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"FEWF!"Envy and I a dit as we both plopped down on the bed.
"Sorry about the meeting darling"Envy romanticly
proclaimed as she pushed her body close to mine.
"Its ok."I a dit as I slowly got closer to her too.
"Really?"She sighed as she held my face close to hers.
"Really."I replied before I kissed her.She seemed to be enjoying this and a lot happier so I continued with that kind of stuff.
"Ummm..."She a dit as I embraced her body and continued with the touching.
"I cant do this right now" She a dit nevously as a shudder filled her body.
"So?"I a dit as she suddenly felt really wierd in my arms.
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The sun flitted through the clubroom window as Kyon and I played Shogi.Gin and Envy talked about the Soul Society ou something like that.Nagato is reading.Asahina is making tea.Everything was normal."HELLO PPPLS!"Haruhi exclaimed as she walked throuh the door.
"Hi Haruhi..."Envy a dit suddenly wincing from some sort of pain.
"Whats up with her?"I asked gin nervously hoping she didn't get sick ou anything.
"Shes been like this all morning."Came his quick reply.
"Ichimaru,Koizumi stop whispering!"Haruhi snapped at us.
"But we're concerned.At least I am."I answered her unstated question.
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The suivant morning on my way to school, I found it to be rather cold. What was it? fall? Ehh, that made sense I guess. I rode my bike the usual route I take, but found something different. Miss Suzumiya was walking a bit ahead of me. I've never seen her this way. I pushed my bike faster to catch up with her.
"Hey, Hop on." I smiled
she smiled back and climbed onto the back of the bike and held me par the waist.
"It's kinda cold today" She a dit as she snuggled her cheek into my shoulder. "Yeah. Good thing we got that heater in the clubroom" I laughed.
Before I knew it, we were at the high school....
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I was walking accueil from another family reunion
when suddenly, my phone buzzed.

Itsuki, come quick. We need your help in this closed space, it's serious this time.

A closed space? I wonder why Miss Suzumiya is upset this time.
As I was riding my bike, I remembered, I didn't come to school today. That has to be the reason why she's creating a closed l’espace again.

The suivant morning, I woke up to the sound of my phone buzzing again.
"What could it be this time?" I sighed
I answered my phone
"Hello?" to the sound of no other then,
"Itsuki, meet me at the cafe." Miss Suzumiya's voice.
"Is there a brigade meeting...
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After the retreat the Ichimaru's offered to drive me accueil in thier sweet black Ferarri Enzo.I declined par saying I brought my bike."Alright we'll be seeing toi then."Envy a dit with a rare smile.
As i rode my bike accueil I noticed that I was lire thier minds and realizing just now that'Wow.'feeling that had overcome Envy when gin made his big rule speech.Does he never really talk ou something?Nagato was anoyingly humming 'Through the feu and the Flames' the whole time at the retreat.Still I liked the fact that Miss Suzumiya was happy and mine.
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The suivant day, Mikuru came to school, looking a little odd for her preppy self. Sheesh, I knew this would happen. Damn Kyon. Well, I took my usual siège in homeroom, having a nice view of Kyon's head. It seemed for hours until class was over, but when I finally heard the passing cloche, bell ring, I felt relieved. I ran down to the lunch room, and quickly found a siège suivant to Mikuru.
"Hey Mikuru... what's the problem?" I asked.
"I've done something wrong..." She a dit softly.
Tsk, tsk, tsk. She let Kyon in her pants, didn't she?
"What is it, Mikuru-kun?"
"I shouldn't..."
"Yeah yeah yeah. It's classified?"
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It was a normal jour in the room of the SOS Brigade. But, as usual, this normalcy would soon be turned into....
As if on cue, the Brigade leader herself busted through the door, holding up a flyer fo the annual Spring Dance. "The SOS Brigade is going to the Spring Dance!" She announced.
"Great." Kyon muttered.
"..Oh, dear..." Mikuru worried.
"What's wrong with toi guys? This is gonna be great!" Tsuruya said.
"True." Ryoko agreed.
"I' to go, Suzumiya-sama, but I have work and stuff.." Konata a dit sheepishly.
Haruhi listened to none of their comments;...
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The suivant morning when I woke up, I felt my lips burning. Just a while il y a I had kissed Itsuki Koizumi. Something I'd dreamed of doing for a while now. His words still buzzed through my brain;
ever since I first saw you, I knew I was in love...
It made my head spin to even think that he was in l’amour with me. Out of all people in North High, out of all people in Japan, He loved me. And the crazy thing was, I loved him too.

