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1. Percy's POV

i opened my eyes and found myself laying in a bed. i looked around and saw about 20 other beds in the room. The funny thing is that i have no idea who i am! Now that i htink about it i have no idea who i am!
"What is this place?" i a dit to myself.
Not expecting anyone to answer i jumped when i heard a girls voice respond, "The infirmary toi idiot! toi passed out in the middle of capture the flag. Which we Lost par the way..."
I turned my head to the doorway. I saw a girl about my age...how ever old that is. 16? 17? UGH! way can't i remember?!
She had blonde hair and grey eyes....
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What have I done?
A Piper One-Shot

Piper was devastated when Jason told her what had happened.
"Piper," he a dit meekly, almost afraid to be heard. "We need to talk."
When she heard this she had to almost stop herself from running away, she knew this couldn't be good.
Jason grabbed Piper's hand and pulled her closer, now they were in talking distance, not an arms length apart. Jason been trying to keep her away since the quest, almost pushing her back. What was going on with him?
"It's about my...old life." Jason a dit the words like he was sad to be in a place like Camp Half-Blood. Did the memories...
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