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agathanancy98 posted on May 26, 2010 at 03:03PM
My theory is that little forensics guy named Brett Partridge. The voices sound similar and the height/weight was very similar.
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il y a plus d’un an robothor1111 said…
I think it's Frye.
il y a plus d’un an Iamafan4sure said…
I actually think if either of them is involved and their both creepy - they are 'with' Red John like that sheriff and Bosco's secretary.
il y a plus d’un an Ginevra17 said…
I'm with agathanancy98, but I need some more reflection on this XD
il y a plus d’un an agathanancy98 said…
I think brett partridge id red john and kristina frye is involved.
il y a plus d’un an Todaisy said…
I think that Red John is the forensics guy Brett Partridge for several reasons. There are several indications that there is someone on the inside. It would make sense as Red John could keep an eye on Jane better. Red John knows how to "clean up" after himself and leave no trace evidence (that we know of) which would indicate a knowledge of forensics. Jane and Partridge do not like each other. Partridge shows up only in the episodes where there is a copycat. And last, in a few episodes I have caught that when they have said the criminals name they immediately show the criminal. For example, in Season 2 Episode 12 when Lisbon and Jane are talking to the Mayor she is telling them about Jasper. She says " . . . they are lead by a mad man and he calls himself Jasper." As she says the name Jasper her trusty helper, Mr. Fontenu, sticks his head in. As we find out later he is Jasper. I have found that this happens in several episodes. So, when rewatching the pilot episode I notice they do this with the name Red John. As Jane is thinking back to his "psychic" days the TV host says "and you are helping them hunt this scary serial killer, what's his name, Red John." They then cut to the forensics guy talking about Red John. Also, the forensics guy talks about the smiley face symbol, being drawn clockwise with three fingers of his right hand wearing a rubber kitchen glove, and he shows the exact motion. Coincidence or Forensics? :0)
il y a plus d’un an Todaisy said…
One last thing. I do think that Kristina Frye is somehow involved. I think she is in love with Jane and has known who he is the entire time (even before the first meeting). She has "Red" hair and Roslind (Season 1 Episode 23) also had red hair.
il y a plus d’un an cotedepablo said…
im pretty sure kryistina's dead now so it couldn't be her. i don't think we know red john yet. im sure he would have kept an eye on his insiders so we may have seen him but i don't think he's anyone we know that well.
il y a plus d’un an csiny0711 said…
I think that it is Brett, but Frye is involved somehow. Here are a few theories:
1: Maybe, Frye and Brett used to be lovers, but now they split up, and RJ is after Jane for revenge (although this isnt likely)
2: I dont think atall that Frye is dead (sorry cotdepalbo) and getting her back will be a really big part in RJ's plan. Maybe RJ is Jane's father, as he has many reasons, although I don't see what killing Jane's wife was for. Maybe he wants Jane for himself, and that is why he has taken Frye. (And killed Jane's wife)

Also, I think that it is possible that one of the team are involved, but I really hope not!!!!