When I walked into accueil room, I noticed Kyon, In his usual spot in front of me. He wasn't about to look at me. I could tell. But then it hit me. I saw he was lire a note. Who...
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1. Never
"Once again, Haruhi. Do. You. Like. Itsuki. Koizumi?" Ryoko asked for the seemingly thousandth time. Haruhi just sat there, a red-faced worm in the cercle of caterpillars.
If there's a prize for rotten judgement
I guess i've allready
won that
No man is worth the aggravation
That's ancient history--been there done that

Who'd ya think you're kiddin'
He's the Earth and heaven to toi
Try to keep it hidden
Honey, we can see right through toi
Girl, ya can't conceal it
We know how ya feel and
Who you're thinking of

"She's not saying anything! I say she does!" Konata said. Kagami shushed her....
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It was so unthinkable, the idea of her fearing anything.
To him she was just as fearless as Haruhi, and would be so willing to do anything.
But he was wrong.

"Hey, toi in here, Haruhi?" Kyon greeted, answering the door. "Nope, she ran off again." Tsuruya replied, wiping her eyes.
"What's wrong, Tsuruya-san?"
"You'd think I was a baby if I told you."
"No I wouldn't."
Sighing, Tsuruya gave in, handing Kyon one of the many flyers that had been donné to her.
Nishinomiya Kita High School jouer la comédie Show
Send in your best singing, parody, ou skit talents!

Haruhi's probably gonna let the SOS Brigade enter this,...
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My absolute favori Haruhi AMV. XD Video by: whispersreloaded
"Where's everyone else?" Itsuki asked as he came in. "Yuki's sick, Konata's at work, Mikuru's also sick, and who knows where the hell Kyon is." Haruhi replied.
"So, your'e the only one here, Suzumiya-san?"

"So, how has your jour been?" Itsuki asked as he prepared to make tea. "Um, fine." Haruhi said. Except that I was thinking about toi all day.
"Glad toi had a great day."

"Suzumiya-san, what's wrong?"
"You've been jouer la comédie strange around me. Me, nobody else. I'm not one to to disrupt private matters, but is there something toi want to tell me? I won't tell anyone."
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The entire class was abuzz as the infamous Haruhi Suzumiya entred Special Class A.
"What's she doing here?"
"Is she gonna dance for us ou something?"
"I sure hope she doesn't. -shudder-"
Haruhi, who didn't give a crap about her reputation at that moment, loked around for the "mysterious transfer student" everyone was talking about. That's when she saw him, staring out a window.
All of a sudden, her heartbeat quickened.
When I saw you, my started pounding(this aint' no metaphor)
"Yes?" HIs voice was the only chatter in the room, as all eyes were on him and Haruhi. A red blush was spread...
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The road trip was long and agonizing{And I DO NOT feel like écriture the details}. The last stop was at a gas station near the hotel they were staying at.

"That Haruhi-chan sure is nice." Momoko said. "She's a darling. She helped my wife here give birth to our wonderful son!" Aiko said, out-loud, to practically the whole population of the gas station, who all stared at her like she was the craziest person ever, plus than Izzy from that American reality show, Total Drama Island was it? "Don't talk about those things in public!" Itsuki hissed, shooing the angred parents andd giggling kids away....
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Haruhi walked into the living room, where Itsuki and Saki were watching TV. "Haruhi-chan! toi wanna watch TV?" Saki asked. "I' to." Haruhi answered as they sat down to watch Pokemon. And after a few hours of television, Haruhi had fallen asleep.
I'm not his girlfriend...but what if I wanted to-

Haruhi woke with a start. "What happened?" "THE BABY'S COMING!!" Aiko screamed. "You must help my mommy, Haruhi-chan!" Saki begged. "M-me?" The Brigade leader stammered.
"You are a girl."...
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"I'm sorry, Suzumiya-san." Itsuki apoligized, looking at Haruhi, who was watching TV with Saki. "I'm sorry." "It's okay." Haruhi answered as she held a laughing Saki.
"It will never happen agagin."
"Itsuki...I'm sure of it."
At that moment, in rushed Momoko, whose stomach looked bigger than usual. Itsuki face-palmed. "Don't tell me-" "-I'm pregnant!" Momoko announced, hugging Saki. "Congratulations, Momoko-san. Is it a boy ou girl?" Haruhi asked.
"I dunno yet. This is so exciting! I've never had a baby before!"
"We must plan the baby shower, Momoko, honey!"
"EEEEEE!! Let's go! EEEEEEEE!!!"
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You thought it was over?? HA!

At dîner that night, the entire group of Itsuki's family ganged up on poor Haruhi, who didn't even have time to eat.

"So, toi in high school?" Aiko asked. "Um, yeah." Replied Haruhi.
"Really? toi look older!"
Haruhi's face went pale. ""
"Yeah, toi look like toi could be 30, but your struggling not to get fat. Momoko's like that. She goes on a diet once a year, but they don't help."
"Aiko! Stop asking retarded questions!" A tall man said. "So, toi think I look good?" "Um, yeah..." Haruhi asnwered. "You look nice, sir."
"Oh, I'm not a guy! I'm a girl! My name's...
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