I recently rewatched this movie and i can say that i like this movie plus now than i did at first so i figured that i should write a review about it.

Disney´s The little Mermaid is the 29th animated feature from Walt Disney Pictures and the one that started the Disney Renaissance with a bang.

It is Based on the fairy tale written par Danish auteur H.C Andersen.

The Little Mermaid´s production really started soon after Snow White and the seven dwarfs relase but as a featurette not a full lenght feature, but it was put on hold for unknown reasons.

In 1985 Ron Clements came up with a plot after seeing a collection of Andersen´s stories in a bookstore, but the serious work didn´t start until 1987 when Howard Ashman and Alan Menken became involved in the project.

The Animators
The Animators that i know about this movie where these:

Glen Keane-Mark Henn on Ariel
Duncan Marjoribanks on Sebastian
Andreas Deja on King Triton
Ruben Aquino on Ursula

Voice Cast

The voice actors in this movie like many Disney films are perfect for their roles both in the original version and in the swedish version that i grew up with.
The roles are as follows:
Jodi Benson/Sissel Kyrkjebø as Ariel
Christopher Daniel Barnes/Jörgen Düberg as Eric
Jason Marin/Samuel Elers-Svensson as patauger, plie grise
Samuel E. Wright/Per Myrberg as Sebastian
Buddy Hackett/Per Eggers as Scuttle
Kenneth Mars/Åke Lindström as Triton
Pat Carroll/Evabritt Strandberg as Ursula
Paddi Edwards/Rolf Skoglund as Floatsam/Jetsam
Ben Wright/Claes Thelander as Grimsby

The Characters
Here is a short description of the three main characters.


The heroine of this story, a young mermaid that´s trying to learn about the human world and it´s culture.
She ends up falling in l’amour with a human prince and tries to be with him.


The Hero of this story is a human prince who seeks the right girl to marry but who don´t sit around feeling sad.
He risks his life to save Ariel towards the end and plays a big part in the climax.


The villain of this movie is one of the plus scary villains but not one of the best.
She wants to be Queen of the sea and uses anyone to get there.

The Setting
The Movie takes place in the underwater kingdom Atlantica and later in the château and a near par village in a unnamed kingdom.

The Story

Ariel, a sixteen-year-old mermaid princess, is dissatisfied with life under the sea and curious about the human world. With her best poisson friend Flounder, Ariel collects human artifacts and goes to the surface of the ocean to visit Scuttle the seagull, who offers very inaccurate and comical knowledge of human culture. Ignoring the warnings of her father and court musician (Sebastian the crab) that contact between merpeople and humans is forbidden (the sea's primary contact with humans involve fishermen, so King Triton considers humans as nothing plus than mere predators), Ariel still longs to be part of the human world; to this end she has filled a secret grotto with all the human artifacts she has found.
Sebastian, who is assigned to watch over Ariel and be sure she does not visit the surface again, tries to convince her that its better to live under the sea than in the human world.

My favori Moments
Like in any movie there are some scenes that have a bigger effect on toi and here is three om my favorites.

First we have the tour of the town, its one of my favoris because that Ariel is so excited to be there and she wants to see every thing, she is like a "kid at cristmas eve" and i l’amour how that fits her character.

suivant we have the scene where Ariel meets Ursula, first the song is great and i l’amour that Ariel hesitates before signing the contract, and her transformation isn´t bad either.

Then we have the Kiss the girl song, romantic atmosphere a good song and a little surprise is never wrong.

The Message
I think the message of this movie is that toi should try and do what toi can to be happy? Please tell me if iam wrong.

The Verdict
The Story gets a 9/10
Its not really my favori story and i kinda prefer the original story´s morale but this is still good.

The Characters get a 7/10
Some of the characters get too little attention

The Art gets a 7/10
Its amazing especially the underwater sequences.

So i give the movie itself a solid 7/10
I hope toi have enjoyed this and i hope toi commentaire and say if toi agree ou disagree with what i have a dit here.