Airport (bathroom)
Nina: Mom?
Nina's Mom: Hello Nina.
Nina: what are toi doing here?
Nina's Mom: I came to tell toi to hurry and get back to the house.
Nina: Why?
Nina's Mom: The Raven wants the cup of Ank-
Nina: Victor?
Nina's Mom: and the king wants his stuff back ou he will kill everyone.
Nina: what king?
Nina's Mom: You'll find out when toi get to the house.
Nina: But I can't, the snow storm-
Nina's Mom: Well… when it is over come. Bye Nina. (disappears)
Nina: Wait! Mom!

Anubis House (Alfie's and Jerome's room)
Alfie: are toi ready bud-
Jerome (on phone) yes, please come dad. I want you. (waits for reply) just for 2 weeks then I'll come back here (waits for reply) how long until toi think you'll get here? (waits for reply) 30 minutes? Okay see ya. (hangs up and turns around to see Alfie)
Alfie: why are toi leaving?
Jerome: To see my dad.
Alfie: that's what Christmas break was for.
Jerome: I'm sorry Alfie. I just can't stay here like this.
Alfie: But-
Jerome: it's just 2 weeks. I'll be back right after 2 weeks. Now I need to tell Trudy I won't be here. toi get the class.
Alfie: But-
Jerome: Go.
Alfie: fine. (walks away)
(dinning room)
(Trudy is in the cuisine doing the dishes and Patricia, Joy, Mara., and Mick are in the dinning room)
Patricia: okay let's go guys.
Joy: okay.
Mara: are toi coming Mick?
Mick: yeah just one second. Let me get my bag. toi go on ahead.
Mara: okay.
(Mara, Patricia, and Joy exit and Jerome enters)
Jerome: Trudy, I'm going to be with my dad for 2 weeks.
(angle on Mick listening)
Trudy: why?
Jerome: Mara a dit she wanted me to go so I could spend some plus time with my dad and so our relationship would work better.
(angle on Mick's reaction)
Trudy: okay then, see toi in 2 weeks.
Jerome: bye.
(Mick walks out madly)

Joy: Fabian!
Fabian: Not now Joy.
Joy: I just wanted to tell toi something about last night.
Fabian: What?
Joy: We heard victor-
(angle on Mrs. Andrews listening)
Joy:-come out of the cellar and he stared talking about the cup of Ankh.
(angle on Mrs.Andrews gasping)
Fabian: Don't worry the cup is hidden in the attic safely. Nina is the only one that can get it.
(angle on Mrs. Andrews running away)

