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posted by wildchild_rids1

" Yeah i know " i replied and stared at Nicholas as he was still banging his head .

"Oh God ! Where am I ?" Janette asked looking at me .

"First thing first , I am NOT a god , I am a God's -" i a dit when Nicholas interrupted .
" Mac Dear....Come here "

" Mac ? " Janette whispered and i stared at her like she was dead meat .

" Nobody but NOBODY calls me Mac Nor- " I screamed when NIcholas interrupted [again!]

" Janette , right Mark ?! " a dit Nicholas trying to get on Janette's nerve [ ou maybe mine]

"Nooo...nor are toi allowed Nicholas but AAah i cant even argue with toi !!
posted by wildchild_rids1
jannetes POV

" What is with this guy ?" I a dit completely frustrated .

The last thing i remember before ending up in my soft marshmellowish [ Yup , i know there's no such word , but believe me if toi were at my place toi would have a dit the samething] lit , was a weird dream -

I was running cause I was being chased par a monster and up at this huge gate and i guy shows up [i didn't see his face] . he says Hi i'm [ i didn't listen to the last part ou maybe i forgot ]


Don't worry , i told myself i'm still dizzy . i'm hust glad i'm at accueil and -

Wait why are there 2 guys staring at me...
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" Hi I'm Nicholas " i a dit bringing my hand vers l'avant, vers l’avant [to shake] when the bloody redhead showed up at my door and faint without even saying ' Hi ' . The NERVE

Okay so here's my checklist -

* first - A bloody redhead shows up at my door . CHECK

* seconde - There's a monster whom i have to fight outside my door [a peice of cake]

* third - i have a rude guest at my gates . CHECK

Am i forgetting something
" yes "
I'm awesome

Can i stop this a minute the monster's getting restless

[ After a while]

I am back haven't toi heard the saying " camelote, indésirable is camelote, indésirable no matter what "
Oops.....I seem to have made...
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posted by wildchild_rids1

There i was staring at the boring science experiment when something moved in the bushes . I almost
sneaked out when a voice came - " Not so fast Janette ."

Oaky first things first , My name is janette O ' lièvre , 17 years old , 12 Grade , red straight hair , lavender eyes etc. thats all toi need to know ( for know ) .

" Oh I umm , I got nothing toi win but don't blame me if I throw up (puke) . " Go Now " exclaimed Miss Rose . " And don't come back till you're allright , NOW GO " . BOOYAH , I nailed it again .

I went out and took some money out of my pocket and i was about to go...
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posted by wildchild_rids1
So here's the summary of the first book - the marked ones : The drink of Hypnos

Summary -

So here's what's happening (curse the gods for that) -

A monster who's impossible to kill wants to destroy us all , is on the loose ,

suivant the gods have no idea what they're

doing & finally we have to wake the god of sleep - the

most difficult task we have ever done .

But after all we're the MARKED ones

written par

okay first u should know this is a club based on a book me and my best friend are écriture - The marked ones : The drink of Hypnos . we'll be posting all the chapters and all about it here if u have any questions toi can ask us , we'll always reply , any doubts we're there all right .

and toi should also know i'm the auteur and my name is Ridah , account name in fanpop is - wildchild_rids1

P.S my friend is also écriture with me her name is Tishia but she does'nt have an account at so............