The GazettE's Staff People: "The GazettE is unharmed. Ladies and gentlemen, take care of yourselves."

Aoi: "[How to get anything else on the light without the feu to warm the Guide and how to do things without using the fire] ..."

Aoi: "Let others think what to do before I bite a matter of candles. Even though the feu for so closely with the earthquake [a] should be fine from there just like me. The affected areas would find it close to what the gas pipe yet. Gas can not stop even when I'm trapped in piping consider. It might be that this situation is harder. Please."

Aoi: "Okay. No flashlight will let me charge the phone."

Ruki: "Matter of delay, thank toi everyone. Now we are thinking and what toi can do Kono先. At that time, so please lend me a little bit better all the power of fans. Thank you."

Ruki: "Even a small thing now, because it would surely lead to this destination. Donations and saving as much as possible first. It should be save in life."

Ruki: "For concert postponed, Thank toi very much to understand. Now, toi can do for themselves is less a fact. If toi ever become a force, but now I have poured everything Ikere there. Work hard."

Ruki: "All members, I sincerely pray for your safety. Whether to further damage from happening."

Ruki: "- Refugees returning accueil to Tokyo's 23 wards are in place - as much as possible public shelters are summarized in Google Maps. We will update real time! link"

Ruki: ""Spread hope!" Warning! Night will be from now on. Disaster struck last up to a disastrous Great Hanshin Earthquake, the "worsening security" par "human disaster" is. Please protect loved ones. A person who is good and create a community of small and local acquaintances. Tonight is the time to protect each other important allies."

((Kai, Uruha & Reita doesn't have a twitter.)