(WARNING this is not a good form if toi are under 12, so don't read on if so!!!) (And this is not a sex fanfiction either, its just the content at times....)
I see Gale walk in, his breath deep and heavy. "What do toi want?" I saw, confused because todays not a Sunday, so he isn't here to go hunting. Gale runs into my arms, almost pushing me over. I hold him back, and I don't want to let go. He turns over to my ear and whispers "I l’amour you..." As Gales head turns back, his lips reach mine, and soon were locked in a deep kiss. He grabs one of my shoulders with one of his hands, and the other reaches my hair. He runs his fingers through my hair, sending a series of chills down my spine. I put one of my hands on his chest and the other on his cheeks to lightly stroke him. Gales tongue soon finds its way in, and I invite it in, not resisting. I don't know why, but I don't know why I'm letting myself go like this. President Snow will surly find out, and kill both us and our families. But its just seems, so right. Our tongues met and exchange greetings. Then I push back on us, and release from his grip. "No... Not now." I say in a slow, low voice. I'm thinking of Peeta, and what he would think. "Katniss, I-" He says, but I cut him off. "..." I was planning for words to come out, but all that escapes is a faint puff of air.
But I cant resist any longer. Were soon exchanging kisses again. This time, were on my couch, and he's shirt-less. Gales doing, what it feels like petting my arms. And now I'm putting in, and the thought of Peeta is gone. Now the thought of Prim is in mind. I don't know why, but her screams linger in my mind, and the image of her being ripped apart par gigantic rodents pops up. I push myself of Gales body, before anything extreame happens. "I'm sorry, I just, I'm sorry." I hand him his shirt. "You need to go, make sure Hazels ok..." "She's fine." He says signaling for another Kiss to make a appearance. I stager back, the image coming back in my head. "No." I run upstairs, and shove my face into a pillow, and cry. Now I know things between me and him are ruined, for sure this time.
What I think is the door downstairs closing, is actally mine opening. Then closing and being locked. "Catnip..." He whispers to me, terrifyingly close to my face. (WARNING it is about to get kinda graphic...) All the suddean, he grab me par the hair, and pulls me to the floor. I scream and kick, struggling. "GET OFF!" I scream. "Oh Katniss, so pure and sweet, toi don't know whats coming." par the time I'm out of breath, and he's on haut, retour au début of me, with me in a pin. Gales laughing horribly as he removes his ceinture and shirt. "Wh- what are toi doing!?!?!" I say, very scared. "Oh you'll find out soon enough. Then its lights out, and everything goes black. I wake up to find all my clothes scattered across he room, including my undershorts and bra. I see Gales clothing about a few feet from my hand. I reach out for his shirt, because I know its big enough to cover me. But right when I'm about to grab it, his shadow appears again. Gales laughing in that horrible laugh again. "Oh Catnip, my little toy, I've played you, and toi ACTALLY feel for it..."
He's now on haut, retour au début of me again, this time sucking on my neck as were both naked. And all I can do is lay helpless, stuck in a ring of horrible events. Then I feel it, the dagger pulse through my stomach. The pain is almost instant. As he's stabbing me, I'm thinking that if I just would've run, that this would have happened. Than the blood comes out. And the lights go out, I'm still alive, but just blind. My bodys shutting down. But Gales still on me, and the daggers still sticking out of my body. Then I fall asleep, the last words I hear are, "I l’amour you." And all I can wonder is if President Snow told Gale to preform this act of evil.