Patricia's p.o.v
"well?" Eddie asks again "what's wrong?" "Non of your concern dufus" I replied hastily. Before joy could obect and yell at me victor interrupted "It's 10 O' Clock! toi have five minutes precisley and then, I want to hear a pin, drop!" "Ugh!" Eddie groans "we'll talk about this Tomarow, ok?" "Y-yeah" I stutter as Eddie runs out the door to his room. Once I'm sure Eddies in his room I get up and quickly hurry to my room with joy following behind me. "Patricia your pregnant?" Joy quietly screams "With who? Since when?" "Joy will toi please calm down your freaking me out!" I exclaim "And to answer your Eddie and this happend a week ago..." "Patricia why?" joy says "Why didnt toi tell Eddie?" "Tell Eddie what?" Mara says budging in. "People are gonna find out sooner ou later Patricia" joy says slyly "find out about" Mara says with a suspicious tone "Ugh" I groan "Mara... I'm pregnant..." "Patricia no!" Mara says "And I'm guessing it with Eddie! toi have to tell him Tomarow once toi see him!" "Mara don't toi think I know that!" I a dit "I'm going to tell him I swear it, but now I'm going to sleep." I a dit changed into my night robe and slept, well actually I layed awake dreading the morning I had to tell Eddie the father of my- er OUR baby.
Ugh. Today is going to be one long day. After I got dressed I came down stairs to the dinning hall Joy and Mara shot daggers at me, "what?" I a dit they just glared. As I was eating I see Eddie walk in, I got up grabbed him par the chemise and dragged him into his room "Hey!" he screamed "what's your problem?" "Eddie, I'm pregnant..."