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This The House of Anubis photo contains bouquet, corsage, posy, nosegay, costume d'affaires, and costume d’affaires.

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Attention all House of Anubis Fans! I was searching around the H.O.A website on the Nickelodeon site and I was looking at all the little things they found and OMG! I found something that had the cup of Ahnk on it and it a dit THE END. At first I was really upset, but then...
it said: ou IS IT?! But then...I saw a video that was like: Sad that it's over?! I was like: WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?! Please, please PLEASE don't tell me it's over! Not this early! Not after Just 1 ou 2 months of pure mystery! This is one of my most favori shows and definitely the best montrer on nickelodeon! I mean, Nina and...
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#8- MICK: ok i noe everyone picked mick n all butt honestly when i see him on tv he just gets me insatantly bored
#7-Nina:ok u guys wud probably hate me for dis butt idk something about nina just doesn't appeal 2 me
#6-Fabian- I LUV Fabian butt he's just not my fav sorry
#5-Amber- OK amber iz like a normal teen whose boy obsessed n has her dumb blonde moments n dats what i luv abou her.
#4-Alfie- I think Alfie is extremely funny n can just make u smile also him n patricia make a pretty cute couple
#3-Patrica- K i luv patrica's personality
#2-Mara- MARA,MARA.MARA idk i like her personality n da fact dat she can bring out da best in jerome butt she also disappoints me da most
#1-Jerome- Honestly i don't think dat i don't need 2 explaine for dis one all i can say is....JARA ALL THE WAY!!!!!<3
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