Hakuna Matata.
Hi everyone, I just want to say before La Reine des Neiges came into the picture. The Lion King had a number of things that taught me while I first watch this movie many years ago, here they are.

Let it Go!

Yes, the Lion King had actually taught us to let go of our past. It also taught me to improve my future along the way while learning from my mistakes in life, our life is full of ups and downs.

Parental Love

It also promotes about loving your parents like Simba and Mufasa did, I really l’amour my parents despite that we do not agree on a number of things, especially with my relationship with my mother.

The cercle of Life

5 years ago, my favourite dog pet died unexpectedly and I was really sad over it. But I managed to let go of it because it's part of the cercle of Life, and I truly understood this line.

Thank toi Simba!

These are the 3 reasons on why the movie will always cherish in my heart. So, do toi agree?
Splendid View.