Nala started humming Queen undenied. "Queen undenied. Yeah.'' Nala looked around to see if there was any gazelle ou buffalo, and saw nothing. "Wow! How does mother expect me to hunt when there is nothing?' Nala suddenly saw a small figure, Scurrying around in the savannah grass. She crouched down to see plus of its figure and found out it was a hare. She pounced on the lièvre and killed it with her bare sharp claws. She licked blood off her teeth. ''All in a day's work.'' She picked up the lièvre in her teeth, And runned to look for plus prey. ''Oh so the prey must be in the grasslands having their cup of tea!" (Guys, my version of cup of thé meant drinking water okay XD) Nala shouted, '"Grasslands here I come!" Nala ranned laughing into the grasslands and tumbled onto the ground as her tail tip flicked on her head as a swarm of dust fell off her. She saw a strange male lion that looked just like simba. "Huh?' But suddenly nala saw a waterhole full of buffalo then looked back at the male lion. But suddenly nala thought '"One body of buffalo will have to do, Then I can check out that male lion and see if it's simba!" She saw that the male lion was heading towards the jungle, And then padded vers l'avant, vers l’avant the buffalo's territory. She lunged onto a buffalo, And holded it down. The buffalo fell to the ground and she picked up the buffalo onto her back. She was carrying the lièvre in her mouth, And a buffalo on her back. Nala couldn't walk very fast. ''This all I can get.'" And then nala saw that the male lion wasn't there anymore and sighed. "I guess I won't find out if that was simba ou not." She walked very slowly and dropped down the prey she killed. "Here toi go mother." Then she put a grin on her face. ''Mother. I've been waiting a long time. Can I be queen?' Sarafina looked confused. '"Queen?" Sarafina giggled. "Nala. toi need to find your true l’amour first." Nala sighed. ''But mom!" Sarafina tried to condvience her daughter that it wasn't her place. "Nala it isn't your place. toi can't be Queen undenied. Everyone has to agree if toi look innocent ou not.'" Nala asked once again. '"Please! I'll be the most responsible Queen ever!" Sarafina replied again, And it was no. "No. Nala! It's another pride member's job." Nala yelled at her mother. "Fine!" She sobbed and ran into the den, And flicked her tail where her mother was. "Hmph. Not my place. I'll montrer them all. I'll montrer mother! Then she will give me a chance!" Sarafina walked into the cave. "Nala! How dare toi storm into the tanière, den like that in my presence!" Nala sobbed. "You never give me a chance mother! Maybe I should be where simba is right now!" Sarafina shook her head slowly. "Simba's dead got it! Forget about him! He is nothing now! He is dead. toi aren't marrying that boy!" plus tears shedded from nala's eyes. "You kept me trapped long enough! I'm marrying simba either if he's dead ou not!" Sarafina started chant to her daughter. '"Nala listen to me now, It's just not you're place!" Nala frowned at her mother angrily. "Mother why won't toi just understand me! I'm a Queen undeni-'" Nala got interrupted. "Queen denied!' Nala begged her mother. ''Oh please oh please oh please! I can do the best just as much as toi can!" Sarafina yelled at her daughter. "You will never ever be queen!" Nala wen't infront of her mother before she could storm out of the cave and didn't let her get out. "Mother, toi have to understand! It's my job, My dream, My reality!" Sarafina tried to make her daughter understand once more. "It just won't fit out great! Queen is not your job.'" Sarafina padded out of the cave. Nala asked her mother. "But why? Why why why. Won't you. Just let me, Go and be Queen undenied! She scratched the mur as it made a hard, scratchy noise. "I've got sharp claws that work great! Some fangs that will break you're neck! And a fast tail that will knock toi out!" Sarafina yelled at her daughter. "You're never ever going to be queen. You're sister is! Malina." Nala yelled at her mother. "Fine! I'm a rogue now!" Nala stormed out of the pridelands, Sobbing past all of the lions that lived there. Sarafina called her daughter. "Wait!" A aléatoire lionne a dit to sarafina. ''Wel; at least she still brought us food." She took a chunk of the buffalo. Sarafina yelled to the aléatoire lionne "I am not going to eat without my daughter!" She called to the guards. "Guards! Find my daughter now!"