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 Percy Jackson
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Ball Jointed doll
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So a person added an answer to the question about posting the Mark of Athena in written form and they even posté a link to the transcript someone wrote down!! So I'm just transferring it here because it's pretty good so here ya go!
Disclaimer: Rick Riordan wrote this, NOT me :)
Last night while on tour for The Serpent's Shadow, Rick Riordan read the first chapter of Mark of Athena out loud to the audience.  The video can be found, but here's the transcript:

The Mark of Athena

Chapter 1:
Until she met the exploding statue, Annabeth thought she was prepared for anything.  She paced the deck...
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The Trouble with Girls, and How Percabeth May Destroy the World

    Show of hands, who loves Percy and Annabeth as a couple? Most people, though not all.
    What I like about them is how they’ve always known each other, they always will. They’re best Friends one seconde and the suivant they’re trying to strangle each other- but toi know they still l’amour each other. They’re opposites and they complete each other, and they know each other best: always will. One plus thing: they will do anything for each other.

    So could...
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So this is my first try at a songfiction! Its Perfect, par P!nk, and this is for all those Lalia/Thuke fans out there! Constructive critism is appreciated:D


I walked into the Artemis cabin, tired from a long game of capture the flag. I was going to go to lit when I noticed a packgage sitting on my bed. In neatly written cursive, it had the name Thalia on it. Curious, I opened it and found an ipod in it. I put in the earphones and started listening,

Dear Thalia, I know that par the time toi will be lire this, I will be long gone, but, the feelings are still there, so please....just...
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