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Reita: the GazettE was 1 an old and our le batteur, batteur quit. Ruki was pushing us to accept Kai as the new drummer. Eventually I joined a session band live with Kai @ Uwasa narcisse livehouse. But our first greeting was not rocking at all! I only a dit "Good Morning" to him...
Kai: Eh? toi a dit that when we met at the livehouse entrance?
Reita: Yeah yeah...
Kai: I didn't think I a dit anything. Ruki did the introductions. He was like "This is our bassist". And I went "Ah- Hey"
Reita: Noo- toi dint say anything. If toi did, then I didn't hear toi lol. I was worried! We want to make this guy...
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Now, I shall write about Kai...

Kai (Uke Yutaka)
Born on the 28th of October at Tokushima
The only child and with his parents. Blood type B. He loves cooking and as tall as Aoi and Reita. He always wanted attention from Uruha the most. Barely talks with Ruki. It doesn't mean that they didn't get along.
Loves to play football too and collect zippos. His favori brand is custom culture. favori drink is pomme juice. Type of girl he likes is a friendly one and the one he dislikes is the one that used to hide behind other's back. He likes cabbage and mayonnaise. He hates taro-root and eggplant. His...
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So, now.. I would like to write about Uruha.

Uruha (Takashima Kouyou)
Born on the 9th of June at Kanagawa Prefecture
177 cm tall. The tallest among all.
He has a sister and his parents.
In the band, he's usually referred as 'brother'. His blood type is O. He loves to play billiard, gameboy and pachinko. His ambition was to be a football player. He hates olives and blue cheese. He's good at cooking taco rice. His favori perfumes are Gucci rushes and BVLGARI. His favori season is spring because it's warm.
Before, he used to work at a vegetable boutique ou maybe a fleur shop. The promise that he, Ruki and Reita made is that; If The GazettE ought to fall apart, it would be their very last band and they would live normally. No longer known.)
He would be the last person to wake up every morning. He would see a person from the inside before he judges them. Alcohol is the only thing that makes him energetic. He would steal the other member's bed...

That's all about him...
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