I don't really think that I like Frye-she seems strange-and maybe if she is involved, that would give her and Jane a reason to split. I hope that happens because Lisbon and Jane belong together!!!!
il y a plus d’un an bbrunson4 said…
ok, so i just finished season 2.
i have to say im kinda pissed. although i knew once it got later in the season without many redjohn episodes i figured we still wouldnt find out who he/she was.
this show hasnt ALWAYS been super predictable, but sometimes it has. i mean just going off of the last episode. when jane was is marleys room and the forensics guy came in ANYONE watching the show could see that they wanted to make us think it was him. i dont want to believe thats true cause its kinda lame if it was. i agree with a lot of you here, RJ was small maybe the voice was a little feminine but i dont think it was frye. although i do think she is involved in some way. i sometimes played with the thought that maybe it was someone on the team. not cho cause they did that whole episode on him and i just dont see it being him. but no one really fits the part. well i hope we find out soon cause im getting anxious i dont know if i can sit through another season and not find out.
and i agree CSINY0711 lisbon and jane NEED to date now!! haha
also if anyone knows if there is somewhere online to watch season 3 of the mentalist online for free??? i am behind :(
il y a plus d’un an the_mentalist said…
I know who it is it janes father duh if u could rember in one of the flashbacks in throwing fier janes dad said were all diying red john said to jane in 2x23 were all diying and jane ruinned his job and mabey his father was doing the same and in the delted scene of pilot it showed rj's arm it was all rinkely so it has to be a old man and cirus would be a good place for a cerial killer so has to be
 I know who it is it janes father duh if u could rember in one of the flashbacks in throwing fier jane
il y a plus d’un an annabananadw said… is a good site to watch series for free and NO surveys pop-ups.
il y a plus d’un an ellen22 said…
The reason Jane naps/sleeps all the time because he can't sleep at night, haunted but red john and memories of his family.
il y a plus d’un an crazygal27 said…
I think (and have for a long time) that Jane is Red John and he has a split personality disorder.
il y a plus d’un an angel-rox said…
Yea i though it was forensics guy Brett Partridge because there is a youtube clip link and it sound the same, I don't think its Jane because there have been red john killings and Jane has been with Lisbon e.g the episode where Fry went on tv then redohn killed that host of that show. I mean look at the sadness on his face when someone talks about his wife and chided. I don't think he would do that, and also in season 1 the first time we sore fry and at the end when she talked to Jane about his daughter not waking up when she was killed and he was like crying and no one sore him crying, so why would he cry if he killed them? If you watch season 1 red hair and sliver duck tape how he explained gilt to that kid, then there's the flash back and he looks at the note, why would he live him self a note?? just doesn't make sense, so i don't think Jane is red john but it could be his dad, and i agree with todaisy fry coukd be invoved.
il y a plus d’un an ioprendek said…
He is a man. Partridge is to obvious. He is not Cho, Jane, Grace, Rigsby, or Lisbon. In my opinion he is the man that is in the backround every time. You will notice him in every episode that you watch if you know who to look for. Height: about 5-11 to 6-2. Slicked back light brown hair. Goatee ish beard. Look for him he is there always
il y a plus d’un an iamtoddicus said…
Red John is Patrick Jane's father. No one else knows his skills as well. And after Jane (as a boy) left his father at the carnival, no one else has reason to taunt and torment him as much. AND, his father has no morality, so killing Jane's family meant nothing to him, except to make a point...that Patrick will never be free of him, a point he made in the episode with Jane and his father at the carnival.
il y a plus d’un an mentelguy said…
My suspects : Red johns blind girlfriend, Van pelt, la roche, forensics guy, and Jane ( multiple personality disorder).
il y a plus d’un an mrselianos said…
il y a plus d’un an themantalist said…
No it can't be Jane. That's not good television. The one time when I was suspecting him was in season 4 episode 7 "blinking red light" when the SJK was killing people and Jane it turned into a competition in the television show to see who was the smarter killer. It just seemed really cool to have both killers there, arguing about who was the better killer and then to have RJ kill the SJK seemed really cool. Also the fact that both Red JOHN and Patrick JANE have last names that correlate with anonymous people. John Doe and Jane Doe are the names given to unidentified bodies. But it can't be Jane because there were too many personal things that happen in private with him that would be unnecessary if it was him. However we should expect there to be more and more evidence that it is him in the future to lead us in that direction. It can't be his dad either. RJ had killed 8 women before he even messed with Patrick. Could be a ruse but he didn't have any beef with Jane until he insulted him on television and then he killed his family. I don't think that there was anything personal there until that event. Then when RJ saw that Patrick was after him he turned it into a game. I could be wrong. I actually think that it would be cool if it was his dad. But we will just have to see.
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il y a plus d’un an themantalist said…
And as far as the slick hair goatee guy that works at the CBI. I like it but I am not sure that it would be devastating enough to be him. His name is Ron. He gets coffee for Erica Flynn (dating site lady) in season 4 episode 15. That may have been a way to introduce him. If so then he will need to start playing a more significant role very soon. Red John needs to be someone that we know a little bit but not too much. Either a random one like Partridge that shows up occasionally, or a new character that we don't get to know very well.
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il y a plus d’un an tomraider said…
I think RJ is Gale Bertram because of episodes 3x23/24 and the one with Hightower escaping when he is reciting a part of William Blake's poem.

Have you ever thought why fake RJ was in that gallery at 3x24 and PJ could have killed him, only the team and Bertram knew about this meeting.
I'm saying that after watching 5x9 what means we know that PJ have already met RJ and after he shaked his hand they didn't become friend, that means RJ can't be anyone from a team.

It is also possible that Bertram is only an accomplice of RJ because he doesn't match RJ description from Rosalind.
il y a plus d’un an KLZRedJohn said…
Red John is Minelli and Not on List

We are going to recap for everyone the features that must apply to any character to make them a legitimate candidate to be Red John.

Red John Must be a Man Of Senior Years

Red John is not a young man. Red John has a long history which is impossible if he is a young man. Red John is not necessarily an old man but he has to be an older man.

We will list just a few pieces of the overwhelming evidence here:
a) Red John was close friends of an adult policeman’s father. Red John was clearly a father-figure/uncle figure to this adult policeman. It is obvious that the adult policeman’s father was older – he had to be. Consequently there is not question that Red John must also be older.
b) When Red John sent an imposter to play him, he sent an older man. (Bradley Whitford). Someone who looks like Bradley Whitford is who Red John thinks Red John should look like.
c) During the course of the series there has been review of Red Johns’ history of violent activity and his violent activity dates back a long time. Remember the face on the Red Barn from many decades ago.
d) To have the network of contacts and power that Red John has are not created overnight or over a short time period but would only be created over a long time period. Additionally the person would have to have positions of influence in order to expand.

Red John Must Be a Character of Consequence

For certain viewers to suggest that characters who have had minor impact on the series could be Red John is ludicrous. If that was the truth, Bruno would be doing the series an incredible disservice. The character who will be Red John will be a character of consequence or importance.

