Hunger Games People Who Should Play Finnick {according to IMBD}

Pick one:
Xavier Samuel
Cam Gigandet {Easy A}
Jensen Ackles {My Bloody Valentine}
Ryan oison, gosling
Kevin Zegers {Dawn Of The Dead}
Ian Somerhalder {Founder's Day, The Vampire Diaries}
James Franco {127 Hours}
Ryan Phillippe {Flags Of Our Fathers}
Max Thieriot
Chace Crawford (The Covenant, Gossip Girl)
Colton Haynes {Wolf Moon}
Jesse Metcalfe {John Tucker Must Die}
Mike Vogel
Chris Zylka
Luke Mitchell {H2O: Just Add Water, accueil and Away}
Garrett Hedlund {TRON: Legacy, Country Strong}
Grant Gustin {The First Time, Glee}
 Albiee posted il y a plus d’un an
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