands reach straight for your throat, squeezing the life out of you, slowly.

And then his hands are suddenly off your neck.

You gasp for air, taking in huge gulps.

You feel a strong hand on your back. toi automatically want to flinch, thinking its another soc, but toi know who’s touch it is.

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posted by Ponyboy9132
What some of the things the actors from The Outsiders played in...

C. Thomas Howell:

The Outsiders
The Hitcher
Secret Admirer
Soul Man
Red Dawn
Criminal Minds
Side Out
Baby Face Nelson
Fatal Affair
Hoboken Hollow
Asylum Days
Rae Dawn Chong
That Night
The Glades

Ralph Macchio:

The Outsiders
Karate Kid
Karate Kid Part II
Karate Kid Part III
Dangerous Company
Distant Thunder
Crossroad (1986)
Naked in New York

Patrick Swayze:

The Outsiders
Dirty Dancing
Red Dawn
Point Break
Dark Blue
Tall Tale
Road House
Donnie Darko
The Beast
Skatetown U.S.A....
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
"Ponyyyyy" toi whined for the 6th time "No! (Y/n) I will not tell toi where we're going" toi to have been walking about 20 minutes. "Fine!" toi huff About 10 minutes later y'all stove at a small steam behind some beautiful trees. It's compleatly hidden in them. "Pony- oh my gosh- how did toi find this, it's- it's beautiful" toi feel his arms emballage, wrap around your waist. "Not as beautiful as you" he whispers in your ear, then proceeds to Kiss toi neck. The two of toi walk a little further and toi see a small checkered red and white blanket, with a wooden basket set up. "Oh pony, toi didn't" "Oh but...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
I was taking a walk late at night when I heard crying coming from the lot, familiar crying. I peered around a arbre and saw my friend Johnny sitting there curled up in a ball bawling his eyes out. I rush over to him and hug him. "Johnny are toi okay??" I asked him while holding him close. He continued to cry "what happened?? Was it your parents???" He looked up at me and in the moonlight I saw cuts all over his face and a huge puffy black eye. I gasped and held his face lightly. "Who did this to you??" He looked down "randy, bob and their guys..." I felt my face heating up, they are gonna get...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
"Okay so Johnny when I give toi guys the look toi are gonna run and hide from behind that tree, (y/n) toi will hide behind that buisson, bush over there and I'll hide under the car, okay???" Twobit says while smirking. Johnny and I both nod and walk into the curtis house. "Hey guys wanna go to the movies?" Twobit asks. They all nod and we walk outside. It's already dark so the plan to prank the gang is already starting!! Twobit and I decided to play a prank on them because we hadn't done one for years and thought that we should start that tradition up again. We asked Johnny to help cos we didn't want to scare him anymore than he already is. But what Twobit doesn't know is that Johnny and I have a prank of our own to go along with it!!!
posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Why can't they just stop fighting? I'm sick of all the screaming and hitting and pushing. It's bad enough when they just do it towards each other, but now it's aimed towards me too! Usually they don't hit me unless their super drunk, but I guess they decided that they want to take their anger out on me instead of each other!!


"You are worthless!!!! toi don't even deserve to be alive!! toi should listen to all those stupid socs and just kill yourself!!" My parents say as they throw me up against the mur and coup de poing me in my stomach as I slide down the dirty walls. Over and over again...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
toi went to go grab your pencil as Ponyboy took it. "Ponyboy give me my pencil back" toi a dit trying to grab it from him. He would pretend to give it to toi then jerk it away. toi laughed at how sad but funny this was. "Gotta get it" he a dit laughing at you. He held it in he other hand farthest away from you. toi went to go reach it as toi fell into his lap. The teacher looked at the two of toi as he and toi were laughing along with the class. "What are toi two doing?" "I took her pencil from her and she fell" Ponyboy a dit taking the guilt. toi felt bad but if toi regretted toi would know what...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
He’s humming some aléatoire melody, playing with your hair as toi rest your head on his chest.

He looks down at you. “You ok, sweetheart? I didn’t hurt toi ou anything…”

You smile up at him. “No.” toi say quietly. “It was perfect.”

“I’m glad.” He smiles back.

You just lay in silence for a couple minutes, feeling each others warmth.


“Hmmm?” He looks down at you.

You turn over, resting your chin on his chest. “How much do toi l’amour me?”

He just looks into your eyes.

“I don’t know if I could answer that.” He mutters.

“Give it a try.” toi smile.

He sighs,...
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Note: This one if called Ponyboy cuz it's his P.O.V.

I woke the suivant morning, and groaned. I really didn't want to go to school but I did. toi know, I have a new friend now, and it would be a little rude if I said, "See toi at school," and didn't montrer up, right? Soda shook me yellin'
"Pony, get up.....school, don't'ch wanna see Babydoll?!?!" I shot up at her name.
"Well, yeah.....she's my only friend at school." I groaned tiredly, wile I spoke.
"Come'on Ponyboy, don't wanna miss the bus...." Darry said, smiling, he was really happy this morning. I jumped up and went to brush my teeth, I got dressed...
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