-outside of Anubis house-
*a car pulls up in front of Anubis house*

Ashley:*gets out of the car, looks up at Anubis house*

Mr. Lunis:*gets out of the driver seat, goes to the tronc to get Ashley's suitcase*

Mrs. Lunis:*gets outs out of the car, stands par Ashley*

Ashley: How long will I stay here again?

Mrs. Lunis: Two weeks.


Mr. Lunis:*closes trunk, goes over to Mrs. Lunis and Ashley* Let's go inside.*walks into house, dragging Ashley's suitcase with him*

Mrs. Lunis:*follows her husband*

Ashley: I can't believe I'm actually here.*follows her parents*

-inside the house-
Trudy:*dusting the stair railing, sees the Lunis family enter* Victor, they're here!*walks up to the Lunis family* Hi, I'm Trudy.

Mr. Lunis: I'm George Lunis, this is my wife, Athena, and my daughter, Ashley.

Mrs. Lunis and Ashley: Hello.

Victor:*comes downstairs from his office* Welcome Lunis family.*shakes Mr. Lunis' hand* I'm Victor.

Lunis family: Hello Victor.

Victor:*to Ashley* We're very excited to have toi staying with us, Ms. Lunis.

Ashley: It's great to be here.

Victor: The other kids are at school. Trudy, montrer Ms. Lunis to her room and give her a uniform.

Trudy: Certainly. Follow me, please.*goes upstairs*

Ashley:*takes her suitcase from her father* Bye Mom and Dad.*follows Trudy*

Victor:*to Mr. and Mrs. Lunis* Would toi like to rejoindre me in for a cup of tea?

Mr. and Mrs. Lunis:*nod*

Victor:*goes into the dining room*

Mr. and Mrs Lunis:*follows*

-upstairs, in Nina and Amber's room-
Trudy: This is your new room.

Ashley: I have roommates?*looks around Nina and Amber's room*

Trudy: Yes, they're very sweet girls. Nina Martin and Amber Millington.

Ashley:*thinks: Nina Martin? That's a name from one of my nightmares...* Oh. Okay.*walks over to the third lit that's been set up, puts her suitcase on the bed, opens it, and begins unpacking*

Trudy: I'll leave your uniform here.*puts it on the edge of Nina's bed*

Ashley: Thanks.

Trudy:*smiles, then leaves*

Ashley:*makes up her lit with her own lit sheets she got from an English outlet, grabs her school supplies from her suitcase, puts her suitcase under her bed, gets into her school uniform* Here we go.*walks out of room, walks downstairs*

Mr. and Mrs. Lunis:*standing par the door in the main lobby*

Ashley: toi guys are still here?

Mr. Lunis: toi sound disappointed.

Ashley: I'm not. Just surprised.

Mrs. Lunis: We were just leaving.

Ashley: Okay.*to Victor* Where's the school?

Victor:*standing in between the dining room doors* Just follow the pathway that goes left.*goes upstairs, back to his office*

Mr. Lunis, Mrs. Lunis, and Ashley:*walk out of Anubis house*

Ashley:*walking on the path towards the school*

Mr. Lunis and Mrs. Lunis:*at their car* Bye Ashley, see toi in two weeks!

Ashley:*waves back to them, keeps walking*

-outside the school-
Ashley:*walks up to school* I've seen this place in my nightmares, too.*walks inside* Not as creepy as in my nightmares, though.

Mr. Sweet:*walks up to Ashley* Hello. toi must be our new American foreign exchange student, Ashley Lunis.

Ashley:*smiles* Yes, I am.

Mr. Sweet: Follow me to my office.*walks to his office*

Ashley: Don't remember toi in my nightmare.*follows*

Mr. Sweet: What was that?

Ashley: Your school is very...lovely.

Mr. Sweet:*smiles* Thank you.

-in Mr. Sweet's office-
Mr. Sweet:*sitting at his desk* ...And that is all toi have to know about this school.

Ashley:*sitting down*I got it, Mr. Sweet.

Mr. Sweet: Great. Do toi know where your first class is?

Ashley: I'll just follow the map toi gave me earlier.

Mr. Sweet: Okay. toi may head off to class, now.

Ashley:*gets up* Thank you, Mr. Sweet.*leaves Mr. Sweet's office*

-in History class-
Mrs. Valentine: That, class, is why-

Ashley:*enters class room*

Mrs. Valentine: Hello. What's your name, dear?

Ashley: My name is Ashley, I'm new.*smiles at Mrs. Valentine*

Mrs. Valentine:*looks at a bureau file on her desk* Ah, now I see. You're the new American exchange student.

Jerome: Another one?

Alfie: Oh no, it's the invasion of the Americans!

*whole class laughs*

Mrs. Valentine: Jerome, Alfie, stop it.*to Ashley* toi can take a siège by...*looks around*...Joy.

Ashley: Okay.*walks over to Joy and sits suivant to her*

Mrs. Valentine: Now back to the lesson...

-after school, at Anubis house, in Nina, Ashley, and Amber's room-

Nina: I'm Nina.

Amber: And I'm Amber.

Ashley: I know.

Nina and Amber:*confused look*

Ashley: Trudy told me.


Amber: So, to let toi know, I'm the gossiper of this house-

Nina: Basically, don't let Amber in on any secrets of yours.


Amber: Anyway...all the boys in the house are taken. I'm with Alfie, Nina's with Fabian, Mara's with Jerome-

Ashley: Not to be rude, Amber, but why are telling me this?

Amber: Just to let toi know.

Ashley: toi and the other girls don't have to worry about me trying to take your boyfriends.*sits on her bed* I have one back in America.

Amber: What's his name? Is he cute? Do toi have any pictures-

Nina: Amber.

Amber: What? Just asking.

Ashley: To answer your questions... Daniel, very, and yeah.

Amber: montrer me.*sits suivant to Ashley*

Ashley: Okay.*gets up, takes suitcase from under her bed, opens suitcase, takes out Ipad, closes suitcase, puts suitcase back under bed, returns to sit on her lit suivant to Amber* Want to come see, Nina?

Nina: Sure.*sits on opposite side of Ashley*

Ashley:*turns Ipad on, goes to photos, shows Nina and Amber photos of her and Daniel*

Amber: I guess he's kinda cute, if toi like nerds.

Nina: Amber!

Amber: What? Oh, sorry.

Ashley: It's okay.*turns off Ipad*

Amber and Nina:*get up*

Ashley: What's going on?

Amber: Dinner.

Ashley: Oh.*puts Ipad on bed, follows Nina and Amber downstairs*

...to be continued...