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posted by nighthawk11

As the wind blew in Annabeth's face,her excitement grew as she saw the camp below her. The ship lowered to the ground and landed with a small thump as she was lurched fowared almost thrown off the edge.
"Could toi be less annoying with the landings,Leo?" Annabeth heard behind her as Piper yelled from the bow.
"Well sorry!"Leo yelled back as he bounded down the steps and patted Fetus's head.
Annabeth bounded over to the steps and was stopped before a girl with a tray and a stone statue without any arms.
"Weapon please"the statue said.
She placed her couteau in the tray along with Leo,Piper, and Jason. She looked around and finally saw him. She ran up to him and ran into his open arms and hugged each othe so hard.
"Seaweed Brain!"Annabeth yelled.

(More coming soon!)
posted by VictoryIsReborn
Hello half-bloods out there, Roman and Greek. The Mark of Athena, Wisdom's daughter, all can be interpreted. The sky is the for Nicole Robert Anne. Named after her mother and father, she was raised to be the seventh one, she will tip the scales of war dramatically, and that is only because Gaea is hungry for her power. She goes to Rome, in hopes of finding a mother warship of bronze. Though the wrath of a god is doomed on her family, and she is forced into her own quest to find the others, who have indeed mistaken Annabeth for the seventh. As Janus has predicted, Annabeth will have to make a dramatic choice.

The Earth will fight with all of its will,
With a fatal choice, golden blood shall spill.
And if she fails to play her role,
The Gods will fall along with her soul.
Wisdom's daughter stands alone,
The Mark of Athena will burn through Rome.
posted by SonOfNeptuneJay
Annabeths' stress level has been off of her rocker. For eight months she has been,Worrying, Crying, Searching out of her mind, And pretty much crying.Now just walking with Percy again it all seemed to melt away. Annabeth and Percy were walking up the hill, (Thankfully while holding her hand.) He then pulled her aside on haut, retour au début of the colline and told her to look.
Sitting on haut, retour au début of the colline Annabeth had the most amazing view of the whole entire Leagon. The streets were glinted with metal, the sidewalks were made out of the cleanest brickes she had ever seen.
" It's beautiful" Annabeth...
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posted by SonOfNeptuneJay
Percy, Frank and hazel gathered around while the approaching war ship decended from the sky.
How do toi think Octivian will act when the Greeks get off of that ship? Frank asked.
I don't know he will probaly be like the graecus are attacking in there war ship, we must attack!!
They all laughed. It was very fun having Hazel and Frank around but he just couldn'n wait until that crazy war ship landed. He had been waiting for this jour every since he got back from his quest. He was absolutely sure to make this the best jour of his life.
Then Octivian came holding a ripped up teddy bear, screaming, The Greeks are horrible we must attack before they kill us all! Do not believe them! The graecus are our enemy the aurguries are horrible!!
Octivian toi do not give any orders at this camp. We must stand ready but do not attack. Octivian gave him one last look of hatred then turning around and marching off away from the crowd.
The first chapter of Mark of Athena which was read par Rick Riordan on the jour of release of the Serpent's shadow (The Third and Final Kane chronicles book)
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posted by SonOfNeptuneJay
Jason was pacing around the deck of the Argo 2. He was so excited that he could finally get back to his home. Piper was pacing the deck as well. Saying, "Drop your weapons we just want to talk." He was almost tempted to put down his weapon and have a long nice chat with her. His thoughts were interrupted par annabeths voice.
"I really hope that this doesn't turn into a battle because the odds aren't good. If Percy's down there he could wipe out all of our solders." Annabeth said.
"He can't be that much of a threat can he?" Jason asked
"Really Jason?" Annabeth asked.
"Yeah, now can...
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