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posted by MrsNickJonas97
I've always been a straight "A" Student,never been in trouble, and never kissed a guy. So when it came to breaking the law, i was a little unsure, Yet if it was to do something every 6-18 an old girl would want to do, should I? Could I? Did I?

Chapter 1: Would toi Rather: Jonas Edition. Hallis P.O.V
Senior year,we've sat at this table, tableau since we were Freshmen. Every Breakfast. Every lunch. When it came down to the last jour of senior year, we couldn't break "Traditions".
Every day, Claire comes up with a game for us to play. We've played "i never" with a bottle of water, truth or...
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In an interview With Rolling Stone Nick explains the titre "The titre is a bit of poésie we came up with on the set for the TV show," on the meaning he said, "Lines are something that someone feeds you, whether it's good ou bad. Vines are the things that get in the way of the path that you're on, and trying times — well, obviously we're younger guys, but we're aware of what's going on in the world and we're trying to bring some light to it"

Track listing:

1. "Lines, Vines and Trying Times (Intro)"
2. "Poison Ivy"
3. "360"
4. "What toi Do To Me"
5. "Stepping Stone"
6. "Talk To Me"
7. "Move Back"
8. "Not So Quiet"
9. "Save It, Take It"
10. "Amazed"
11. "Never Really Understood"
12. "Greater Than This"

Please note: This is not the official track listing, I do not know if it is correct!
posted by gamergirl77
Dear Jonas Fans, Seriously guys. Do toi know the impression people are getting of Jonas fans? I’m not talking about every fan out there, but some of this is getting crazy. There are people climbing on roofs, chasing their cars, running on stage, trying to Kiss them. Jonas fans used to have so much trust, like Garbo giving information in his blog. But now that’s over. J.T. hasn’t deleted fans yet, thankfully, but he doesn’t give information about the tour. And Amelia. Whoever used her to try to get to them is the reason she deleted every fan. She no longer accepts requests from fans....
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posted by Annaoth
Q: Do toi have quirky habit?
Joe: I always shut our closet door before I go to bed. I don’t know why, and our door. I don’t know why. I just shut them. Maybe there’s like something weird – everybody’s got their thing to do. That’s kind of my thing, toi know?
Q: Do toi have a favori food?
Joe: I l’amour my grandma’s homemade pizza. First of all, you’ve gotta say your grandma’s pizza is better than any pizza in the world. But it is the best because, she’s Italian. It goes over well.
Q: What is the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?
Joe: I’ve gone to the moon twice now....
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The Jonas Brothers' new album drops on June 15, and the boys say that it will "add and build to the sound we already have." Band leader and youngest brother Nick Jonas says that the songs on the new album are "our journal in songs" and about "things we've gone through, personal experiences we get inspiration from," Billboard.com reports. "This album is taking steps," Nick notes. "We're trying to learn as much as we can, continuing to grow." The as-yet-untitled follow-up to their #1 album A Little Bit Longer also pays homage to Elvis Costello, Kings of Leon and Neil Diamond, according to
Who wouldn’t stop and read a headline like this: “Grammy rehearsals with Carrie Underwood: She’s a JoBros fan.” I thought for sure it would be a story about how the pop threesome was on Underwood’s playlist, that maybe she had “Burnin’ Up” as her ringtone and that their sound was going to be a major influence on her suivant album. But I think the Los Angeles Times musique blog jumped to conclusions and jumped in the wrong direction. They were basing that attention-grabbing headline on the fact that Underwood was “grooving as she walked through the corridors of the arena” during the JoBros rehearsal of “Superstition.” Which isn’t even a Jonas Brothers song, it’s a Stevie Wonder song. And even though it was a hit about a decade before Underwood was born, I get that it has a beat everyone loves. And hearing Wonder play it with the JoBros would be cool. But does that make Underwood a Jonas fan? This proves nothing, except that maybe she digs classic Stevie Wonder.
Good news for those fans left devastated from the absolute chastity announcement made par the Jonas Brothers.

There may be a wee loophole in the binding contract that those chastity rings represent.

Teen haven OceanUp citations an interview with the hugely successful boy band, where they clarify just what they meant par vows to wait for marriage.