Anubis House (Foyer)
(Jerome is passing around his luggage)
(Mrs. Andrews runs in)
Jerome: Mrs. Andrews?
Mrs. Andrews: Where's victor?
Jerome: Upstairs in his room-
(Mrs. Andrews runs upstairs)
Jerome:-why… okay then.…
(Victor's room)
(Victor is lire the book of Isis when Mrs. Andrews runs in)
Mrs. Andrews: Victor!!
Victor: Daphne! What is it?
(angle on Jerome hiding)
Mrs. Andrews: I over heard Joy and Fabian talking about toi wanting to find the cup of ankh. is this true?
Victor: Well I don't know did toi hear them say that?
Mrs. Andrews: toi know what I mean!
Victor: Yes it is true?
Mrs. Andrews: Why?
Victor: To live for internetey, Daphne! That's what we have wanted all this time-
Mrs. Andrews: no victor, that's what toi wanted.
(car hank)
Mrs. Andrews: what was that?
Jerome: (acting like he just came from the girls hallway) I'm coming
dad! (runs down stairs)
Mrs. Andrews: oh, that was just Jerome's dad's car.
Victor: Do toi want to help me find the cup tonight?
Mrs. Daphne: (sigh) I know I'm going to regret this.
(Front of House)
(Jerome runs out of the house to his dad's car)
Jerome's dad: Jerome!
Jerome: Dad! Can toi wait here for a few minutes, I forgot to say goodbye to everyone.
Jerome's dad: Okay.
Poppy: hurry up gerbil.
Jerome: Oh shut up Poppy. (runs off)
Joy: can toi believe Amber? Getting mad at me for something I didn't mean to do.
Patricia: toi did mean to do it.
Mara: yeah, Joy, that was uncalled for.
Joy: Well she was mean to me.
Patricia: when?
Joy: Well-
Mick: (approaches) Mara.
Mara: Oh hi Mick.
Mick: can I talk to toi for a second?
Patricia: okay let's go Joy.
Joy: okay
(Patricia and Joy exits)
Mara: what is it Mick?
(Jerome enters listening to Mick and Mara)
Mick: I heard what toi a dit to Jerome.
Mara: what did I say?
Mick: toi are going out with him Mara.
Mara: what? Where did toi hear that?
Mick: I heard him say that toi want him to go see his dad for 2 weeks to make your relationship work.
Mara: I only a dit that so he will leave and maybe be with his dad would make him forget about me and him. So we could be together.
Mick: Really?
Mara: Yeah. Honest.
Mick: okay I forgive you.
(Mara and Mick hug)
(Jerome walks away sad)
Alfie: Jerome! Are toi staying?
Jerome: no, but tell this to your Scooby gang, victor and mrs. Andrews are both searching for the cup of ankh and they know it's in the attic.
Alfie: what?
Jerome: bye Alfie. ( Walks away)
Alfie: I need to tell the others!
(Front of the house)
Jerome: (enters his dad's car) Let's go dad.
(car drives off)
Anubis House (Foyer)
Amber: (enters) Alfie? toi a dit toi wanted me? Alfie?
Alfie: (enters with the doll house) amber look!
Amber: (turns around to find the doll house) Oh my? The doll house? How did toi fix it?
Alfie: I know a guy.
Amber: oh Alfie! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Help me bring it into my room.
Alfie: okay.

Airport (gate)
Eddie: Wait I thought your mom was dead.
Nina: did toi even hear me? I a dit it was my mom's ghost.
Eddie: oh...
Nina: She mentioned the king.
Eddie: Just like Sarah?
Nina: yeah. What king do toi think she's talking about?
Eddie: who knows. The king of England maybe!
Nina: maybe. But I'm not too sure. I mean, would the Frobisher-Smiths really care about the king of England's thing's? I mean think about it.
Eddie: True.
(Nina starts to tear up)
Eddie: Are toi okay?
Nina: yeah, it just fills good to see my mon again. I miss her.
Eddie: Don't worry, It'll be okay.
Nina: yeah, your right.

Anubis House (in front of attic door)
(Patricia,Amber, and Joy are waiting)
Joy: Do toi think Fabian is going to montrer up tonight?
Amber: i think he's still mad at you.
Joy: Me? His sad that Nina's not here. His not mad at me.
Amber: Well I'm mad at you.
Patricia: guys! Just stop fighting!
Amber and Joy: Fine.
(Fabian and Alfie runs up)
Fabian: Guys, we got some bad news. Tell them Alfie.
Alfie: Victor knows the cup is in the attic.
Patricia: what?
Amber: how did he find out?
Alfie: Mrs. Andrews told him.
Patricia: How did she find out?
Alfie: I don't know. That's all that-
Mara (sleepy): (walks out of her room) what are toi guys doing? It's midnight.
Patricia: We're…ummm… we're disscussing homework.
Mara: in the middle of the night?
Fabian: Yeah, it's never to late for school.
Mara: what ever. I'll say I told toi do if Victor caches you. (walks back in here room)
Patricia: Come on guys lets go. (they walk into the attic)
(victor and Mrs. Andrews are trying to break down the walls)
(Patricia enters then walks sees victor and closes door)
Joy: what's wrong Patricia?
Patricia: Victor and Mrs. Andrews. Let's go back.
Fabian: where?
Amber: my room.
Patricia: okay, lets go.
(Amber's and Joy's room)
(The Sibunas walks in and sees the doll house glowing)
Joy: Oh my!
Amber: I'll open it! (runs over and opens the doll house) nothing. There's nothing in there.
Joy: Why did it glow then?
(House starts to shake)
Patricia: What's going on?
Amber: Look the doll house!
(angle on a swirl forming in the doll house