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 Darry Curtis
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
“Soda, ok, toi can come in now.” Ponyboy grinned. I was standing suivant to him, and he was suivant to Mickey Mouse.

With the money that I would have gone to college with, and with what Ponyboy had saved, we had bought Soda his horse.

Soda came in, in his plaid chemise and jeans. His jaw dropped. Then he smile brighter than the sun.

He walked over to horse.

“Hey buddy,” he says, smiling, petting his nose.

“It took forever to get him to listen,” Ponyboy said.

“Yeah, I got myself and ornery pony.” Soda grins.

“You happy?” toi ask Soda.

He just looks at you, smiles and nods his head.
posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
toi sighed. toi were ridiculously tired; beyond exhaustion. Things just weren’t going the way they should be. The stress had built up a mur around you.

And toi couldn’t get out.

So toi just cried. toi couldn’t do anything else.

“Hey, (Y/N)…” Dally walks into your room, about to ask toi something, then stops. “Babe, what’s wrong?” He says quietly, coming to sit down suivant to toi on the bed.

“I’m just… Tired.” Is all toi could say

“I know the feeling,” he says as he starts to rub your back.

“What are toi doing?” toi sniffle.

“Giving toi a massage; what else?” He grins. “It’ll make toi feel better.”

“Thanks,” toi manage to smile.
“I’m freezing,” toi mutter, teeth chattering.

Soda looks at toi from the driver’s seat, watching toi shiver. He grabs your hand.

“We’ll be accueil soon.” He says reassuringly, squeezing your hand. He squints and leans forward. “If I could actually see in front of me.” He muttered.

The snow was coming down hard, and it was pitchblack outside. The rue lights were black out from the flurries of heavy snow.

All of a sudden, Soda jerked the car onto the suivant exit.

“Soda, this isn’t the right exit.”

“Y/N, there is no way we can drive accueil safely in this weather. We’re just gonna...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
“How about this one?” Two-Bit asks, pointing to a tree.

“Dad that arbre is awful.” Janie mutters.

“It’s too small.” Josh says, wrinkling his nose.

“I don’t know about that one, honey.” toi say, adjusting Joey on your hip.

“No.” Joey says, shaking his head.

“Fine.” Two-Bit mutters. “No appreciates my arbre finding skills.” He mutters as he walks away.

“No one does.” Janie says, rolling her eyes.

“Watch your attitude, missy.” toi scold your daughter.

“It’s true mom.” Josh says.

“Just let your dad have some fun. He likes to feel responsible.” toi say.

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posted by mjacksonfan1
I came to Colorado knowing nothing, heck, I didn't even know that there was a state called Colorado. Back in Jersey I didn't have the greatest education ever. We were all rednecks. Drinkin' and smokin' was in your blood when your born here. I was no redneck though i was just a rebel. Ya i drank and did all that stuff but i'd take things "too far". That's how I ended up here with my brother and sister looking after me. My name is Beka par the way. I have short brown hair, and blue green eyes. I'm not that tough but I ain't scared of nothing. For a girl that's as tough as we can get. Anyway when...
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This is a poem I wrote for Ponyboy. I needed a way to express myself. I'm also planning on écriture a song for him. I've already done it for Johnny, Dally, and the outsiders. I just haven't thot of any good words for it yet. But anyway if u r goin to post this anywhere else just remember to give all credit to me. I wrote it. I deserve the credit don't I? U dig? Anyways, enjoy:

Whenever I close my eyes
I always see your face
Whenever I read your lines
I always wanna change my fate

I'm stuck in a world that duznt hold u
A world that will never know u
I daydream my cœur, coeur away
Wishin toi were with...
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