When asked if he really meant that he and his brothers would be saving themselves for marriage, youngest brother Nick clarifies, “No. That was a personal statement made under personal circumstances…but we wear these rings and they’re a constant reminder...
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The pop scene is all about young love, and some of the biggest names in the business are talking about their plans for February 14, which just happens to be the jour dedicated to celebrating l’amour and all its wonderful charms. Here we round up what Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers and others will be doing on Valentine’s Day.

(Looking for love? Click here to see the hottest single célébrités this Valentine’s day.)

Jonas Brothers
The boys will be spending this Valentine’s jour on “Saturday Night Live.” Despite each brother reportedly being in relationships, the guys revealed to Entertainment...
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Who’s hotter? The Jonas Brothers, ou Robert Pattinson in “Twilight”?

One thing’s for sure: Together, they could rule the teenage girl world.

The Jonas Brothers talked to MTV about being involved in the “New Moon” soundtrack. They’d even l’amour to write a song especially for the new film.

“The movie was obviously a huge success, and if they asked us to be a part of [the sequel], that would be great,” Nick Jonas said.

“It would be really cool.” Joe and Kevin agreed: “That would be really cool”

Settle down, dudes. Before they write a song for “New Moon,” they’d have to...
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posted by 1_euyenia_JB_
Weekend TV's Big Winner, Besides Coldplay, et. al: The Grammys. From 8-11:30 p.m., the montrer averaged an estimated 19.1 million, CBS said. If the number holds, the montrer will have grown par nearly 2 million viewers from last year, and will have scored its second-biggest audience of the past five telecasts.
Guess toi Had to See It to Believe It: The Jonas Brothers-Steve Wonder confiture aired during the Grammys' most-watched prime-time half-hour, averaging 21.3 million from 9-9:30 p.m., Nielsen estimates showed.
Don't Take It Personally, Neil Diamond: Like many shows, the Grammys petered out as the night...
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posted by mariawalter
Oh Its Nick & Kevin Jonas!
We rock your socks!
We Used To Play With Blocks!
Yo Yo Kevin J. Is Off The Chain!
We Travel To Maine!
We Like To Eat Nachos!
Cause We're So Macho!
Im Nilly Nonka!
Im Way glacière Then Wonka!
We Like To Flirt With Them Hotties!
Yea The Ones Who Do Them Pilates!
We're So Cool!
That We Aint No Fool!
My Name Is Prancer!
Im Pretty Sure His Name Is Dancer!
We Like To Hit Them Clubs!
We also Like Those Cars From D.U.B!
Kevin Jonas Aint Gay.
This Aint No Game!
This Rap Was par Nick Jerry J.!!!
posted by mariawalter
Times Change!
When we first met Kevin Jonas in 2006, the normal teen wasn't used to the celebrity treatment he gets today. Hanging out in front of the camera and posing for photos, he seemed a little uncomfortable and unsure of what to do. With a platinum-selling alubm, touring around the world and many photo shoots under his belt, Kevin is now a pro when it come to striking that perfect pose.

He Knows What Girls Like!
It's no secret that Kevin is the most fashionable of the guys. in fact, he is hoping to take it to the suivant level and start his own clothing line!"I Whould totally do a girls' line and flip it and say 'This is what The Jonas Brothers want to see on a girl," kevin grins
posted by mariawalter
He's Always Laughing!
Since he was little, Joe Jonas has loved to make people laugh! being face to face with the JoBro front man for the first time put us in stitches. He wasn't afraid to be silly in front of the camera. These days, his humor still shines bright even when dealing with a super hectic schedule!

He's A Daredevil!
Joe isn't scared of action and adventure. This Jonas will try anything once and its true to his word. he got the chance to try indoor skydiving, which isn't as easy as it looks! Joe was a pro and caught on quickly for the ride of his life!
posted by mariawalter
He welcomes new experiences!
When opportunity knocks, Nick réponses the door.
there was no way he could say no to trying out a super cool flight simulators! Just another bouns to being a Jonas! Nick's definitely living the dream.