The character who will be proven to be Red John dramatically simply has to be someone whose identity will be a shock to Jane. He will be someone Jane respects and likes.

Red John Must Have Years of Clues and Consistencies

This section dovetails with the previous two sections. There must be a long history of clues and consistencies. Red John clearly is someone who is older, someone who has a network of contact and influence and someone for whom there has been many clues and consistencies, some subtle, some less so.

For these reasons and many more, none of the seven men on the list can be Red John. This List is simply the ultimate ruse, the ultimate Red Herring.

Remember who created the List. It was Jane. Also remember that Jane left the information to be found in his work loft. Jane set a trap with the List just like he has set so many other traps. He left a toothpick in place so he could tell there was a break-in. When the toothpick proves a break-in, Jane is amused and smiles. Red John knows who is on the List because Jane gave him the List. The List is to put Red John at ease, to confirm for him that Jane only suspects seven others. After the break-in Jane takes down all the information in his loft as the “trick” is finished.

Regarding the list, this is simply never how Jane does things. He never has seven candidates, or if he does, he does not have seven candidates for very long. Jane crystallizes the candidates down quickly. That he has this List, that he allowed the List to be found and that the List has seven people on it shows clearly that the List is fake.

The list is simply a classic Jane and Bruno misdirection.

Then if Red John is not one of the men on the List, who is he? Red John is Minelli.

The fact that Red John is Minelli has been foreshadowed many times. Recently, Jane talked that it seemed less that he was fishing for Red John but that Red John was fishing for him. Also there was evidence of fishing line being involved in a violent incident. Of course, Minelli is the fisherman.

Remember the blood scrawl in Mexico which says “Man”

This is simply a misspelling of the name Minelli. For heaven’s sake I thought it was spelled “Manelli” not “Minelli,” at first.

At that same Mexico episode, Minelli, of course, gets there first. He is there when the location is determined. He then controls matters and personnel, ensuring he arrives first.

Minelli was always close – actually supremely close for many of the seasons. After arranging for the arrogant killing of CBI personnel, in the CBI building Minelli gives a cleansing, deflecting, heart- rendering speech and then retires. Minelli states he is simply so devastated by the killings he has to leave. Perfect. When he hugs Lisbon near the end of that episode he has an unusual look on his face. Lisbon became the representative for everyone. Minelli knows he has her clearly fooled and everyone clearly fooled.

Jane subconsciously knows more than he has taken notice of. He talks of Red John as a fisherman, not taking note of the fact that this points at Minelli. Additionally, Jane also consciously knows of Minelli’s contacts and influence. Jane goes to see Minelli on the pier, to get Minelli to use his contacts and influence to get information (La Roche’s list). This scene foreshadows in itself. Jane is searching and at the far end of the pier are answers – Minelli, Red John. Minelli, of course, gets Jane the information. Minelli also uses the meeting to further carve his persona as a man fighting demons and his past and drinking too much.

It is an interesting paradox/parallel that Jane also has pretended to be a man fighting demons and his past and drinking too much, to misdirect.

In the episode Jane also introduces Minelli to a nice, nurturing woman. (May Nelson) It is clear that Jane believes these two people will be good for each other. It will be very dramatic of this woman re-appears, especially if she is a victim of violence, especially Red John violence. This may be how Jane finally figures things out. Red John has suggested that he and Jane are similar. Jane clearly likes Minelli and this may be blocking him from clear analysis. Jane may be in denial about Minelli.

Over time the voice of Red John has been heard. Recently it has always been a voice electronically changed, clearly not how Red John truly sounds. In the Mexico episode, however, Red John himself phones Jane at the end, laughing. It clearly could be Minelli’s voice on the phone.

Finally, when Jane meets and kills Fake Red John (Bradley Whitford) Red John is in attendance. We have posted about this specifically previously. The man watching in the wings looks very much like Minelli.

When Jane killed Fake Red John (Bradley Whitford) we knew he was fake. Everything we thought would happen then happened. We believe again that we are right that there will be misdirection everywhere. Female characters may return and play a role, Characters such as Kristina Frye (Psychic) and Rosalind Harker. (Blind Woman)

We have already mentioned the woman Jane introduces to Minelli (May Nelson)

Let’s just watch it unfold – Minelli your time is running out.

q666 commented…
I don't think your theory will turn out correct, since Bruno Heller has already confirmed Red John to be on that List. I Think Red John will turn out be Bret Stiles and Raymond Haffner. Bret Stiles is the orginal RJ and rayon, ray is his son and RJ junior. Additionaly Stiles will also the biological father of Jane. The Stiles Family's origin will be Ireland, they believe in "The Gift" and a foto shows before turning grey Bret Stiles had a head of flaming red hair. il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an tomraider said…
Spoiler alert!!!
I was right! Gale Bertram was a main RJ suspect and he appeared to be his accomplies. I new that almost a year ago (check my comment above).

But I must say I'm disapointed that RJ was sheriff McAllister.