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 The king is dead
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posted by anna446
*this is a gender reverise of madness of king scar*
story: Shenzi has just killed kiara and sent her friend a loutre girl named marlene into exile,after taking over the pridelands she put nala in a cage.

Shenzi:Nala why am I not loved.
I'm the best the pridelands seen
I'm every inch a queen
yet I feel a twinge of doubt
as I go walk about
when my name is whispered through the pride
is it of l’amour ou loathing?
tell me I'm adored
please tell me I'm adored
benzi:hey shenzi?
shenzi:oh what now?
benzi:theres no food,no water,it dîner time and we ain't got entrees.
shenzi:you don't know what real hunger is,day after...
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posted by RussiaxChina3
Okay i basicly have fan charaters for eveything i
watch but i l’amour the lion king! so these are my
fan charaters for the lion king. please don't post
any mean comments.

Agwang- a sleek lionne with small spots on her
fourrure that she was born with she has purple eyes
and used to be a former outsider. she has a crush
on Anyang. her name means loup and her theme song
is sweet dreams from eurythimcs.

Anyang- a musclar lion with a dark mane he is
strong and has a scar on his throat that one of his brothers gave him but now is dead. He has dark
green eyes and also used to be a former outsider
he also has a crush on Agwang. his name means
crocodile abd his theme song is feel good inc.
from gorillaz.

i hope toi like my ocs!
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My take on this beautiful song from the Lion King 2 :)
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