He's A Role Modle!
Like his brothers, Nick is a role modle to tons of Jonas Brothers fans. Nick has had to battle some serious stuff, like dealing with diabetes, which has made him a huge inspiration. "During the time it happened, it was really hard but toi get through it and its alright," he says.

He Has Great Hair!
No one can deny that Nick has a head of hair to die for and he's definitely not afraid to try different looks. Nick has proven that he looks hot no matter what the length. The most rock étoile, star thing is that he doesn't think too hard about making a change! "It was too long for a while," he laughs."So i thought i just neede to cut it."
A prévisualiser to Disney's new comedy series, "J.O.N.A.S!", has been brought to attention. Debuted during the airing of the network's special program entitled "Totally New Year", the video footage teases what to be expected from the series which will be centering its stories on musical trio, the Jonas Brothers.

In the less-than-a-minute video, it can be seen that Joe Jonas hastily wears baseball safety equipment as a hordes of screaming fans are rushing towards him and his brothers, Kevin Jonas and Nick Jonas. Another scene displays Kevin sliding down the fireman pole only to find himself dressed in pajamas.

Headlined par the newest pop rock chant sensation Jonas Brothers, "J.O.N.A.S!" follows the story of three rock étoile, star brothers, Kevin, Joe and Nick Lucas as they strive to lead ordinary lives. But as they try to be normal boys doing "normal" things, life keeps getting less and less "normal". The series is set to make its debut in May.
posted by mariawalter
Since breaking out in 2006, The Jonas Brothrs have been labeled par people. Keivn is the "Sweet One." Joe is the "Funny One." and Nick is the "Shy Guy." But with their ever-blooming success, you, surprisingly, may not know them as well as toi think.

The labeling can get over exaggerated according to Nick. "I think that Joe being the crazy one, Kevin just being Kevin, and me being the shy, quiet one over the course of times has changed, " He explains."We're all kind of even now in our so called craziness. We all have a loy of personality."
"I think Kevin and i are pretty dead on," Joe Laughs."...
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The official tracklisting of "Jonas Brothers: The 3D concert Experience" soundtrack has been released. Set to be dropped in U.S. stores on Tuesday, February 24, the album for the 3-D movie contains compilation of some songs from Jonas Brothers' studio albums, "Jonas Brothers" and "A Little Bit Longer", covering tracks from "S.O.S." to "Tonight".

Aside from the songs from their two récent LPs, the soundtrack also includes their cover version of Shania Twain's track "I'm Gonna Getcha Good" and Joe Jonas' duet collaboration with Demi Lovato for the song "This Is Me". Also listing Taylor Swift's...
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Jonas Brothers' musique video for single "BB Good" has been available to peek through a video footage from their upcoming movie "Jonas Brothers: The 3D concert Experience". Sometimes intercepted with a scene from "Tonight" musique video, the sneak peek features the band performing the song at one of their live shows.

A full-length official musique video for "BB Good" will be premiered during Disney Channel's montrer "Night of Stars" on February 16 at around 8:20 P.M. In addition to debuting Jonas Brothers' musique video, the montrer will also become a place to get a first look into Miley Cyrus' musique video for her track "The Climb", which will be included in "Hannah Montana: The Movie".

"Jonas Brothers: The 3D concert Experience" itself will not hit U.S. theaters until February 27. Meanwhile, a sneak peek into the film will be provided on February 10 during a two-hour programming on The CW.
posted by Mallory101
The Jonas Brothers are proably your fave band, right? Well if they are then shouldn't toi know most of your Jonas Facts.....

Nick Jonas
Birthday: September 16, 1992
Birthplace: Dallas, Tx
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite food: Steak
Candy : SweetTarts
Movie: Finding Neverland
Height: 5' 6"
Star Sign: Virgo
Chinese Horoscope Sign: Monkey
Parents: Kevin (Sr.) and Denise Jonas
Siblings: Kevin (Jr.), Joe, and Frankie Jonas
Hobbies: Music, songwriting, baseball, collecting baseball cards, tennis, golf
Instruments: Guitar, drums, piano
Favorite Ice Cream: Cotton Candy
Favorite Sport: Baseball

Joe Jonas
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