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le choix des fans: Ian O'Shea
le choix des fans: Ian
le choix des fans: Ian
le choix des fans: Ian blue like ice
Ian blue like ice
Jared like a whild feu
le choix des fans: Ian
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BJsRealm a dit …
Why is it so difficult to find a full film to watch for free & for mettre en ligne to this club?! I just don't get it.Disney should have its own YT channel for watching any of the films ever being made for free.Call it a Disney VEVO, if toi like.Anything is better than this rubbish on screen: 'To watch this film just follow the link in a description below'! I don't want (to watch) any such link, I just wanna watch a full film at last!! Is that too much to ask for?! posté il y a 25 jours
BJsRealm commenté…
I was really looking vers l'avant, vers l’avant to mettre en ligne a full film to this club. No use. All the video liens available are broken. Sad but true! il y a 25 jours
BJsRealm commenté…
I hope somebody from Disney would be lire this soon. il y a 25 jours
reagster101 a dit …
In all honesty i loved the book so much plus than the movie, although i liked it as well. I just didn't feel like the movie covered the whole story, like they took out parts of the story that should have been in the movie. this is just my opinion though. posté il y a plus d’un an
bimbokoopa a dit …
That poor girl, needs jouer la comédie lessons!! posté il y a plus d’un an