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Did the Disney studio steal Kimba The White Lion and rework it as their 'original story', The Lion King? They certainly give that impression with their corporate stance ('we never heard of Tezuka nor Kimba until after The Lion King was released'). And why would they have filed suit to try to prevent the montrer of Tezuka Productions' 1997 Jungle Emperor Leo movie at the 1998 Toronto FantAsia Film Festival? (Jungle Emperor was the original titre for Kimba The White Lion.) It seems quite simple; Kimba had been kept out of sight in North America for 20 years par that time.

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just thgohut i montrer toi a video my freand compleated its kopa everyone he has a movie what this trailer we have not decided rather ou not it will be offical. there for its posté its just for fun like thw other video i posted.
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